Chime-Long Paradise

The park features more than 70 high adventure rides and it is home to the world's largest Water Stunt Show, comprising of an international cast of stunt men and women.

Chimelong Water Park
Chimelong Water Park is the largest and most advanced water park in Asia.


Chimelong Xiangjiang Safari Park
It is recognised as the leading zoological park throughout all of China. It holds a 5A class tourism attraction level, the highest level obtainable and is presently the only zoo in China to hold this ranking.

Guangzhou Crocodile Park
Guangzhou Crocodile Park is the world's largest crocodile park with more than 100,000 crocodiles.

Guangzhou Ocean World
Covering an area of 13,000 square meters, Guangzhou Ocean World is home to more than 200 kinds of fishes and several other unique and rare marine lives.

The Million Sunflower Garden
No equivalent can be found anywhere else in the world and, as such, the garden has earned itself a place in the Genius Book of Records.

Lanpu (Orchid Garden)
Lanpu (Orchid Garden) specializes in orchid cultivation. 200 different kinds of precious orchids have been planted.





Window of the World
To enhance world culture, it integrates world wonders, historical relics, places of interest, and folk dance performances into the garden.

Splendid China-Folk Culture Village
It includes 25 villages of 22 minor nationalities of China, and all these villages are set up at life-size.

Shenzhen Happy Valley
It consists of several sightseeing areas like Cartoon City, Mount Advantage, Gold Mine Town, Shangri-la Woods, Sunshine Beach, Typhoon Bay, Happy Times, Playa Maya Water Park and Spanish Square.

Shenzhen Safari Park
It is the first safari park ever built in China, a subtropical ecological scenic spot of horticulture integrating with zoo, botanical garden, and science popularizings garden.

Shenzhen Minsk World
Minsk Aircraft Carrier World, built on the Minsk Aircraft Carrier of the former Soviet Union, is a big theme park with "War and Peace" and an important tourism Project of Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Sea World

A total of 11 places, such as Aquarium, Shark Aquarium, Kid's World, Turtle island, etc. and 14 special performances are provided.


The New Yuan Ming Palace

Built in the same size of the burned Yuanming Palace in Beijing, the New Yuanming Palace in Zhuhai recovered numerous scenic spots in their old construction style combined with modern features.



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