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News Headline
[Guangdong]Guangzhou lifted flu alert
[Guangdong]Guangdong imports more fruits from ASEAN
[world]U.S. renews opposition to "Taiwan independence"
[Business]Industrial output rises 16.2% in Jan and Feb
[Business]Exchange-rate system will be more flexible
[Pearl River Delta]HK, Guangdong to discuss resuming poultry trade
Weekly Highlights
Chinese premier addresses media on major issues
Top advisory body calls for fight against "Taiwan independence"
President of Supreme People's Court delivers work report
Legislators to step up supervisory work: Wu
Chinese top legislator's work report live telecast for first time
Chinese foreign minister meets press

Report on Work of the Government, 2006 (Full Text)

Olympic medalists in town

[Group Photo]Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou

New Guangzhou station in operation by 2008

China marks Int'l Women's Day

GD Provincial People's Congress & CPPCC annual Sessions
Year of dog, spring festival in Guangdong
Top 10 GD News, 2005
GDICC 2005 Plenary (Nov 17-18)
60th Anniversary of Taiwan's Recovery
98th Canton Fair
60th War Anniversary
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[Group Photo] NPC & CPPCC Annual Sessions, 2006 2006-03-16
'Premier Wen, I have a question for you' 2006-03-14
2 key transport projects approved by state council 2006-03-14
Mainland ready for cross-Straits talks under one-China principle, on equal footing: Premier 2006-03-14
Report on Work of the Government, 2006 (Full Text) 2006-03-16
Report on Work of Chinese Government (Part III) 2006-03-16
Report on Work of Chinese Government (Part II)-Major Tasks for Year 2006 2006-03-16
Report on Work of Chinese Government (Part I) - Review of the work in 2005 2006-03-16
NPC agenda for March 14 2006-03-14
Some local govts infringe on people's legal rights: premier 2006-03-14
Premier stresses role of trade unions in work safety supervision 2006-03-14
Mainland to open 5 more cities to HK for individual traveling 2006-03-14
China's management of Internet conforms to int'l practice: premier 2006-03-14
Premier vows never to back away in resolving problems concerning public interest 2006-03-14
State must take dominant share in reform of state-owned banks 2006-03-14
Focus of education must be oriented toward general public: Premier 2006-03-14
Economic development conducive to HK's democratic construction 2006-03-14
No more unexpected changes of RMB exchange rates: Wen 2006-03-14
Strong China-India relations to usher: Premier Wen 2006-03-14
Environmental pollution major problem in development: premier 2006-03-14
China pursues self-defense policy: Premier Wen 2006-03-14
Sino-Japanese relations hard to develop if shrine issue not resolved, says premier 2006-03-14
Chinese Premier stresses building new socialist countryside 2006-03-14
Premier vows never to back away in resolving problems concerning public interest 2006-03-14
China to give harsh punishment to illicit land seizure: Chinese Premier 2006-03-14
Mainland keeps close watch over situation in Taiwan 2006-03-14
China's Parliament endorses major economic policy changes 2006-03-14
Chinese premier calls for proper handling of social conflicts in new era 2006-03-14
China to unswervingly push forward reform, opening-up: premier 2006-03-14
Law on western development in pipeline 2006-03-14
Advisory body endorses development plan 2006-03-14
Legislation expected to help create more jobs 2006-03-14
A US doctor gives suggestions regarding Chinese energy policy 2006-03-13
Lawmakers call for updating Labor Law for migrant workers 2006-03-13
Portraits of Sun Yat-sen, Deng Xiaoping proposed adding to RMB notes 2006-03-13
Political advisor calls for ban on dining on public funds 2006-03-13
Lawmakers submit 1,000 motions focusing on govt role, economy 2006-03-13
Top advisory body calls for fight against "Taiwan independence" 2006-03-13
[Opinion] Time for Hong Kong to fulfil unique mission 2006-03-13
4th Session of 10th CPPCC National Committee holds closing meeting 2006-03-13
Premier Wen to meet Chinese, foreign press 2006-03-13
Organ transplant regulation drafted 2006-03-13
Commercial bribes as top concern 2006-03-13
NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 13 2006-03-13
Top judge rules out abolition of death penalty 2006-03-13
Governor: Renminbi reform on sound track 2006-03-13
Trade unions trying to help migrant workers 2006-03-13
China speeds up water-saving efforts before possible water crisis 2006-03-13
Animal-borne diseases challenge nation's health system 2006-03-13
China sees chances to become world biggest shipbuilder 2006-03-13
Lawmakers more open to outside world 2006-03-13
