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How you can help
The Ministry of Civil Affairs has authorized the Red Cross Society of China and China Charity Federation to receive donations for quake-hit areas. >>>More Detail
How to Donate in Guangdong?

Guangdong Charity Federation
For those who want to donate through banks
Bank: Guangdong Development Bank, Yuehua Rd Branch USD Donation
Account: 121802711140000027

For those who want to donate directly to the Federation
Address: No.118, Yuehua Rd, Guangzhou
Fax: 020-83357533
Guangdong Red Cross
Bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Guangzhou Dongfeng Dong Rd Branch
Account: 3602010709000314124
Online donations:
>>>More Detail


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Chinese vice premier underlines livelihood restoration in quake regions 2009-01-19
Chinese Vice Premier Li Keqiang urged the restoration of people's livelihood in the quake-hit regions during his visit in northwestern Gansu Province between Jan. 15 and Jan. 17.
China's president visits quake-hit Sichuan 2008-12-30
President Hu Jintao visited quake-hit Sichuan Province over the weekend, showing concern for survivors and inspecting reconstruction work as winter set in.
Stress persists for quake survivors in less-affected areas 2008-11-14
People in less-affected areas of southwest China's earthquake zone have been "neglected for half a year" since the fatal earthquake in May, according to counselors in the region.
Quake-hit Beichuan county gets new home 2008-11-10
Marking a major step in reconstruction efforts following the devastating earthquake that hit Sichuan province on May 12, local authorities in the city of Mianyang have decided to rebuild its county seat of Beichuan, one of the worst-hit areas in the quake, in nearby Anxian county.
Chinese leaders visit May quake exhibition 2008-10-08
President Hu Jintao and other Chinese leaders visited an exhibition which pays tribute to victims of the May earthquake in Sichuan Province and the nation's concerted efforts to assist the disaster-stricken areas.
Help From Guangdong
Guangzhou delegation visits quake-hit wenchuan county 2008-08-19
A delegation of government officials led by Zhu Xiaodan, Secretary of the Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC and Mayor Zhang Guangning visited Weizhou Town, Wenchuan County of Sichuan Province between August 14th and 15th.
Guangdong honors rescuers in quake-hit regions 2008-08-01
Guangdong government on July 28 held a grand ceremony to honor heroes and heroines who have participated in the relief work of quake-hit regions.
Guangdong Mission visit quake-hit provinces 2008-07-10
Guangdong furthers efforts to support after-quake reconstruction 2008-06-17
83.17 million to build make-shift houses in quake-hit area 2008-06-06
First school in epicenter resumes classes 2008-06-03
Guangzhou's friendship cities donate RMB 1.49 million for earthquake areas 2008-05-30
Guangdong's donation up to 3.27 bn RMB 2008-05-28
Guangdong to build 140,000 make-shift houses in Wenchuan 2008-05-26
252 quake patients arrive Guangdong 2008-05-22
Near 500 Guangzhou Citizens willing to adopt quake orphans 2008-05-22
Guangdong donation to Sichuan adds up to 1.41 billion RMB 2008-05-21
31 Sichuan injured arrive at Guangzhou 2008-05-21
Guangdong rescuers continue working in quake-hit area 2008-05-20
Guangdong hospitals readied 2008-05-20
More Stories
Storms leave at least 14 dead in China's quake zone 2008-09-26
Chinese premier back in quake area to inspect rebuilding 2008-09-04
Days since May 12 quake "shocking and touching" 2008-09-03
Highway shattered by Sichuan's May 12 earthquake reopens 2008-09-03
Premier Wen visits temporary quake zone school as new semester starts 2008-09-02
Gov't approves post-quake rebuilding plan 2008-08-28
Chinese premier's letter raises hopes of quake girl 2008-08-27
Post-quake rebuilding draft put online 2008-08-19
China to increase financial supports for post-quake reconstruction 2008-08-14
China quake reconstruction panel emphasizes livelihoods, environment 2008-08-06
6.1-magnitude quake hits SW China 2008-08-06
Quake-hit Chinese students spend joyous time in Kremlin 2008-07-31
Strong aftershock jolts west China 2008-07-25
Chinese students get home-like treatment at Russian care center 2008-07-24
China to withdraw military forces in quake affected areas 2008-07-21
Quake-hit students spend joyous day with President Hu 2008-07-17
China's quake-affected children to fly out on Russian holiday 2008-07-16
Dead Chinese soldier honored as quake-relief hero 2008-07-15
China sets new subsidy plan for May 12 quake survivors 2008-07-14
President Hu meets Japanese quake rescue teams 2008-07-09
