Year of Rabbit


Shopping at the flower fair

On New Year's Eve after the reunition dinner, huge crowds of people surge to the fairs to buy flowers.
Lion dance is popular on the Spring Festival in Guangdong, which is believed to bring luck and ward off evil spirits.
On New Year's day in Guangdong, the married give special red envelope with money inside to their children and to the unmarried.



    Spring Festival Goods is a general name for all goods needed for the festival, including food and clothes. Purchasing Spring Festival Goods is one of the most important things for the festival.


    On the 8th day of the 12th lunar month, many families make laba porridge, a delicious kind of porridge. After that, people begin to prepare for the coming New Year. After the tenth day of the month, people begin to buy New Year paintings, portraits of the God of Wealth, decorative hangings, gold and silver foil and burning paper etc.


   In Guangdong , shopping at the flower fair is a very unique way of celebrating the lunar New Year. Huge crowds of people surge to the fairs to buy flowers. The moth orchids and miniature trees are among the most popular.




Zhongshan Wu Road- Beijing Road


Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Streets


Tianhe Road



Taojin Bei - Huanshi Dong Intersection


Zhongshan San Road


Nonglinxia Road & Shuqian Street

     The first intercity high-speed railway line connecting cities in the Pearl River Delta opened on Jan 7. Connecting Guangzhou South Railway Station with Zhuhai North trains shall stop at Shunde, Zhongshan, and Jiangmen. Within easy reach of Guangzhou, these cities are great choices for weekend getaways to discover Zhuhai's landscape, Jiangmen's overseas-Chinese architecture, Zhongshan's special industries and Shunde's traditional Cantonese cuisine.




Bijiang Station


Beijiao Station

Shunde Station

Shunde College Station

Ronggui Station


Nantou Station


Xiaolan Station

Dongsheng Station

Zhongshan North Station

Zhongshan Hot Spring



Zhuhai North Station


Tangjiawan Station



       The high-speed passenger-dedicated Wuhan-Guangzhou railway opened on December 26, 2010, spanning over Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei provinces. With trains on the line running at speeds up to 394 kph, it now takes just under four hours to travel between Wuhan and Guangzhou. Cities along the lines are good choices to discover Guangdong's toursites, Hunan Cuisine and Hubei's history and culture.



Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall


Chen Clan Academy

Guangzhou Opera House

Guangzhou tower

Haixinsha Island


Hengshan Mountain

Juzizhou Islet

Hunan Provincial Museum

Dongting Lake

Yueyang Tower

The East Lake
The Yellow Crane Tower

Guiyuan Buddist Temple

Hubei Provincial Museum
Ancient Chibi




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