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Guangzhou Classical One Day Tour
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A look around Guangzhou City (Inner-Circuit Highway)--Huanghuagang park--The Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall--Guangzhou Museum (Five Rams Stone Statue)--Guangxiao Temple--Chen Clan Temple--Shangxiajiu Road Commercial Pedestrian Street--Panxi Restauran--Tour on The Pearl River--Ersha Island(Xinghai Music Hall,Guang dong Picture Gallery)--Zhujiang new Town--Tianhe Sport Center--Zhongxin Plaza --Mayor Mansion--Green Square of East Railway Station--Huanpu Military Academy--Nanhai God Temple--Shihua Road--Guangyuan Road--Yuntai Park--Shandind Park of Baiyun Mountain 


Shanding Park of Baiyun Mountain


The nearest mountain scene spot from downtown. There goes a saying in Guangzhou:'Until you are at the top of Baiyun Mountain do you know Guangzhou.'The trees, Streams,and temples here will bring visitors into the fresh nature.


Zhenhai Tower


Its history is traced back to Min Dynasty in the 15th century.The architecure and decoration will show visitors a lively Lingnan's art.


Chen Clan temple


Built by Chen families from 72 counties of Guangdong Province in Qing Dynasty. Later it was named Chen Academy of Classical Learning. This well-known temple, covering an area of 10,000m2,in fact, is a collection of Lingnan's folk art in the 1920s,it was looked as one of international architectures by international schorlars.


The Museum of Nanyue King Tomb

The second emperor`s tomb of Nanyue kingdom was discovered in 1983.Now all its rich relics are preserved well and it is one of the most complete, the oldest temples; over-seas in China. Visitors can know Xihan Dynasty`s culture, lifestyle and over-seas exchanges through over 1000 remains.


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