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Five-star-rated hotels in Shenzhen (2)
Latest Updated by 2003-12-31 14:26:19

Nanhai Hotel


Grade: 5-star

Address: Shekou Industrial Zone, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-6692888

Fax: 0755-6692440

Postcode: 518069

Number of Rooms: 396

Accommodation Tariff (RMB /room per day) (for reference only)

Single Room: 1,150

Double Room: 1,250

Suite: 4,180

Service Facilities: Dining halls, bars, business center, banquet and conference halls, gymnasium, beauty salon, and clinic.

Features: Nanhai Hotel is the first 5-star hotel in Shenzhen. The hotel looks like a large sail in appearance and boasts beautiful garden scenes. With the elegant environment, it is an ideal business and resort hotel.

To the Airport: 28km

To the Railway Station: 25km

To the Pier: 2km


Sunshine Hotel


Grade: 5-star

Address: No.1, Jiabin Road, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-2233888

Fax: 0755-2226719

Postcode: 518001

Number of Rooms: 371

Accommodation Tariff: (RMB /room per day)

Single Room: 1,633 (for reference only)

Double Room: 1,633

Suite: 2,783

Cuisine: Chaozhou cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, Japanese food and western food.

Service Facilities: Sunshine Club Dancing Hall, steam bath, ticket center, business center, reading room clinic, babysitting, shopping center, banquet and conference halls, telecommunications, interpretation and translation service, indoor golf course, swimming pools, gymnasium, and beauty salon.

Features: Sunshine Hotel, a 5-star luxurious hotel lies in the busiest downtown area of Shenzhen.

To the Airport: 35km

To the Railway Station: 0.5km

To the Pier: 25km


Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen


Grade: 5-star

Address: Jianshe Road, Shenzhen (to the east of the Railway Station)

Tel: 0755-2330888

Fax: 0755-2339878

Postcode: 518001

Number of Rooms: 553

Accommodation Tariff: (RMB /room per day)

Single Room: 1,680 (for reference only)

Double Room: 1,680

Suite: 2,993

Cuisine: Cantonese cuisine, Japanese food, American-style food, self-service hot pot and barbecue

Service Facilities: business center, multifunctional halls, gymnasium, sauna, massage, outdoor swimming pool, gardens, laundry, room service, clinic, beauty salon, tickets reservation, babysitting, shopping center, and luxurious halls.

Features: Close to the Railway Station and Luohu Customs, Shangri-La Hotel lies in the business center of the city. It is under the management of Shangri-La Hotel Management Group. Well-trained employees will provide you with perfect service with oriental characteristics.

To the Airport: 45km

To the Railway Station: 0.1km

To the Pier: 30km


The Landmark Hotel, Shenzhen


Grade: 5-star

Address: No.2, Nanhu Road, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-2172288

Fax: 0755-2290473

Postcode: 518001

Number of Rooms: 351

Accommodation Tariff: (RMB /room per day)

Single Room: 690 (for reference only)

Double Room: 730

Suite: 880

Cuisine: Cantonese cuisine, Chaozhou style, and western cuisine

Service Facilities: Chinese and western dinning halls, entertainment center, gymnasium, and banquet halls.

Features: Located at the commercial center of Louhu District, the Landmark Hotel is a 5-star hotel for business.

To the Airport: 40km

To the Railway Station: 2km

To the Pier: 30km


Fulin Hotel Shenzhen


Grade: 5-star

Address: No.67, Heping Road, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-5586333

Fax: 0755-5561700

Postcode: 518010

Number of Rooms: 541

Accommodation Tariff (RMB /room per day)

Single Room: 1,100 (for reference only)

Double Room: 1,100

Suite: 1,850

Cuisine: Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan cuisine, Beijing cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine, western self-service food, and Shanxi noodles

Service Facilities: Sauna and gymnasium, Manhattan Disco, Heaven in the World Singing Platform, and swimming Pools.

Features: Fulin Hotel is a luxurious business hotel.

To the Airport: 40km

To the Railway Station: 0.5km

To the Pier: 35km


Junhao Hotel Shenzhen


Grade: 5-star

Address: Golf Road, Guanlan Town, Bao'an

District, Shenzhen

Tel: 0755-8020888

Fax: 0755-8024866

Postcode: 518110

Number of Rooms: 212

Accommodation Tariff (RMB /room per day)

Single Room: 1,210 (for reference only)

Double Room: 1,210

Suite: 1,925

Cuisine: western food, Cantonese cuisine, Chaozhou-style food, Shanghai-style food, Huaiyang cuisine and Japanese food

Service Facilities: flower house, beauty and hair salon, babysitting, games, room for chess and cards, massage, sauna, squash rackets, billiard, golf court, table tennis room

Features: Junhao Hotel Boasts beautiful scenes of golf court, and unique garden construction. It has complete room services, spacious rooms, perfect location, and convenient traffic.

To the Airport: 30km

To the Railway Station: 25km

To the Pier: 35km



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