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GZ Airport Express Lines, Fares Adjusted
Latest Updated by 2004-11-24 17:50:03

Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport express makes some adjustments recently in its eight linesThe airport-Fangcun Coach Station (line 3) and the airport-Guangzhou Globelink Hotel (line 5), etc., starting from Nov. 17th.

Fangcun Passenger Coach Station is to be the terminal of line 3 after the adjustment, thus the ticket fare floats up some 3 yuan to 22 yuan, the original terminal Baohua Square is now an intermediate stop, with fare dropping some 4 yuan to 19 yuan.

The line 8 (Baiyun Airport - Xintang, Zengcheng district), which is expanded to run on the expressway after the adjustment, has its ticket fare increased, for instance, the ticket fare for its terminal Xintang, Zecheng district is up to 36 yuan with former 31 yuan.

Fares after adjustment (Yuan):

Line 1  Baiyun Airport - Civil Aviation Ticket Office
Civil Aviation Living Quarter    13
Guangzhou Central Hotel       15
Civil Aviation Ticket Office     16

Line 2 Baiyun Airport - Guangyun Building
Guangdong International Hotel    17
Guangzhou Holiday Inn City Center    17
Guangyun Building            22

Line 3 Baiyun Airport - Fangcun Coach Station
Baohua Square     19
Fangcun Coach Station     22

Line 4  Baiyun Airport - Pearl Hotel, Guangzhou
Guangyuan Villa       15
South China University of Technology    18
Dongpu Coach Station    22
Lejietu Square     23
Pearl Hotel, Guangzhou    28

Line 5  Baiyun Airport - Guangzhou Globelink Hotel
Dongfang Hotel     16
Guangdong Mansion   18
Guangzhou Globelink Hotel    20

Line 6 Baiyun Airport - Tianhe Mansion
Zhujiang (Pearl River) New City Square       20
Tianhe Mansion       20

Line 7 Baiyun Airport - Shiqiao, Panyu district
Huaweida Hotel      20
White Palace Hotel     27
Huanan (South China) Country Garden   28
Clifford Villa        30
Shiqiao, Panyu district       32

Line 8 Baiyun Airport - Xintang, Zengcheng district
Guangzhou New Gymnasium    14
Guangyuan Coach Station      15
Tianhe Coach Station       20
Phoenix City Hotel Guangzhou    33
Xintang, Zengcheng district       36

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