Three Gorges Reservoir may become new source for water diversion project 2006-03-13
Procuratorates to audiotape, videotape interrogation process 2006-03-13
Complaints against judicial system decrease 2006-03-13
President Hu calls for stepping up army building 2006-03-13
President of Supreme People's Court delivers work report 2006-03-13
China needs 40-year 7% annual growth to meet well-off target: minister 2006-03-11
Top prosecutor reports progress in clampdown on corruption 2006-03-11
China varies development modes for different regions 2006-03-11
China's parliament ready to adopt five-year plan 2006-03-11
US criticism on China's human rights "groundless" 2006-03-11
Preferential policies encourage innovation of enterprises 2006-03-11
China mulling construction of 2nd west-east gas pipeline 2006-03-11
China reforms death penalty trials in 2006: top judge 2006-03-11
Complaints against Chinese judiciary take down turn: Chief Justice 2006-03-11
Chinese courts sentence 10% more to prison 2006-03-11
Judiciaries take steps to ensure innocent free from being wronged 2006-03-11
China puts 6 provincial-level officials into prison 2006-03-11
Media presence aids transparency of NPC session 2006-03-11
China to enhance govt administrative ability 2006-03-10
Beijing to stop producing iron, steel in 2010 2006-03-10
Major water diversion project faces pollution threats 2006-03-10
NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 10 2006-03-10
Senior Chinese leaders join legislators' panel discussions 2006-03-10
China imports over 4,000 foreign movies in 5 years: advisor 2006-03-10
China's NPC, CPPCC sessions attract world attention 2006-03-10
Officials to be liable for bad investment 2006-03-10
Celebrity members absent from CPPCC annual session face criticism 2006-03-10
Forestation proposed to curb salt tide in the south 2006-03-10
Ample logistics for China's parliamentary session 2006-03-10
Legislators to step up supervisory work: Wu 2006-03-10
NPC's supervision to target rural development, innovation 2006-03-09
China needs law on press supervision: lawmaker 2006-03-09
More college students under poverty, employment pressure: lawmakers 2006-03-09
Anti-secession Law of "important role, far-reaching impact": NPC leader 2006-03-09
Interpretation of HKSAR Basic Law by NPC Standing Committee shouldn't be questioned: lawmaker 2006-03-09
Legislature focuses supervision on workers' safety, environment 2006-03-09
Top legislator promises more democracy in legislation 2006-03-09
Argentine expert praises China's plan to improve countryside 2006-03-09
Ten features in China's 11th five-year plan 2006-03-09
Abstract of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan outline (draft) -2 2006-03-10
Abstract of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan outline (draft) -1 2006-03-09
NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 9 2006-03-09
Anti-secession Law of "important role, far-reaching impact": NPC leader 2006-03-09
China should independently develop civil aircraft: political advisor 2006-03-09
Better protect women from unhappy foreign marriages: advisors 2006-03-09
[Group Photos] Top leaders join lawmakers in discussions 2006-03-09
Farmers hope for promising future 2006-03-09
Chinese top legislator's work report live telecast for first time 2006-03-09
Foreign firms in China evade enormous amount of tax: expert 2006-03-09
Hot domain name registration refer to legislative sessions 2006-03-08
Loss of arable land threatens China's grain production safety 2006-03-08
Commitments to Taiwan compatriots remain unchanged 2006-03-09
NPC, CPPCC agendas for March 8 2006-03-08
Sales of "golden books" in China arouse suspicion of corruption 2006-03-08
China sets new targets in five-year plan 2006-03-08
Top leaders join in panel discussion 2006-03-08
GD Governor Huang Huahua interviewed by press 2006-03-08
Budget increase aims at army stability: senior PLA officer 2006-03-08
"Not One Less" -- China offers free compulsory education to rural children 2006-03-08
Chinese students face too much educational expenses  2006-03-08
Migrant workers encouraged by Premier's commitment of more heed 2006-03-08
Shanghai preparing for Disney park construction 2006-03-08
China inspires urban teachers to work for rural schools 2006-03-08
Farmers still find life tough in post-tax era 2006-03-08
Basic Law assumes supreme legal status in HK: top legislator 2006-03-08
CPC to re-elect nearly 100,000 cadres of local committees by fully considering public opinions 2006-03-08
Major challenges ahead in the next five years 2006-03-07
Don't politicize Sino-U.S. trade relations: Chinese FM 2006-03-08
Chinese president to visit US soon, FM says 2006-03-07
