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Bars & Clubs in Guangzhou (2)
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Gypsy King 

The decor is basic, but that hasn't stopped people from flocking in and making this place one of the hottest bars by the Garden Hotel. With several rooms all with something different happening, it's easy to keep yourself busy. The main room has a dance floor right off the bar. Wander a bit further and you'll find a stage where dancers perform every night from 10:30pm to 2am.Keep going and watch the girls eye you up.
    Add:No.360,Huan Shi Dong Road
    Business hour:7pm-2am  Tel:8387577

Lotus Bar 
    Situated in the lobby of the Garden hotel, great ambiance and view both of the waterfall and people. Many people pass thru here. In the evening there is a very talented one man band who plays various instruments for your listening pleasure. However the food,d rinks and women are expensive, but good quality. That is what she said.
    Add:Garden Hotel,Huan Shi Dong Rd
    Business hour:9pm-1am  Tel:83338989 ex.3191

One Love 
    The decor is basic but that's not why your there? Its the beer and here is the place to find draft Carlsberg, San Mig and Budweiser at 25 a pint and 18 for a half for cheap during H/H from 6:30pm to 10:00pm where you can pick up 12 free when you buy a doz at the regular price. Now there's a deal!
    Add:Basement,Zhujiang Building,No.360 Huanshi E.RD.
    Business hour:6:30pm to 2:00  Tel:83863660

Peace Road
    Behind the Holiday Inn. The theme is RED. Enjoy live music every night from 10pm to 12:30pm on the G/F with singing and dancing Every night they invite different singers to perform. All the entertainers are from the Xinghai Art School. Some outdoor seating in the garden where they also have a performance on a Chinese Zither from 22:30 to 24:00.RMB 360 for 12 beers with 6 free or RMB 180 for half a dozen with 3 free except Friday and Saturday. RMB 30 per bottle for all beers except Guinness.
    Add:No.2,Heping Road
    Business hour:6pm-2am  Tel:83581760
    On the first floor the bar glows in pastel pink and blue lights. Along the back wall, the big screen shows live music videos over the small stage, which is occupied from 9:45 pm to 1:30 am every night with a two member Filipino band.
    Add:Bai'e Tan Street, Fangcun  Tel:81565167

BC Cafe
    Sunday through Thursday a local DJ plays English and Chinese love songs from 10 pm to 1 am together with a local band. On Friday and Saturday nights the entertainment picks up with singers and dancers from the Philippines on stage from 10 pm to 1 am. Beers include Tsingdao, Coors light, Bud, San Mig and San Mig light at 30 rmb a bottle, 150 rmb for six and a dozen a 300 rmb. Guinness Stout, Sol, Heineken and Jazz at 35 rmb, 180 rmb and 360 rmb. KGB at the top end is 40 rmb, 210 rmb and 420 rmb.
    Add:Bai'e Tan Bar Street, Fangcun  Tel:81896921

    There are four private rooms if you're looking for a bit of quiet away from the crowds and the band.All popular beers are there at 180 rmb for 1/2 dozen with 3 free or an even dozen at 360 rmb with 6 free. They also serve cocktails: California Dream, Nothing and Around the World at 48 rmb each and shooters at 200 rmb a dozen.
    Add:Bai'e Tan Bar Street, Fangcun

    With it's open warehouse feel, it's a great place to relax. You can either sit back in the dimly lit main bar or slide into one of their private rooms with stuffed sofas and chairs overlooking the Pearl River and the lights beyond from it's Bai'e Tan Bar Street location. Or if you prefer to sit outside, step up to the open balcony where you can sit back, forget about the world and just listen to the boats chugging along the Pearl.
    Add:Bai'e Tan Bar Street, Fangcun
    Business hour:7pm to 2am

Free Castle
    Free Castle is a karaoke bar. Hold on, this one has a gimmick. Women listen up! You receive free drinks and flowers! Every night the DJ plays Kenny G and other light music except from 9:30pm to 11:30pm when they put on a song & dance show by cross dressers. The place starts to fill up about 9pm,so if you want to catch the show get there early.
    Add:B12,Bai'e Tan Bar Street,Fangcun  Tel:81559825

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