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News Headline
[China]Hu says China firmly committed to peaceful development
[China]Chinese president attends ceremony for return of Gotheborg replica
[world]Afghan president survives rocket attack
[Guangdong]PPRD members pledge financial cooperation
[Guangdong]Two million people to drink "Purified Drinking Water" by the end of 2007
[Pearl River Delta]GD's cross-border expressways will increase to 15
Weekly Highlights
Hu makes 5-point proposal to boost Sino-Swedish ties
553,000 students take college entrance exam in GD
The 4th PPRD Forum Opens today
Oversea Chinese complete martial arts course in Foshan
Chinese students gear up for college entrance exam
Bohai hosts largest oil spill emergency drill

Rainstorms killed 16 in Guangdong

Painting contest held ahead of cultural fair

[Guangzhou] Eight New Attractive Places of Liwan District Selected

Tiyu Xi Road South to reopen to traffic

China beat S Korea 5-2 in women's soccer friendly

Guangdong Through Lens (2002-2007)
China's Stock Market
The 101st Canton Fair
NPC & CPPCC 2007
Top 10 GD News, 2006
Six-party Talks
Airshow China 2006
Forum on China-Africa Cooperation
Doha 2006 Torch Relay in Guangzhou
Play Golf in Guangdong
The 100th Canton Fair
70th anniversary of Long March
CPC Central Committee opens key plenum
Shinzo Abe Visits China
DPRK's nuclear test on Oct 9
Hot springs in Guangdong
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Focus on Iran as IAEA board meets
Mounting pressure from the United States to impose new sanctions against Iran put Tehran's nuclear program at the focus as the United Nations' nuclear watchdog convened on Monday.
Iran rejects preconditions in nuclear talks
Iran's top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said on Wednesday Iran would not accept any preconditions in talks on its nuclear enrichment program.
Official: Iran adopts proactive diplomacy to help restore Iraq's security
A senior Iranian official said on Tuesday that his country adopts proactive diplomacy to help restore Iraq's security, the official IRNA news agency reported.
FM: Iran ready to transfer nuclear know-how to neighbors 2007-05-29
U.S., Iran hold "positive" talks on Iraq's security 2007-05-29
Iran not to step back in nuclear program 2007-05-25
Bush vows to strengthen sanctions on Iran 2007-05-25
IAEA says Iran extends nuclear program 2007-05-24
EU ministers agree to impose sanctions against Iran 2007-04-24
Iran announces "industrial level" of nuclear fuel production 2007-04-10
Iran vows to preserve "obvious rights" over enrichment work 2007-04-09
Iran releases 15 British sailors 2007-04-05
Iran warns UK not to choose "hue and cry" attitude on sailors issue 2007-04-04
U.S. denies preparing for war with Iran 2007-04-03
Blair: Incident over detained sailors to move into "different phase" 2007-03-28
Iranian TV airs video footage of detained British sailors 2007-04-04
Iran confirms to release UK female sailor 2007-04-04
Iranian president: West can not isolate Iran by sanctions 2007-03-15
Chinese FM calls upon Iran to step up cooperation with IAEA 2007-03-07
Six countries hanging on resolution against Iran 2007-03-07
World powers agree to work on new U.N. solution on Iran 2007-02-27
Iran: U.S. is in no position to start war 2007-02-25
Bush: Iran provides bombs in Iraq 2007-02-15
Iranian president says not to suspend nuclear activity 2007-02-12
Iranian forces test-fire new anti-aircraft missiles 2007-02-08
Minister: Iranian forces prepared "at the highest levels" 2007-01-25
Iranian president says ready for threat over nuclear program 2007-01-19
Iran rejects UN chief's remarks over nuke issue 2007-01-19
China urges resumption of negotiations on Iranian nuclear issue 2007-01-05
Iran to produce nuclear fuel for industrial uses 2007-01-04
Ahmadinejad dismisses UN resolution as "trash paper" 2006-12-25
Europeans push for vote on Iran resolution by weekend 2006-12-21
Six powers still at odds over draft resolution on Iran 2006-12-20
Russian atomic chief voices support for Iran's nuclear right 2006-12-12
U.S., Israel vow to curb Iran's nuclear program 2006-11-14
Iran fires ballistic missiles in drill 2006-11-03
Iran moving forward with nuclear program 2006-10-25
Iran: sanctions would cripple chance of peaceful solution to nuke issue 2006-10-19