5-year plan addresses pressing problems 2006-03-07
Farmers voice delight with Premier Wen's "gifts" 2006-03-07
Taiwan authorities take a dangerous step, FM says 2006-03-07
China to severely punish academic falsification 2006-03-07
Senior leaders join lawmakers in group discussions 2006-03-07
Chinese foreign minister meets press 2006-03-07
East China Sea consultation between China, Japan "pragmatic, constructive": FM 2006-03-07
Don't politicize Sino-US trade relations: FM 2006-03-07
Japanese leaders should stop hurting feelings of wartime victims: FM 2006-03-07
Putin's visit to boost China-Russia relations: FM 2006-03-07
China maintains friendly relations with Pakistan 2006-03-07
China to build strategic partnership with African countries: FM 2006-03-07
Iran nuclear issue should be resolved through diplomacy, negotiation, FM says 2006-03-07
Vatican should not intervene with China's internal affairs: FM 2006-03-07
China's defense budget much smaller than that of US: FM 2006-03-07
China calls for early resumption of six-party talks: FM 2006-03-07
New five-year plan embodies opportunities, challenges 2006-03-07
China to raise grain output to 500 mln tons: 11th Five-Year Plan 2006-03-07
Further efforts needed to ensure food security 2006-03-07
Chinese foreign minister to meet press Tuesday 2006-03-07
On a fast and stable track: China in 2005 2006-03-07
Top leaders join lawmakers in dicussion 2006-03-07
Farmland shortage to exceed 6.67 mln ha by 2020 2006-03-07
47 revisions made in draft outlines of 11th Five-Year Plan 2006-03-07
China to raise trade volume in goods to $2.3 trillion 2006-03-07
China vows to press ahead state-owned bank reforms, stressing state holding 2006-03-07
Experts interpret government work report 2006-03-06
China to increase financial input for education 2006-03-06
Major high-tech projects planned for 2006-2010 2006-03-06
Key transport infrastructure projects for 2006-2010 2006-03-06
1st national oil reserve facilities to operate at year end 2006-03-06
Political advisors take aim at fiscal misuse 2006-03-06
Lawmaker calls for legislation against domestic violence 2006-03-06
A changing Chinese legislature in the eyes of veteran deputies 2006-03-06
China accelerates pace of unifying corporate income tax 2006-03-06
GD high officials meet HK Chief Executive 2006-03-06
Top legislature begins annual session 2006-03-06
President Hu underlines scientific concept of development 2006-03-06
Premier pledges prosperity for all 2006-03-06
Major projects for rural development in 2006-2010 2006-03-06
Key projects for revitalizing equipment manufacturing industry 2006-03-06
China to gradually increase flexibility of RMB exchange rate: official 2006-03-06
Ban proposed on exposure of students' scores, rankings 2006-03-06
Premier Wen delivers govt work report 2006-03-05
China to cut energy consumption by 4 percent in 2006 2006-03-05
China to spend 14% more in building "new countryside" 2006-03-05
Top Chinese leaders join panel discussions with political advisors 2006-03-05
China to see 7.5 percent annual growth in next 5 years 2006-03-05
China pledges elimination of rural compulsory education charges 2006-03-05
China hikes sci-tech input by 19.2 percent 2006-03-05
Obstructers of cross-Straits relations doomed to fail: Chinese Premier 2006-03-05
Facts and figures: China's main targets for 2006-2010 2006-03-06
Facts and figures: China's major achievements in 2005 2006-03-05
Facts and figures: China's major targets for 2006 2006-03-05
China expects 8% growth in 2006: Premier Wen 2006-03-05
Top legislature begins annual session 2006-03-05
Taiwan leader's play of words a dangerous step 2006-03-05
The unusual five years: Ma Kai 2006-03-04
Blog sites opened for legislators, political advisors in China 2006-03-04
CPPCC National Committee opens annual session 2006-03-04
China's defence budget up 14.7% in 2006 2006-03-04
Building new countryside, China's historic choice 2006-03-03
CPC calls for stronger performance of CPPCC 2006-03-03
Top advisory body fulfills bounden mission 2006-03-03
Press conference of CPPCC 2006-03-03
61 Guangdong Deputies to CPPCC Arrive in Beijing 2006-03-03
China's top advisory body discusses draft work reports 2006-03-03
People's Daily hails opening of CPPCC Session 2006-03-03
Annual national session of China's top advisory body to be held on March 3 2006-03-03
Journalists invited to cover NPC, CPPCC sessions 2006-03-03
Backgrounder: legislative powers of NPC, its Standing Committee 2006-03-05
Backgrounder: NPC's power of supervision 2006-03-05
Backgrounder: NPC motions and CPPCC proposals 2006-03-05
Backgrounder: people's congress system and NPC 2006-03-05
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