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Special Cantonese food and wedding dinners
Latest Updated by 2004-09-10 10:29:45

The five-star Landmark Hotel's Artisan Court is also called a Chaozhou and Cantonese restaurant. Chaozhou specialty is characterized by its light and fresh tastes.

Its Hong Kong executive chef Franco Yuen is called a master of Chaozhou and Cantonese food by many of the restaurant's frequent visitors. He has been in the business for 20 years and worked in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia making Chaozhou and Cantonese dishes.

"He seems to know the taste buds of the Chinese people all over the world," a diner named George Cheung said.

"Having traveled so many places to cook Chinese food, I thought I've learned the best of Chinese food from everywhere and I combined them into what I make for my guests," Yuen said.

The first dish that Yuen recommended is shark's fin in thick fish soup, which cost 380 yuan (US$45) per person. Asked why the dish was so expensive, he said the soup was made with cartilage of sharks. "Both the cartilage and the fin are from shark. That's what we usually call 'original taste from original soup.'  In addition, shark cartilage can add to the taste of the fin," he said, adding that both the cartilage and fin were expensive and that shark's fin could help delay muscle aging.

Double-boiled bird's nest with seven kinds of sauce is another dish that Yuen said "is very special." The seven types of sauce are made of respectively American ginseng, green apple, date, almond, papaya, coconut and Hami melon. "Most of the seven things are sweet. Therefore, the dish is a sweet one," Yuen said.

According to Yuen, the bird's nest, after being boiled, is served with the seven sauces, each in a small cup. A diner can choose one, two or more sauces to put into the nest. "It's up to you,"  he said.

Priced at 480 yuan per person, the dish includes 150 grams of bird's nest. Yuen also referred to a Chinese old saying "One liang of bird's nest is equal to one liang of gold." Liang is a traditional Chinese measurement meaning 50 grams.

Yuen also introduced boiled fish with preserved vegetables and duobao fish. The former is made with Hakka-style preserved vegetables. "In hot weather, preserved vegetables can really help increase a person's appetite,"  he said, adding such a dish cost only 52 yuan.

Duobao fish is priced at 280 yuan. It is cooked with sugar and vinegar. It is cooked in front of diners. "This way the guests can also see how fresh the fish is," Yuen said.

Artisan Court provides a total of more than 200 dishes. And its kitchen also supports holding of weddings in the hotel. "Wedding banquet is a regular service of the hotel," said Lily Li, the hotel's banquet sales manager. She added that a wedding dinner could be conducted in either Western or Chinese style and the restaurant can serve from 400 to 1,000 people. And the price for each diner ranges from 200 yuan to nearly 500 yuan.

A newlywed couple can enjoy a one-night honeymoon suite and use the hotel's specially designed sedan for four to six hours. Both of the services are free.

According to Li, while most of the weddings held in the hotel are for Chinese couples, some Japanese and Westerners have conducted their weddings here to marry their Chinese fiancees.
Editor: Catherine

By: Source:Guangzhou Today
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