Suspension absolutely unacceptable: Iran 2006-10-10
Iran says no reason to suspend nuclear work 2006-09-30
Ahmadinejad: Iran will "not back down" on nuclear rights 2006-09-28
Russia, Iran agree on launch date of nuclear power plant 2006-09-27
U.S. softens tone on Iran's nuclear program 2006-09-21
Ahmadinejad rebukes U.S. Middle East policy 2006-09-20
Iran denies reports on short-term enrichment suspension 2006-09-19
Israel: Iran "months" from becoming nuclear power 2006-09-18
Annan calls for patience on Iran issue 2006-09-14
China favors diplomatic talk to solve Iranian nuke issue 2006-09-14
Iran offers 8-week suspension of nuclear program 2006-09-11
Russia possible to join sanctions on Iran 2006-09-06
U.S. blasts Iran in anti-terror report 2006-09-06
Annan makes no breakthrough on Iran visit 2006-09-04
Iranians indifferent to UN deadline 2006-09-01
Iran calls on Europe not to adopt sanctions 2006-08-31
Iran vows to continue peaceful nuclear program 2006-08-30
Iranian President proposes TV debate with Bush 2006-08-30
Iranian army test-fires sub-to-surface missile 2006-08-28
Annan to visit Iran on Sept. 2: FM 2006-08-28
EU trio's meeting with U.S. on Iran delayed 2006-08-25
Iran to help promote sustainable peace in Middle East: Larijani 2006-08-25
Iran offers new formula in nuclear response 2006-08-23
Writethru: Iran ready for talks over nuclear issue 2006-08-23
Iran puts on defiant face on eve of response to six-nation package 2006-08-22
Iran says no to uranium enrichment suspension 2006-08-21
Iran tests short-range missile amid tensions 2006-08-21
Iran not to give up full nuclear fuel cycle 2006-08-17
Iranian president says to refuse UN nuke resolution 2006-08-16
U.S. says Iran not complying with U.N. resolution 2006-08-09
Iran shows no signs of backing down despite UN resolution 2006-08-02
UN tells Iran to halt nuclear work or face sanctions 2006-08-01
Iran warns UN over nuclear resolution 2006-07-31
Iran vows to keep on nuke program 2006-07-21
Iran: 6-nation package good start for talks 2006-07-19
Iran's nuclear issue to be returned to UN Security Council 2006-07-13
Iran needs more time to study nuclear deal 2006-07-12
U.S. urges Iran to respond to offer by mid-July 2006-07-11
Iran to reply to 6-nation proposal in mid-August: FM 2006-07-10
Iran remains mum on int'l nuclear proposals 2006-07-07
US urges Iran to respond to offer by mid-July 2006-07-06
Six nations to consider next step on Iran if necessary: report 2006-07-05
Iran dismisses deadline for response to 6-nation package 2006-07-03
Putin urges Iran dossier return to IAEA 2006-06-22
Iran wants no preconditions over nuclear talks 2006-06-20
Iran hopeful on future talks with EU: spokesman 2006-06-15
'Patience key to solve Iran nuke impasse' 2006-06-14
Iran finds parts of proposals unacceptable 2006-06-12
Iran ready to talk to end nuclear "misunderstandings" 2006-06-09
Wen, Merkel talk over phone on Iranian nuclear issue 2006-06-07
Solana to present six-nation proposal on Iran nuclear issue 2006-06-06
Oil flow to be affected if US makes wrong step: Iran 2006-06-05
US-Iran direct dialogue worth trying 2006-06-05
World powers agree to offer incentives to Iran 2006-06-02
Chinese, US presidents discuss Iran nuclear issue 2006-06-02
Rice: U.S. to join EU in nuclear talks with Iran 2006-06-01
EU to offer generous deal to Iran: Solana 2006-06-01
Iran ready to restart nuclear talks with EU 2006-05-31
Iran says it has conducted research on nuclear fusion 2006-05-30
Iran ready for talks with US unconditionally 2006-05-25
Rice says security guarantee for Iran "not on the table" 2006-05-22
Iranian nuke crisis to top agenda of Olmert-Bush meeting 2006-05-19
Prospects of the Iranian nuclear issue, Analysis 2006-05-11
Wrangles over Iran continue and crest 2006-05-09
White House: Iran's letter fails to address concerns 2006-05-09
Iran's letter to Bush could create new diplomatic opening: official 2006-05-09
Iran letter to US proposes new solutions 2006-05-09
Iran threatens not to recognize NPT if its rights not accepted 2006-05-08
Chinese FM to attend NY meeting on Iran nuclear issue 2006-05-08
France, Britain introduce new UN resolution on Iran 2006-05-04
Iran entitled to rights to peacefully utilize nuclear energy 2006-05-04
Iran says uranium purity boosted to 4.8 percent 2006-05-04
Ahmadinejad: Iran will never suspend nuclear program 2006-04-30
