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Bars & Clubs in Guangzhou (1)
Latest Updated by 2005-10-13 20:45:28

Huangjie 90 Bar
    You can't find a larger beer garden this side of Munich. Tons of seating surrounding a lily pond, bar and floating stage that has live folk music every evening from 2200-2430. For those who do not like stargazing and quiet conver-sation can go inside and listen to a more uptempo beat from a variety of local bands and singers. Then for thoes who like to look down on others, there is the rooftop bar along with 10 vip rooms. The decor is nice, lots of wood gives it a sort of country flavor. Monthly promotions of one sort or another, great satays and drink specials, 6 beers for 90 rmb is not bad. Located right in the middle of Cheng Ti Ba lu, on the eastern corner of Yan Jiang and jie Fang Lues. 171 Yan Jiang Xi Lu. 83353570

Ye Ying Bar
    Suits the name perfectly, even reminded me of one of my old locals. Another newconer to Chang Ti Ba lu, located on the western corner of Yan Jiang and Jei Fung lues. Get there early and have a great dinner, Western and Chinese dishes at great prices. Central circular stage surronded by the BAR, stolls and booths, dark and intriging. Resonably priced drinks with weekly specials. So chat up the spectacularly attired door attendants. Live music every Night from 2300-0100. Open daily 1930-0300. 153 Yan Jiang Xi lu, 83190567.

D8 Club
    Further along Yan Jiang lu past the BAR and on the other side of the street are two brand new contenders in Cheng Ti Ba lu side by side. The D8 bar has the potential of being a really hip place, if anybody noticed, great decor and layout with a circular central stage with live performances of singers and dancers nightly from 2200 to 0100. 12 vip rooms, snax, average prices, before 2200 drink specials, open 2000-0200.

 Free Cu Club
    Spacey modern decore, really trying hard to be trendy and succeeding. Large open area with high ceiling booth seating along the river frontage. Above average drink prices, but that is the price one has to pay to be in. Live rock and roll bands every night from 2300-2400, 12 vip rooms, H/hour 1900-2200. Open:1900-0200. Right next door to the D8 BAR, 147 Yan Jiang lu, 83372183.

1920 Cafe
    A great place to catch something to eat in between visits to all the bars and clubs that have popped up in Yan Jiang Lu. it is located on the east end of the block. Alarge selection of fine German dishes and beers. Alittle cramped inside, but the large patio has a great view of the Haizhu bridge, Pearl river and passersby. No live music or happy hours with average prices. Open:1100-0200, 183 Yan Jiang Zhong lu. 83336156

Africain Bar
    I know that is not the correct spelling, but that is how it is spelt. The best place on Dong Feng lu just west of Nong Lin Xia lu. An old time favorite, newly redecorated with great and very different music from foreign DJ's. Drink prices and selection normal. H/H 1900-2100  Open:1900-0200, 707 Dong Feng lu, 8762-3336 or 8762-4348.

China Box
    Desinged-and priced-for trendy ,business crowd. Two floors offer varying environments;1/F is geared to the young and fashionable;2/F provides a quite place to relax and chat, with a small balcony overlooking the street .Entertainment includes a local band or dancers on stage every night -except Sunday-from 10:30-12:30.
    Add:No.3,He ping Rd ,Hua Qiao Xin Cun,behind the Holiday Inn Hotel
    Business hour:8pm-2am  Tel:83596868

Bar City
    30 meters east of the main entrance to the Garden hotel, is the entrance to 5 bars that surround a stage which has some wild live entertainment starting at 2130. Check out the bar in the African bar. Interesting decor in all the bars, after all that does seem to be the only attraction, as drinks were not cheap or plentiful, no nocktails! Open:1930-0300 Garden hotel, Huan Shi Dong lu, 83338989 ex.3733

Cafe Elles
    No need for directions here, just listen to the beat of the dancing feet, always packed on the weekend. Not sure why, must be all the pretty people that come here as the sund in this square bow is deafening. Great selection of drinks and crepes, if the creepier is there to crepe. Sometimes there are great live acts, but not often enough. Open:1930-0200/corner of Huan Shi lu and Shui Yin lu/37604909

China Club
    A real storefront disco, only big enough for lots of friends who are either deaf or don't like talking. Easy to find, there are 2 huge Chinese Opera masks on the facade. For an evening headbanging with average prices and no Happy Hour, then this is the place for you. Open:2000-0200/304 Huan Shi lu./8356-6491

Elephant & Castle
    The perennial favorite for the expats, has to be in the name as the place changes shape on a daily basis. Central location and friendly service and reasonable prices for their food and drinks make for many a steady clientele. This week there is a large semi-outdoor area and a cramped indoor, H/H 5pm-8pm daily No live music, but plenty of TV football fans here.
    Add:No.363,Huan Shi Dong Rd
    Business hour:5pm-2am  Tel:83593309

Gold Mango Bar
    Lovely Country home setting right in the middle of the urban jungle. Huge Mango trees shade the outdoor seating, under a big Mango tree in the courtyard. BBQ and drinks ,reasonably priced, a quieter smaller version of the bar next door, the Elephant.
    Add:No.361,Huan Shi Dong Rd
    Business hour:5pm-2am  Tel:83597564

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