Supervision on quake relief fund, materials to be intensified 2008-07-01
Earthquake relief shows Party's strength 2008-06-30
Rice visits quake-hit China region 2008-06-30
China quake-relief headquarters calls for priority in rebuilding public facilities 2008-06-27
China approves reports on quake relief work, reconstruction plan 2008-06-27
Death toll in China's May 12 quake to exceed 80,000 2008-06-25
Vice Premier outlines eight-year plan for quake zone 2008-06-25
43 penalized over quake relief misconduct 2008-06-24
Chinese Premier says reconstruction in quake-hit Shaanxi, Gansu to be complete by 2010 2008-06-23
China completes massive evacuation from quake center 2008-06-20
Thousands of auditors track China quake relief goods, funds against corruption 2008-06-19
Hu urges welfare institute to contribute more to quake relief 2008-06-17
Quake-battered Sichuan reopens 13 cities to tourists 2008-06-16
Findings published on quake fund diversion 2008-06-13
Rescuers carry crashed quake-relief copter debris, bodies to Yingxiu 2008-06-12
'Decisive victory' won in quake lake drainage 2008-06-11
No helicopter survivors found 2008-06-11
China's main quake lake expected to shrink as drainage speeds up 2008-06-10
Chinese premier urges no relaxation in epidemic prevention in quake areas 2008-06-10
Regulation on post-quake reconstruction issued 2008-06-10
Vanke says sorry with 100m yuan 2008-06-06
Premier vows "no casualty" during quake lake visit 2008-06-06
Provinces ordered to help quake zone 2008-06-06
Quake results in US$7.6 bln in losses to tourism 2008-06-05
Special team to help school kids' parents 2008-06-05
19 less likely to survive as more efforts put in helicopter hunt 2008-06-05
China open to foreign assistance in disaster relief 2008-06-05
Decision time near to drain quake lake 2008-06-05
China passes regulation on post-quake restoration and reconstruction 2008-06-05
Quakeshocked pandas ready for display in Beijing 2008-06-04
No mass health problems in quake zone 2008-06-03
Politburo member visits journalists, victims in quake zone 2008-06-03
Search for crashed relief copter continues 2008-06-02
Happy Children's Day, Chinese president says to quake-affected kids 2008-06-02
Helicopter crashes in quake zones 2008-06-02
China issues statute on fraud involving quake relief 2008-05-30
Soldiers work non-stop to drain "quake lake" 2008-05-30
Supplies for quake relief to be ensured 2008-05-29
Quake relief HQ says focus of relief work to shift to reconstruction 2008-05-28
Flood fears force huge evacuation 2008-05-28
Chinese Party leadership underscores post-quake reconstruction in quake areas 2008-05-27
China earthquake death toll rises to 65,080 2008-05-27
China preparing to drain swelling quake lake 2008-05-27
China pledges severe penalties on quake-related corruption 2008-05-27
Chinese top legislator visits hospital, distribution center in quake zone 2008-05-27
China Earthquake Death Toll Reaches 62,664 2008-05-26
Humanitarianism knows no borders or skin colors 2008-05-26
Man, 80, rescued after 11 days in quake rubble 2008-05-26
Chinese President: Keep development trends, guard social stability 2008-05-26
more than 480 injured as major aftershock hits China quake zone 2008-05-26
President Hu asks tent factories to boost production 2008-05-23
8 'quake lakes' in dangerous condition 2008-05-23
Wen, in quake visits, highlights Chinese style of premiership 2008-05-23
China earthquake death toll rises to 51,151 2008-05-22
Gov't: 70 bln yuan for reconstruction 2008-05-22
As mourning ends, love lives on 2008-05-22
Two Chinese men detained for making quake rumor 2008-05-22
Thousands injured in quake being moved for treatment 2008-05-22
The 11th Panchen Lama prays for quake victims 2008-05-22
Central gov't to slash spending for quake relief 2008-05-22
Glimmer of hope, 100 times the effort 2008-05-21
Rescuers reach all China quake areas; survivors still found 2008-05-21
Dams safe but risks remain: Official 2008-05-21
China offers temporary allowance for quake victims 2008-05-21
UNSC mourns China's earthquake victims 2008-05-21
Quake death toll officially hits 40,075 2008-05-21
Retiree rescued 196hrs after quake 2008-05-21
Premier orders troops into all quake villages 2008-05-20
Aftershock of magnitude 6 to 7 likely to hit China quake area 2008-05-20
Students of quake-hit schools resume classes 2008-05-20
China appreciates, welcomes world's quake aid 2008-05-20
From leaders on down, millions mourn quake dead 2008-05-20
China earthquake death toll rises to 34,073 2008-05-20
Millions mourn China earthquake dead with air sirens wailing in grief 2008-05-19
Magnitude of SW China earthquake revised to 8.0 2008-05-19
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