UN council receives IAEA report on Iran's nuclear issue 2006-04-29
China calls for diplomatic solution on Iran's nuclear issue 2006-04-29
IAEA report not crucial in Iran problem solution: Russia 2006-04-29
Iran says "no negative points" in IAEA report 2006-04-29
Rice asks UN Security Council to act on Iran 2006-04-28
Iran won't bend to "injustice, oppression": Ahmadinejad 2006-04-28
China urges objective IAEA study of Iran nuclear program 2006-04-28
Iran has right to develop civil nuclear industry: Putin 2006-04-28
Iran: US attack will cause global revenge 2006-04-27
U.S. House passes resolution against Iran 2006-04-27
Iranian president threatens to "reconsider" nuclear policy 2006-04-26
Iran refuses UN call to suspend nuclear activities 2006-04-26
Iran says no need to talk with US on Iraqi issues 2006-04-26
Russia dismisses US call to stop cooperation with Iran 2006-04-21
Iranian defense minister dismisses U.S. threat 2006-04-21
Talks end with no decision over Iran nuke issue 2006-04-20
Russia to sell air defense systems to Iran 2006-04-20
US to conduct crisis exercise targeting Iran 2006-04-20
US has been planning "Iran War" since 2003 2006-04-18
Gulf Arab states will not support US strike on Iran: Rafsanjani 2006-04-18
Iran vows to break nuclear deadlock through diplomacy 2006-04-18
China urges restraint over Iranian nuclear standoff 2006-04-18
Iran vows to break nuclear deadlock through diplomacy 2006-04-18
Iran not bow to demands from UN: official 2006-04-18
Iran refuses to suspend enrichment 2006-04-18
ElBaradei says talks with Iran constructive 2006-04-18
China's senior diplomat to visit Iran, Russia 2006-04-18
US appeals for "strong steps" against Iran 2006-04-18
China: Military, economic measures on Iran counterproductive 2006-04-18
Iran enriches uranium, plans new expansion 2006-04-18
US: Iran is moving in "wrong direction" 2006-04-18
Roundup: Iran declares membership of nuclear club 2006-04-18
Iran vows never to abandon enrichment 2006-04-18
Iran test-fires new torpedo during Gulf war game 2006-04-18
FMs from 6 countries to meet over Iran in Berlin 2006-04-18
US, Russia divided on wording of UN statement on Iran 2006-04-18
Iran says ready to talk with U.S. on Iraq 2006-04-18
Iran, Russia reach agreement on nuclear issue 2006-04-18
US to take action against "Iranian infiltration" into Iraq 2006-04-18
China calls for diplomatic solution to Iranian nuclear issue 2006-04-18
US backs Russian proposal on Iran 2006-04-18
US rejects limited Iran nuclear enrichment 2006-04-18
IAEA sees hope for deal with Iran 2006-04-18
Iran warns of resumption of large-scale enrichment if referred 2006-04-18
Iran threatens to resume industrial enrichment 2006-04-17
Iran guarantees safety of nuclear power plant 2006-04-17
Russia, Iran end talks with no breakthrough 2006-04-17
Iranian, Japanese FMs meet over nuclear issue 2006-04-17
Iran urges IAEA to avoid political decision 2006-04-17
Iranian FM rejects Japan's call to re-suspend uranium enrichment 2006-04-17
Chinese Vice Foreign Minister to visit Iran 2006-04-17
Iran annonces end of talks with EU trio 2006-04-17
Iran has secret military nuclear program: France 2006-04-17
Rice asks for $75 mln to install democracy in Iran 2006-04-17
Iran confirms uranium-enrichment resumption 2006-04-17
U.S. says Iran trying to acquire nuclear weapons 2006-04-17
Iran ends all voluntary cooperation with IAEA 2006-04-17
Iran says to continue talks with Russia 2006-04-17
Iran may cancel ties with Europe amid cartoon outrage 2006-04-17
IAEA decides to report Iran to UNSC 2006-04-17
Iran's president orders end to snap UN nuclear inspections 2006-04-17
Iran vows not to give in under pressure 2006-04-17
Iran to resume "full-scale" uranium enrichment 2006-04-17
Iran lifts CNN ban 2006-04-17
6 countires hold "confidential" meeting on Iran 2006-04-17
Iran says ready to study Russia's nuclear proposal 2006-04-17
Iran, EU to continue nuclear talks in Jan. 2006-04-17
Iran rejects US participation in nuclear talks 2006-04-17
IAEA set to back EU statement on Iran nuclear issue 2006-04-17
Iran says IAEA chief's report positive 2006-04-17
Iran vows to keep uranium enrichment at home 2006-04-17
Iran rejects EU request on enrichment suspension 2006-04-17
EU sets pre-condition for resuming nuke talks with Iran 2006-04-17
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