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International passengers (2)
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Free Baggage Allowance by Piece
The piece concept applies to carriage to and from the United States or Canada. The free baggage allowance for adults and half-fare children who are entitled to travel in First and Business Class is two pieces, for which the sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 158cm, or 62in. for each piece. The free baggage allowance for passengers who are entitled to travel in Economy Class, or passengers with traveling discount fare, is two pieces, for which the sum of the three dimensions must not exceed 158cm of 62in. for each piece and the overall dimensions of the two pieces measured together must mot exceed 273cm or 107in.. The maximum weight of any piece of the checked baggage as set out above must not exceed 32kg.
The free baggage allowance for infants not entitled to a seat is one piece, the sum of the three dimensions not to exceed 115cm or 45in. plus one collapsible/portable stroller or baby carriage included in the delivery baggage. Any baggage in excess of baggage allowance by piece, dimension or weight will be charged accordingly.

Hand Baggage Allowance
In addition to free-delivered baggage passengers with full fare or half fare tickets may carry with themselves articles including a cabas, an overcoat or raincoat, a blanket for traveling, a walking stick, an umbrella, some reading materials for the flight, a small camera, a small telescope, baby food for the trip, a baby cradle, a portable wheel chair for person with illness, a pair of crutches, racks or artificial limbs.

Baggage Package
The delivery baggage must be well packed, well locked, tied up solidly and able to withstand reasonable pressure. Air carriers may refuse to deliver baggage which does not conform to the packing requirements, or may hold no liability for its damage or loss.

Articles not to be Shipped as Baggage
Passengers are not allowed to carry in their delivery baggage or hand baggage items that are inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive goods, polymerizable, magnetized, or items of other kinds of dangers, or items prohibited to be carried by the laws, regulations or orders of the government of P.R. China or any other nations that the flight will stop by. Passengers are not allowed to carry on board with the arms, knives under control and sharp or lethal weapons. It is not allowed for passengers to pack in their delivery baggage cashes, jewelry, gold, silver, tickets, negotiable securities or other kind of valuable items.

Travel Credentials
Passengers should obtain appropriate passports, visas and other travel credentials in advance of checking in and exit. Their passports, visas and travel credentials should be carried together with themselves and should not be delivered in delivery baggage.
The carrier takes no responsibility for losses and expenses resulted from incompleteness of passengers' travel credentials. Passengers should compensate for the carrier's losses, expenses, or, but not limited to, fine that are resulted.

Cargo Delivery
Cargo delivered by international flights should have undergone customs inspections and be shipped with all necessary certificates, and be in accordance with regulations of the departure, arrival and transit nations.

Cargo Delivery Prohibition
It is prohibited to deliver cargo with cultural relic, narcotic drugs or items that are inflammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous or of other dangers. Carriers should inspect delivery cargo to ensure flight safety.

Hazardous Cargo
The delivery issues of hazardous cargo on international flight, such as the name of the articles allowed, their numbers and package requirements, should be decided in accordance with related carriers' regulations.


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