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Guangzhou Special Travel Lines
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Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum

Guangxiao Temple

South China Botanic Garden

Flower Base

Litchi Festival

Night Market On Xihu Road

Five-Ram City Relics Tour:

Line A: Lanpu-Nanyue Five Tombs-Zhenghai Tower-Shanyuan Old Temple-Memorial Hall to Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Line B: Chen Clan Academy-Guanxiao Temple-The Monastery of Six Banuans-Five-celest- Tial Temple

Line C: Old Site of the Guangzhou Soviet Government-Wanmo Glass Hall-Former Peasants- Movement Institute-Provincial Museum-Mausoleum of the Guangzhou Uprising- Martyrs-Mausoleum of the 72 Martyrs at Huanghuagang-the 19th Road Army- Monument

Line D: Danshuiken Scenic Rigon-Southern Sea Divine Temple-Site of Whampoa Military School

Lingnan Attractions Tour:

Guangzhou is kicated in the south part of China. Its culture and art connotation are rich and strongly possess the local characteristic. The handicraft products are too exquisite to be away from one??hands, such as ivory carving, wood carving, jade carving, Guangzhou glazed porcelain and Guangdong Embroidery,ect..It is attractive for the tourists both at home and abroad to enjoy the Guangdong music, Cantonese (Yue) Opera, Lingnan School of Painting, Lingnan potted plant, and Guangzhou vaudeville.

One Day Tour Line A: Shangxiajiu Walking Rd-Hualin Jadeware and Furniture Street-Hualin Temple-Xiguan Ancient Grand House-Liwan Lake Park One Day Tour Line B: Qingping Market of Farm Produce-Guangzhou Culture Park-Nanfang Department Store- Shamian attractions Xiguan Attractions Two Days Tour: First Day: Chen Clan Academy-Ciguan Ancient Grand House-Liwan Museum-Enjoy the First Chicken of Guangzhou (Qingpin Chicken) in supper-Enjoy the Cantonese Tunes and Cantonese Opera in Qingpin Restaurant in the evening Second Day: Morning: Visit Qinqpin Market, Xiguan Commodity Corridor and Liwan Square-Visit the Landing Place Where Chain Sect Ancestor Bodhidharma came to China from India ( the first landing place from the west )-Visit the 500 Arhat Statue Hall in Hualin Temple-Lunch: Enjoy the Liwan famous dishes (in Banxi Restaurant)

One Day Tour of New Scenery in Flower City:

The Flower City, Guangzhou, is full of vigour all year round. The developing of many new scenic spots is just like the fresh blood which being injected into the Guangzhou tourism. With the great progress of the city construction, Many new and modern districts continuously appear and the city enviornment greatly developed. Tourists are attracted by each of the new items, such as Tianhe new district, subway, Tianhe railway station and so on.

Line A: Sculpture Park - Yundai Garden - Baiyun Cableway - Baiyun Scenic Region - Dongfang Amusement Park Line B: Tianhe Space Flight Spectacles - Guangzhou the Grant World Scenic Park Line C: Guangzhou Zoo - The Ocean World - Southern China Botanic Garden - Tianhe Sports Center Line E: Night Cruise Along the Pear River ( to board at the Xidi Dock and enjoy the scenery along the riversides, which from the White Goose Pool to the Haiyin Bridge).

Agriculture Visit Tour:

Guangzhou is located in the subtropical zone crossing the Tropic of Cancer. With spring-like seasons all the year round, Guangzhou has enough waterfall for the growth of agricultural plants. Being in the inland of the Pearl River Delta where spread with rivers, the Fishing Pond of Mulberry Bank in the agricultural cultivation is full of characteristic, showing an attractive field scene. Being to the subject of returning to the nature and seeing and enjoying the nature. the Agriculture Visit Tour will inspect the field and understand the farmers??lives.

Line A: Henli Travel Farm-Xingxin Maritime Amusement Line B: White Swan Pool-Yanjiang Rd View-Xingjiao Orchard

Guangzhou Shopping Tour

Guangzhou was the place of origin of China's Silk Road at sea. The nowaday Guangzhou, as the important distributing center of the Southern China or even the whole China, large amount of the commodities are sold and exported here. With the complete commodity categories, the well-informed commodity information and the qualified servious, Guangzhou has come to be a famous business center. With both high quality and resonable price, the " Guang Huo" (Guangdong commodities) is popular all over the country. It is sure that the rich travel commodities and the fully spreaded shopping areas can meet visitors' different demands.

Guangzhou Shopping Tour Line Pedestrian Shopping Street on Beijing Rd. - Shopping Street on Xihu Rd. (night market) - Gaodi Street Shopping Center - Haiyin Electrical Appliances Center

Lingna Famous Fruits Tasting Tour

Located in subtropical zone, Guangzhou is favored with a great variety of tropical and subtropical fruits. Fresh fruits are always availabe all year around, such as litchi, banana, pinepaple, carambola, longan, sweet orange and papaya. In order to satisfy the tourists' appetite, here we have developed some special travel lines, which according to the fruits harvest season.

Line A (carambola tasting group)

Carambola Garden - Space Flight Spectacles - Danshuikeng Scenic Region Line B (litchi tasting group)

Zencheng Litchi Garden - Hexiangu (fairy He) Temple - Feiguo Buddha Temple - Flowers Manore and wrote down poems for Mount Baiyun. The mountain is of a rectangular shape, with a south-to-north length of 7 kilometers and an east-to-west length of 4 kilometers. At an age of about 4,00 millions years old, Mount Baiyun is one of the oldest mountains in Guangdong province. Mount Baiyun is a natural garden and a tourist summer resort with development of over 1,000 years. It includes six tour areas: Minzhulou, Moxingling, Santailing, Mingchungu, Fei'eling and Luhu. Scenic spots include not only the existing Moxingling, Baiyunxiaowang, Baiyunwanwang, No.1 Peak in the South, Baiyun Songtao, Hilly Guesthouse, Songtao Courtyard, Pearl Pavilion, Luming Restaurant and Baiyun Celestial Hall, but also newly-added scenic spots in recent ten years, i.e. Baiyun Cableway, Mingchungu, Guangzhou Stele, Nengren Temple, Golf Course, Xinghai garden, Yuntai Garden, Sculpture Park and Baiyun Sliding Track, etc. Mount Baiyun was included in Guangdong's first list of provincial-level scenic resorts. A poem has depicted the beauty of Mount Baiyun. "Clouds can be seen in every famous mountain, only the white clouds (Baiyun) cover a whole spring-like year".

beauty of Mount Baiyun. "Clouds can be seen in every famous mountain, only the white clouds (Baiyun) cover a whole spring-like year".

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