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Domestic Passenger (2)
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Articles not to be shipped in baggage
Passengers are not allowed to carry in their delivery baggage or hand baggage items that are inflammable, explosive, poisonous, radioactive goods, polymerizable, magnetized, or items o other kinds of dangers. Passengers are not allowed to carry on board with the arms, knives under control and sharp or lethal weapons.

Articles not to be packed in baggage
Passengers are not allowed to pack in their delivery baggage classified documents, confidential materials, diplomatic mail bags, negotiable securities, currencies, money orders, valuables, vulnerable or perishable goods, and other articles which need to be dedicatedly tended. Carriers are not subject to compensation liability for the loss or damage of the aforementioned articles packed in the delivery baggage.

Free Delivery Baggage
Free baggage allowance for first-class passengers is 40 kg, allowance for business-class passengers is 30 kg, and allowance for economy-class is 20 kg. Infants holding 90% discount tickets are not entitled to free baggage services.

Baggage Value Declaration
Passengers may declare the value of their delivery baggage if it exceeds RMB40 per kg. The air carrier will collect a surcharge for the declared value. Declared value should not exceed actual value of the baggage. The maximum limit of the baggage declared value for each passenger is RMB 8,000. When such baggage is lost or damaged, compensation will be made by the air carriers according to the declared value.

Health Conditions
Passengers suffering from illnesses should be holding certificates issued by a medical unit certifying their fitness for traveling by air.

Baggage Package
The delivery baggage must be well packed, well locked, tied up solidly and able to withstand reasonable pressure. Air carriers may refuser to deliver baggage which does not conform to the packing requirements, or may hold no liability for its damage or loss.

Compensation for lost baggage
If passengers' delivered baggage gets lost, damaged or partly damaged, the carrier is subject to the compensation liability, and the compensation will be no more than RMB20 per kg, and will be based on the actual weight of the baggage.

Voluntary Insurance for Passengers
Passengers could decide on their own wishes whether to purchase the Domestic Aviation Transportation Insurance for Accidental Personal Injury of Passengers. The payment from insurance companies will not remove or decrease the compensation liability of carrier in case of personal injuries or death.

Carrier's Liability for the Delayed Flights
When the flight is delayed or cancelled because of the carrier's fault, meals and hotel accommodations for the passengers during the delay will be provided free of charge by the carrier.

Ticket Change
For passengers having purchased a ticket but wishes to take different flight, change flight date or seat class, they should inform their carriers 48 hours before the original flight take-off time. A passenger ticket could be changed for only once.

Carrier's Compensation Liability
The maximum compensation for passenger body-injury will be handle in accordance with related regulations made by the State Council.

Security Checks
Passengers and their baggage, including delivery baggage as well as hand-baggage, must undergo security checks before boarding the plane.

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