In order to build a modern coastal city, Maoming established three new districts in 2012, Binhai New District, Gaoxin District, and Shuidong Bay New City. Shuidong Bay New City undertakes the establishment of a coastal new city.
The beauty of construction and transformation in Maoming: the new look of Shuidong Bay, a corner of the opencut ecological park, etc.

Aerial photos of Maoming: a magnificent and changeful city

The beauty of construction and transformation in Maoming

“Three-dimensional transportation” offers more convenience for trips to Maoming

Beautiful scenery of egrets in Maoming’s Citizen Park

Night view of roads in Maoming

Image of Maoming’s Shuidong Bay New City

Resplendent night scene of Mountain City Xinyi

Aerial photos of golden rice fields in Maoming

Shantou-Zhanjiang Expressway expected to open by 2017

Beautiful Maoming: Looking for fine views

Beauties in cheongsam showcase traditional culture at Lady Xian’s Former Residence

Beautiful Maoming: Enjoy the spectacular seascape

Maoming in the lens of photographers: The Coast of Love and Romance

Beautiful Maoming: The charm of windmill

Maoming in the lens of photographers: Fangji Island

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