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Canton Painted porcelain, also known as Canton enamel porcelain, included on the State intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2008, has a history of more than 300 years, dating back to the Qing Dynasty (1636-1911).


The art form rooted from western noble circle's order for painted porcelain in 17 century, when Guangzhou, then Canton, was the only maritime foreign trade port of China then. Being export oriented, Canton painted porcelain mixed western art element with traditional Chinese painting.


Nowadays, modern elements and techniques were added to the traditional design of Canton painted porcelain. This east-meets-west aesthetic pleasure makes Canton painted porcelain become favorites of collectors.

     Export-oriented Canton Painted Porcelain  


Foreign Business Zone in Canton glass painting


In order to meet quick orders by foreign clients and reduce damage in the transport process, some merchants from Jingdezhen sent white porcelain bodies to Canton, where local factories did the painting and glazing processes. Hence a new type of porcelain called Canton enamel porcelain came into being.


Achieves showed the then Guangzhou factories had drawn Bible Story, European Royal Family Pattern, and variety of western topics on the export porcelains.Several beautiful porcelains retrieved from the sunken merchant ship Gothenburg were specially painted with badges of Swedish noblemen, indicating the customized products from European markets and western's influence on the design of Canton painted porcelain. >>> [ Full Story ]


    Xu Enfu: Charm of Canton Painted Porcelain  

Xu Enfu

In the century-old Chen Clan Academy, a master displays a century-old art -- traditional Lingnan paintings on plain white porcelain, attracting visitors from home and abroad.


Xu Enfu, noted Canton painted porcelain master, began his artisan career from an apprentice in a local painted porcelain factory 40 years ago. Xu later studied in Guangzhou Arts College, where he gained knowledge of both Chinese and western paintings. >>> [ Full Story ]



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