--From the Editor--

    The opening of Wuhan-Guangzhou railway will boost the tourism of Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei provinces along the route.


   With 3 hours covering the whole journey of three provinces, people from these places can take the advantage of the fast speed to enjoy different local customs and local culture between South and Central China in one day. It will be more convenient for people in Hubei and Hunan provinces to experience a different winter holiday in Guangdong, which boast moderate warm temperature all year round, has many attractions in winter.


   Here the editor has selected some attractions in Guangzhou, Qingyuan and Shaoguan city of Guangdong province, the three stops along the Wuhan-Guangzhou railway. Travelers can either enjoy hot spring, or go to temples to pray for good new year , or just get close to nature to relax and refresh yourselves.


   Come to Guangdong and you will have a different winter holiday.

--Hot Springs--

[Guangzhou] Conghua Hot Spring Town

[Qingyuan] Dadongshan hot spring

[Shaoguan] Nanhua Hot Spring Holiday Resort

--Ancient Temples --

[Guangzhou] Guangxiao Temple

[Guangzhou] Nanhai God Temple

[Qingyuan] North Mountain Ancient Temple

[Qingyuan] Tilted Pagoda

[Shaoguan] Yunmen Temple

[Shaoguan] Nanhua Temple

--Close to the Nature--

[Guangzhou] South China Botanical Garden

[Guangzhou] Baiyun Mountain

Qingyuan] Treasury crystal palace

[Qingyuan] Nanshan (South mountain)

[Shaoguan] DanXia Mountain

[Shaoguan] Nanling State Forest Park


Guangzhou Morning Tea

[Qingyuan] Yingde Black Tea

[Shaoguan] Baimao Tea
[Cantonese cuisine] Famous dishes
[Chaozhou cuisine] Famous dishes
[Hakka cuisine] Famous dishes
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