Top four most famous mountains in Guangdong

In Guangdong, you can never miss these top 4 famous mountains, namely Danxia Mountain, Xiqiao Mountain, Dinghu Mountain and Mount Luofu.

Where to climb heights in Guangzhou

Cultural activities will be held at communities, libraries, squares and cultural centers around Guangzhou, including painting and calligraphy exhibitions, free movies, performances, lantern riddles, quizzes and so on.

Holiday getaway: Selected tour routes of Zhuhai

Countryside Tour: Happy-Living Village of Nanmen—5-km Lianjiang Scenic Spot in Doumen—Picking fruits on farm

Sky walking, bamboo rafting - holiday choices within Guangdong

National Day is approaching, on its way step by step. The golden time of autumn is tiptoeing from afar inch by inch.

"Little Guilin" in Guangdong with stunning natural scenes

In Guangdong, there are many places with reputations of being “Little Guilin.” Here are two outstanding ones.

Beautiful rural landscapes: Xiqiao Mountain in Foshan

Situated in the southwest of Nanhai District in Foshan, Xiqiao Mountain, one of the four famous mountains of Guangdong province, is a 40-50 million year old dormant volcano.

Explore the Hakka's "sacred mountain" in Fujian Province

Located in Liancheng County, Fujian Province, Guanzhi Mountain is known as the “sacred mountain” of the Hakka people.

Holiday choices: Top 10 attractions in Guangdong

In addition to the famous Danxia Mountain, there are many other impressive scenic and historic attractions located throughout the area.

Top 7 things to do in Guangzhou during holidays

Yuexiu Park is the biggest sightseeing park of Guangzhou City, containing the statue of the five goats, the city’s symbol.

Seven-day Guangdong tour route for holidays

With tea terrace scenery, Yannanfei Tea Garden has become a paradise for visitors who appreciate luxurious tea gardens, elegant villas and flowing streams.

Climb mountain and eat chrysanthemum cake in the Double Ninth Festival

So, climbing mountain and eating foods with chrysanthemum become custom of Double Ninth Festival.

Culture & tradition of Double Ninth Festival in Guangdong

Around Didu Town in Jieyang City, people have a custom of eating fish congee. In other places, people have a custom of eating mixed stew congee. Here are more about the culture & tradition of Double Ninth Festival in Guangdong.

Culture Insider 2016: 6 things you may not know about Double Ninth Festival

The 9th day of the 9th lunar month is the traditional Chongyang Festival, or Double Ninth Festival, which falls on Oct 9 this year.

The custom of Double Ninth Festival in Hakka

In Double Ninth Festival, Hakka families have a reunion. People climb up high with their children. Some people fly kites in the mountain because they regard it a way to drive away the evil.

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