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Quiet beaches nestled in Guanhu Village
Latest Updated by 2006-06-23 10:34:30
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WHILE vacationers flock to the busy Dameisha and Xiaomeisha beaches for water fun, local people in Kuichong retreat to more private and quiet beaches like Shayuchong, Guanhu and Dawan for seaside relaxation.

Hidden in a roadside village named Guanhu Village along Kuipeng Road, the three beaches are actually one large beach separated into three sections by rocks and reefs. These sandy shores are seldom disturbed by weekenders.

To get to Shayuchong and Guanhu beaches, located on the west end of the beach line, one has to drive into the village passing a textile factory and an aquaculture farm that raises abalone. The path, which runs beside a hill, is favored by local bicycle fans for its spectacular view.

The beaches are frequented by people working in Kuichong Township, which is a 15-minute walk over a hill. To Kuichong people, Dameisha and Xiaomeisha are built for tourists, while Shayuchong and Guanhu are secret shores they keep only to themselves.

Shayuchong beach

Guanhu beach

Isolated and quiet as it is, Shayuchong Beach is a place with history. The locale used to be known as Dongwen Bay, where the Guangdong-based Dongjiang people's anti-Japanese guerrilla retreated to Dalian in Northeast China in 1945 to join the Huaihai Campaign (November 1948-January 1949). The campaign was the second of the three decisive battles fought between the Chinese People's Liberation Army led by the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang army in China's War of Liberation. A monument and memorial pavilion were built on Shayuchong to commemorate the events.

Shayuchong Beach is around 200 meters long. At the east end of it, behind a cluster of man-sized rocks, lies Guanhu Beach. The rocks add more fun for visitors by providing a place to seek crabs and hike.

Guanhu Beach is long, around 1,000 meters, with a stream running through the sands and rushing into the sea in the middle. But part of the beach is pitifully occupied by a factory.

The beaches used to be perfect for swimming, with soft sands, clear water, gentle and slow slopes that stretch into the sea. But water quality is said to have declined in recent years; locals blame the pollution brought by nearby factories. Though the local government is aware of the conflicts between having both seaside factories and booming tourism, it seems little change will be made at the moment.

Fortunately, this situation does not mean that the beaches are unsuitable for swimming now. The place is properly equipped with a safety net to keep sharks out, shower rooms and life guards. The scene is a quiet and peaceful picture: Local villagers smoke and chat in the pavilion while children play nearby. It is a strong contrast to the crowded tourist scenes of Dameisha.

Dawan Beach is nearest to the gate of Guanhu Village. Turning left after entering the village gate, the beach is a few steps away. Like the other two beaches, Dawan is not big, but properly equipped with facilities that allow safe swimming, barbecuing and camping.

People do not get charged for swimming, but five yuan is charged for parking.

How to get there
Driving routes: Luosha Road (through Wutongshan Tunnel, 10-yuan toll; or a toll-free winding road around the Wutong Mountain) - Yanba Expressway - Kuichong Exit (10-yuan toll) - Pingkui Road - Kuipeng Road - Guanhu Village

Minibus: 968 (starting from Xichong, ending at Pingshan Townshi)


364 (starting from Shenzhen Airlines Building, ending at Dapeng Township; running from 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily)

833 (starting from Longgang District Government, ending at Nan'ao; running from 5:50 a.m. to 8:50 p.m. daily)

Picnic on the beaches

ON beaches in development like Shayuchong, Guanhu and Dawan, there are no four-star hotel restaurants rated by the Michelin Guide. Yet, an unforgettable dining experience is not impossible. The answer is to prepare everything by yourself: food, drink and dishware. Try not to look down upon the preparation work. The tiny avenue, spotless beach and quiet water make a romantic picnic for two ideal.

There are one to two small stores run by local residents near the beaches, but you can only find bottled drinks, ice cream and swimming suits there. You can also find an outdoor canteen with about 20 tables at Shayuchong Beach.


As these beaches only take two hours' drive, a day trip may work best. Those craving a night at the beach can find a family-run hostel or can camp. Note, however, that these are not licensed hostels.

Hostel advertisements are posted near the beaches. Store owners can also point visitors in the right direction.

Booking a room at Dameisha, Xiaomesha, or Shangdong beach is also recommended.

Editor: Wing

By: Song Yingwen Source: Szdaily web edition
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