Exotic towns in Guangdong: Journey to the wonderland

Under the blue sky, everything seems to slow down. Soft wind blows softly and the clean lake flows slowly. Holding a cup of coffee in a coffee shop, spending an idle moment in the afternoon, watching old couples pass by the street, isn’t it a wonderful time?

A pleasant trip to Heyuan for Spring Festival holiday

It’s quite pleasant for you and your families and friends to enjoy hot spring and sightseeing during Spring Festival holiday. As an outstanding ecological tourist city in China, Heyuan is one of your best tourist destinations in this winter.

The most amazing things in Chaoshan

The Chaoshan area, consists of cities of Jieyang, Chaozhou and Shantou, is definitely a place of legend in Guangdong. It has a long history, unique culture and coastal landscape.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Guangdong!

This Lunar New Year, come to Guangdong to spend your Spring Festival! With splendid natural scenics and various activities, Guangdong is gonna give you a “hou sai lei”(fantastic) journey!

Colorful Guangdong, Warm Guangdong

In Guangdong, flowers and green leaves can be found at all seasons. Guangzhou is a famous culture city and a splendid tourism city with a history of more than 2,200 years. It enjoys the name of “Flower City” as the superb geographic and climatic conditions in the South contribute to the natural beauty here.

Splendid winter in Guangdong: you are gonna love it!

Guangdong is full of happiness in winter, with convenient transportation, pleasant climate, evergreen trees and colorful flowers. Winter is also the perfect season for you to travel in Guangdong. Except for rare snow, you can have all the fine views here in Guangdong.

An indepth exploration of Hakka

The Hakkas create and develop delicious Hakka cuisine which is famous all around the world, so the Hakka cuisine is also called one of the “three major branches of Guangdong cuisine”, together with Cantonese cuisine and Chaoshan cuisine.

Fantastic Cantonese Cuisine for Spring Festival

Cantonese cuisine is famous for its variety in dishes. In Guangzhou, dishes have original taste and flavor. While in west Guangdong, seafood is widely used as materials. And in Chaoshan Region, dishes are presented in an exquisite way.

West Guangdong: an ideal tourist destination for Spring Festival

The West Guangdong cuisine leaves deep impression in gastronomes’ mind. Different from the delicate Cantonese cuisine, the west Guangdong cuisines in Zhanjiang, Maoming, Yangjiang and Zhaoqing are more natural.

Have fun in Guangzhou: a feast for the palate and eyes

Guangzhou has extensive and profound culture which of course includes many wonderful cates. Now, foodies, let’s open the gate of the food paradise!

Spring Festival Tour | Top 10 attractions in Guangdong

Located in south China, Guangdong is the southern gate of the Chinese mainland, bordering Hong Kong, Macao and is geographically close to ASEAN countries. The province boasts abundant travel resources and is extremely popular with travelers.

Spring Festival Tour | Top 10 attractions in Hong Kong, China

Known as the Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong remains one of the most traveled places in all of Asia, with its splendid natural beauty and man-made wonders.

How to Spend Chinese New Year like a Chinese/Cantonese

In China, there are a lot of traditional routines to do before and during the Chinese New Year. If you are interested in adopting any of the local customs, just follow these tips.

Spring Festival Eve dinner in Macao Special Administrative Region

While Tangyuan(rice dumplings) is rather a dispensable option, "Yik Tao Tsoi" (dish with good intentions) is customary for reunion dinners on the eve of Spring Festival in Macao.

Lantern Festival in Guangzhou

In Lantern Festival, a great variety of colorful lanterns exhibit in parks of Guangzhou. Lantern Exhibition in Guangzhou dates back to the dynasty of Southern Han.

Lunar New Year Presents!

How well do you know about Guangdong? This quiz includes questions about Guangdong’s customs, visa policy and sceneries. Please scan the QR code to have a try. Participants who leave their phone number and address will receive a model of Cantonese arcade. Presents will be sent out after the Spring Festival holiday.

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