NPC & CPPCC Annual Session, 2014

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Chinese premier vows "zero-tolerance" to corruption

China will show "zero-tolerance" to corrupt officials no matter "how senior his position is," Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference Thursday after the annual parliamentary session concluded.
China Focus: Chinese premier pledges financial reforms, social fairness

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang on Thursday vowed to make financial and fiscal reforms a priority in the country's overall reform agenda, but also promised to promote social fairness and people's livelihoods to bridge the widening wealth gap.
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China concludes annual parliamentary session

The National People's Congress (NPC), China's parliamentary body, began the closing meeting of its annual session Thursday morning.
Zhanjiang at the forefront of modern marine silk road campaign

In the past few years, Zhanjiang, a coastal city in west Guangdong, saw lots of large project coming in, such as Sino-Kuwait refinery project. National legislator & Zhanjiang Mayor Wang Zhongbing told media on March 7 that, Zhanjiang will participate in the central government’s modern marine silk road campaign.

Key reform agenda to watch as parliamentary session wraps up

As the annual session of China's top legislature draws to a close, attention is trained on the various government organs to see how they will carry out the wide-ranging reforms outlined during the ten-day event.
China Focus: China readies for private banks

China will approve five private banks on a trial basis, the latest move in opening the previously-closed sector to private capital, according to the country's banking regulator.
China to pilot five private banks

China will set up five private banks on a trial basis before the practice is extended to more places, the chief of the country's banking regulator said on Tuesday.
China's chief justice warns of weakness, pledges reform in court system

Chief Justice Zhou Qiang warned against some judges' bureaucracy and misconduct Monday, when elaborating problems in China's court system.
Dongguan mayor defends his city

The city of Dongguan in Guangdong province has never relied on the illegal sex trade for economic growth, Yuan Baocheng, the mayor of the city, said during the annual session of the National People's Congress.
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Chinese president encourages incentive to push reform

President Xi Jinping Thursday encouraged south China's Guangdong Province to make broader move in economic reform and opening up.
China confident over int'l trade target: minister

Chinese Minister of Commerce Gao Hucheng said Friday that China is confident of achieving its 7.5-percent growth target in foreign trade this year, with an improving global economic environment and competitiveness among domestic enterprises.
New reform offers world "China opportunities"

Amid uncertain global economic recovery, China's reform plans as pledged by Premier Li Keqiang, which cover everything from the economy to the environment, bring opportunities for world development.
China ready for new trials after Shanghai FTZ

Five months after the establishment of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in the bustling coastal metropolis, it seems that the dust has settled for what comes next.
Guangdong gets tough on sex trade

Hu Chunhua, Party chief of Guangdong vowed on Wednesday to take tougher action against prostitution and crimes linked to the sex trade as the southern economic powerhouse continues its three-month crackdown on prostitution.
China emphasizes Hong Kong, Macao development

A senior official said Wednesday that the Chinese government will continue to support economic growth in Hong Kong and Macao.
International community focuses on Chinese government work report

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's government work report at the annual National People's Congress (NPC) session here on Wednesday has been closely scrutinized by experts, media and governments around the world.
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China pledges stable growth, deepening reforms

China keeps its economic growth target unchanged at around 7.5 percent this year as the government looks to achieve stable growth while driving through reforms for a more balanced model.
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China starts annual parliamentary session

The second session of China's 12th National People's Congress (NPC) opens at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, capital of China, March 5, 2014.
China's parliament convenes; reform cited as "powerful impetus"

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, in his first government work report, pledged Wednesday to make breakthroughs in reform as the country seeks growth impetus in face of downward pressure on its economy.
Top legislature to stage balancing act over reform and growth

The upcoming parliamentary session in Beijing could offer a peek at how China plays out a delicate balancing act between honoring its promise to reform the country's outdated growth model and guiding the economy through headwinds.
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Chinese leaders, advisors pay silent tribute to Kunming attack victims

Chinese leaders and political advisors Monday paid silent tribute to the victims of the terrorist attack in southwestern city of Kunming at the opening of the annual session of CPPCC.
China on a fresh start of reform

At a corner of the Aegean Sea along the east coast of the Saronic Gulf lies the ancient Port of Athens -- Piraeus. Merely a dozen kilometers away from central Athens, it has long been the largest passenger port in Europe, bustling with ferries and cruisers.
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China's top political advisory body convenes, pledging to help deepen reforms

China's top political advisor Yu Zhengsheng Monday pledged to further efforts to contribute to the deepening of the country's reforms in a comprehensive manner.
Lawmakers, political advisors support for crackdown on terrorism

China' s top legislators and political advisors have expressed their support for an iron-fist crackdown on terrorism after a bloody killing spree by Xinjiang separatists left 29 civilians dead in the country late Saturday.
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GD owns nearly 100,000 patents, the highest in China

Guangdong province owns the highest number of patents in the nation, according to the latest figure released by China Intellectual property rights bureau on Thursday.Last year Guangdong owned the rights to 95,475, patents.

Guangdong’s Import and Export exceeded 1 trillion USD last year

According Guangdong customs officials, the province’s imports and exports last year added up to 6.78 trillion RMB (about 1.09 trillion USD) or 26 percent of the national total.

Official: Better livelihood for Guangdong people top priority

Guangdong officials spent nearly 240 billion RMB to improve citizen’s livelihoods last year, according to Gan Zhengmeng, Spokesman of News Office of Guangdong Provincial Government and Vice Director General of General Office of Guangdong Provincial Government, who spoke at a press conference on January 14.
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Guangdong's GDP exceeds 1trillion USD, up 8.5 percent in 2013

Guangdong's GDP reached 6.23 trillion RMB (over 1 trillion USD) in 2013, up 8.5 percent year on year, with a per capita GDP increase of 58,500 RMB, according to a provincial government report released on January 16.

Guangdong targets 8.5% GDP growth in 2014

Guangdong government officials set an 8.5 GDP growth target for 2014, according to Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan who announced the region’s economic goals during the second session of the 12th Guangdong People’s Congress on January 16 in Guangzhou.
Zhanjiang vows to be a prosperous marine city

Zhanjiang is ambitious to raise its per capita GDP to national average by 2017, said Liu Xiaohua, Zhanjiang Party Chief, in an interview on Jan, 19th.

Flat year ahead for Guangdong trade, report warns

Low forecast reflects local authority's determination to change economic growth model, expert says.



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