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Domestic Passengers (1)
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Seat reservation
Passengers should reserve seats in advance by the ticket offices of airlines or airline ticket-agents, in accordance with related regulations, to get tickets for the flight. Passengers having reserved seats should purchase their tickets within time limit specified or agreed in aadvance by the carrier. Reservations exceeding the time limit will be automatically cancelled.

Ticket purchase
Chinese citizens should show their own lnhabitant ldentity Cards or some other valid identification credentials for ticket purchasing, and should fill in the Passenger Reservation Form. Citizens from foreign countries, oversea Chinese or residents in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan should show their valid personal identification credentials such as passports, Credentials for Returning Native Home, Taiwan Compatriot Card, Residence Permit, Travel Certificate, or other valid identification credentials issued by the Public Security Authorities. These passengers should also fill the Passenger Reservation Forms.

Passengers having reserved seats on connecting or return flights should reconfirm their reservations if they stay in the departing place for more than 72 hours, and the reconfirmation should be not later than 12:00 at noon 2 days before the departure of the flight. Reservations without reconfirmation will be automatically cancelled.

Passenger ticket
Passenger ticket can be used by the very person named. The ticket is not transferable and should not be mutilated or altered, otherwise the ticket is void and no refund will be made.

Validity Period of Tickets
The validity period of a ticket is one year. The validity period of a confirmed-date ticket is calculated from the date of commencement of travel. The validity period of an open date ticket is calculated from zero hour of the day following the date of issue.

Children fare
Children having reached 2 years of age and but not reached 12 years of age are charged at 50% of the adult fare and infants under 2 years of age not occupying their own separate seats are charged at 10% fo the adult fare. One adult passenger is entitled to accompany one infant using such infant fare.

Passenger fare
Passenger fare means the air transport price applicable for the carriage from the airport of departure to the airport of arrival. Passenger fares do not include ground transportation charges between airport terminals and downtowns.

Loss of passenger ticket
Under the circumstance of losing passenger ticket, it is required to report the loss to the carrier or its agent in written form, and provide sufficient proofs of its loss. The carrier holds no liability for the lost ticket if it has been falsely used or refunded before the lost ticket is reported.

Hand-carry Articles
First-class passengers may carry two pieces of articles. Business-class or economy-class passengers may carry one piece of article. The volume & weight of either one or two pieces should not exceed 20*40*55cm or 5 kg. Articles exceeding the limits should be included in the delivery luggage.

Check in
Passengers must check in with the carrier within carrier-specified time-limit. Passenger ticket and a valid personal identification are required when checking in.

Ticket Change
For passengers having purchased a ticket but wishes to take different flight, change flight date or seat class, they should inform their carriers 48 hours before the original flight take-off time. A passenger ticket could be changed for only once.

It applies to passengers who fail to board the flight for reasons such as failing to complete all the departure procedures in specified time or that their credentials for travel do not meet the requirement of quthorities, that handling charges will be charged for their ticket refunding. The handing charges be 50% of the ticket fare between departure airport of the missed flight and the arrival airport of destination.

Ticket refund
For passengers, but not group passengers whose ticket-refunding rules will be made separately, who request to refund their tickets 24 hours before flight departure time indicated on the ticket, the handling charges for refund will be 10% of the original fare; for those who request to refunds within 24 hours of specified flight departure time but 2 hours before flight departure, 20% of the original fare will be charged; for those who request to refund within the last 2 hours before flight departure, 30% of the original fare will be charged.

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