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Guangdong paper-cut, a general name for the paper-cut art in the region of Foshan, Shaotou and Chaozhou cities, was included on the first batch of State-level Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2006.


As a popular art integral to everyday lives, both Foshan and Chaoshan paper-cuts have developed for a long period of time. Different from Chaoshan and other style of paper-cuts, Foshan paper-cut is unique for the material. Local copper foil and silver foil are used for cutting, carving and chiseling in Foshan paper-cut. Various color paper and patterns are lined and printed to create the typical southern style.


Nowadays, innovation and modern living topics are added to this traditional folk art. Young rising paper-cut star in Guangzhou with artworks in Guinness Record also bring this old folk art to the world.

     Foshan Paper-cut  

The Foshan paper cuts are divided into different styles, and named after the materials and making methods - copper lining, paper lining, copper writing, silver writing, woodcut, copper chiseling, and solid color etc. The copper lining material, copper writing material and copper carving material are the most typical.


The "copper lining material" is for the cutting knife to carve picture lines and structure on the copper foil, which is lined with color paper according to the demand of design. The "copper writing material" is for the combination of painting and paper-cut, first carving the outline on the copper foil with cutting knife before painting with color foundation mixed with glue. The "copper carving material" is nearly the same with the copper writing material, where the picture or figure outline is chiseled out with special chisel, with the outline like a chain of pearls that are not connected but painted with powder colors.


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     Chaozhou-Shantou Paper-cut  

Chaozhou-Shantou paper-cut are closely related with people's life. They are mainly used for festival gifts decoration, sacrificing decoration, embroidery carving patterns and daily decorations.


The subjects of these paper-cuts are favorable to flowers, birds, fishes and animals that symbolize luck.

     Young Rising Star in Paper-cut  



18 scissors, 288 Chinese names, 226.93 meters…. The world's longest paper-cut in Guinness Record came into being in the capable hands of a young girl from Guangzhou. She is Han Yan, Queen of paper-cut in Guangzhou and honored as the youngest master of Guangzhou Arts and Crafts.


Han had interest in paper-cut in young age when she had already made some very beautiful handwork pieces. Later she took courses on painting and arts in college, which inspired her to pick up scissors four years ago. Her first creation was a paper-cut out of a picture of her husband and herself. From then on, she starts her career as a paper cut artist. In the past four years, she had consulted experienced paper-cut artists from Hohhot of Inner Mongolia, Yangzhou, Ningbo, Beijing and Tianjin for techniques of different styles of paper-cut throughout China. Many vivid masterpieces were then created and won her again and again compliments from the public.


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