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International Departure
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Inspection and Quarantine
It is necessary for Chinese citizens who will be traveling abroad for more than one year to hold valid health certificates.

Passengers traveling to infected area of certain diseases should take necessary vaccination against the diseases.

Passengers with items to declare to the customs should take the Red Channel (declaration), those with nothing to declare could take the Green Channel (declaration-free).

Baggage delivery and getting boarding card
Passengers should check in by the check-in counter of the corresponding airline with their flight tickets, valid passports and visa, for baggage delivery and getting boarding cards.

1) To ensure catching the flight it is recommended to arrive at the depot terminal 25 to 3 hours ahead of take-off time. The check-in process closes 30 to 60 minutes before take-off, depending on rules of the airlines. Please pay attention to the corresponding notice on the flight tickets.

2) Please take with yourself important articles including your passport, visa, travel credentials, cash and business bills, etc.

Passport control
Passengers being foreign citizens should show their valid passports, visa and Exit Registration Cards, and should leave the country within the valid period of entry visa.
Passengers being Chinese citizens, including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, should show valid passports, visa, Departure Registration Cards and credentials for going abroad issued by the administrations.

Security check
Passengers should have their boarding cards, flight tickets, valid passports and vouchers of airport construction fee ready before the security check. To ensure flight safety passengers are required to pass through metal-detecting doors, and their hand-baggages are subject to x-ray inspections.

Waiting and Boarding
According to the gate number on the boarding card, passengers could find and relax in the corresponding waiting area. Boarding starts generally 40 minutes ahead of flight take-off. Please pay attention to reminding public addressing and flight information on the displays.

Passengers should get their boarding cards ready while boarding the plane. Passport re-inspection is needed for some flights.

Special notice for departure procedures
The terminal building are consisted of four parts, which include main building, connection building, aisle and stop directly at the door of the departure hall, which is great convenience for passengers. The departure hall is at the 3F of the terminal building, with 8 entrances spreading from east to west. On entering the departure hall, the first thing to see will be a huge map of the functional parts of the building, which will help passengers find different facilities in the new airport.
Being inside the departure hall, passengers will find that the hall is divided into different functional areas:

There are altogether 9 check-in areas in the domestic departure check-in hall, marked with letters C, D, E, H, J, K, L, M and N. Among them are area N for the ticket desks and service counters of different airlines, and areas C, D and M for the check-in procedures conducted by China Southern Airlines for flights of itself as well as other airlines including China Southern Airlines(CZ),Xiamen Airlines (MF), some flights of China Eastern Airlines (MU) and some flights of Air China(CA). Areas E, H, J, K and L are for the check-in procedures conducted by Baiyun international Airport for different airlines, including Hainan Airlines (HU), some flinghts of China Eastern (MU), some flights of Air China(CA), Shandong Airlines(SC), Sichuan Airlines (3U) and Shenzhen Airlines (ZU). There are 24 counters in each of the check-in areas, including instant Service counters, regular check-in counters, counters for first-class ticket passengers, VIP counters, over-weight baggage counters and counters of on-duty directors.

District A is in the east side of the terminal. Passengers who check-in in Areas E, H, J, K and L, or whose check-in procedures are conducted by Baiyun international Airport, will board their flights in District A. District B is in the west side of the terminal. Passengers who check-in in Areas C, D and M, or whose check-in procedures are conducted by China Southern Airlines, will board their flights in District B. Boarding District A is divided into two Aisles, including East 1 Aisle (for international flights) and East 2 Aisle. Boarding gates in East 1 Aisle are 16 boarding gates from A1 to A16, with gates A1 to A4 being Distant-Boarding Gates not directly connected with boarding bridges. Boarding gates in East 2 Aisle are 15 boarding gates from A17 to A20 being Distant-Boarding Gates. Similarly, Boarding District B is divided into two Aisles, including West 1 Aisle and West 2 Aisle. Boarding gates in West 1 Aisle are 17 boarding gates from B101 to B117, with gates B101 to B104 being Distant-Boarding Gates. Boarding gates in West 2 Aisle are 13 boarding gates from B118 to B131, with B118 to B121 being Distant-Boarding Gates.

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