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Enjoying sunlight and sea in Zhuhai Islands
Latest Updated by 2006-08-10 16:18:46
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Enjoying sunlight and sea in Zhuhai Islands

A spot with sunlight, sea and sand is always popular in summer. There are 146 islands in Zhuhai, a city in southern Guangdong.

Wanshan Island

Wanshan Island, 30 nautical miles off the coast, covers more than 8 square kilometres. Wanshan Apex, 443.13 metres high, is the highest peak on the island. Tall trees against the blue sky, stones in various shapes and the glistening sea at sunrise and sunset are great delights for tourists.

Floating Cobbles Bay, a dike 500 metres long and 60 metres wide, consists of thousands of embedded cobbles. Standing on the dike overlooking the vast sea makes one feel infinitely small.
Historic tales and folk legends reverberate like the surf. The A-Ma Temple tells the history of civilization on the island. Fishermen from the coastal areas arrive on the 23rd day of the third month of each lunar year to pay homage to the sea goddess.
One can catch crabs, pick gooseneck barnacles, small limpet, or pick wakame seaweed by the sea while ripples of refreshing water roll over one's feet. A person can also take a fishing rod, sit on a rock and cast for mottled spine foot, scorpion fish or double-head wrasse, and then clean and cook them in person or bring them to a restaurant for preparation. Various sun-dried seafood such as dried large-scaled tongue sole and mottled spine foot abounds.

Dong'ao Island

Dong'ao Island is 17 nautical miles southeast of the downtown area. It encompasses 4.62 square kilometres with a permanent population of around 500.

With forest coverage of 82 per cent, the island is called "the kingdom of plants." A primeval ecological environment, numerous beaches with fine white sands, blue seawater and bright sunshine provide visitors a perfect location for their holidays.
Neolithic relics, remains of the ancient Maritime Silk Road, the lighthouse and rock carvings allow people to trace the progression of eras on the island.
The well-built infrastructure includes a highway running throughout the island. Visitors can refresh themselves in the Son-Soliciting Springs, a famous spa. They can also go fishing and scuba diving at Nanshawan area.
The second largest natural fishing farm in the country, the island abounds in high-quality seafood that can be tasted at inexpensive prices at five restaurants.

Guishan Island

A "PEARL" in the Lingdingyang Sea, Guishan Island is picturesque with rows of beautiful buildings and a vigorous economy based on business and trade. The Villa of Zhuiyue, for example, is a display of unusual architectural design that blends well with the natural landscape.

The island, only thee nautical miles from Lantau Island in Hong Kong, is also known for marine cage farming that yields large quantities of groupers, white herrings and other aquatic products.
Beyond that, Guishan Island is of significant historical note. The statue of Wen Tianxiang, a national hero of the Southern Song Dynasty, stands at Wen Tianxiang Park in the face of the vast ocean to remind visitors of what happened hundreds of years ago. The Monument to the Martyrs of Guishan Warship towers aloft in another park to denote the PLA's first battle in the campaign to liberate Wanshan Islands in the early 1950s.
Visitors pay their respects to the heroes enshrined at the parks and stroll along the dike while reflecting on history. They can also enjoy ball firing at barracks on the island and regale with fresh delicious seafood at a seafront restaurant.

Wai Lingding Island

The 3.7-square kilometre Wai Lingding Island, one of the more than 140 islands of Zhuhai, has become a frequently visited tourist attraction.
Lingding Apex, the highest peak on the island, provides a bird's eye view of scattered islands in the distance. Scenic spots on the island include rock carvings, temples and natural views.
Wai Lingding Island is the political, cultural and economic centre of Dangan Township. It has facilities for sightseeing, a holiday resort, conferences, seaside amusements and recuperation.
A massive campaign was launched last year to improve landscaping, infrastructure, accommodations and to construct a township clinic at a cost of over 12 million yuan (.45 million). Further investments will be made in yacht, recuperation and marine fishing projects and in hotel construction. Some travel services and shipping companies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen have expressed hopes to open ferry routes to Wai Lingding Island upon completion of the renovations.

Miaowan Island

Covering 1.46 square kilometres, Miaowan Island is distinctly carved by wave and wind erosion. Some 10 fishing households are the only residents on the island. Dwellings are simple and typical of a fishing village. With plenty of rare species of fish, shrimps and crabs, as well as sea urchins and abalones, the island has been revitalized for its marine fishery.
Miaowan Island boasts a natural beauty relatively untouched by the blundering sophistication of the outside world. Thus, it has become a most preferred option for many people who go scuba diving to enjoy the red coral and diversified fish.
The lighthouse on the Weiwenzhou Island next to Miaowan Island, built by British people in 1884, has survived surges and gales for over a century. It stands there still, giving directions to the fishing boats and ships on the Pacific.
Adjacent to the fishing village is Xiafeng Bay, the only coral beach in the inland waters of Guangdong Province.

Dan'gan Island

Dangan Island, 13.2 square kilometers in size, is the largest island in the Wanshan Exemplary Marine Development Zone with the longest coastline. Dangan Village, having nearly 200 permanent residents and a floating population of more than 200, is the most remote village in the South China Sea.
Dangan Island is known for its well-preserved natural ecological environment, notably the 2,000 wild macaques (short-tailed monkeys) and forests that cover 60 per cent of the island. It has been listed as a Provincial Endangered Wildlife Conservation Area. It also has many yacca trees that are highly valued by Hong Kong and Macao natives as sources of miniature plants.
Aquatic products such as lobsters are abundant in the Dangan sea area and more than 30 kilometres of reef lines provide an ideal habitat for sea urchins and abalones.

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Enjoying sunlight and sea in Zhuhai Islands

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Enjoying sunlight and sea in Zhuhai Islands

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