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Official lauds KMT role in anti-Japan war 2005-08-31
People's Daily hails spirit of fighting Japanese aggression 2005-08-29
Japanese official's remarks on "comfort women" condemned 2005-08-23
Koizumi urged to stop Yasukuni visit 2005-08-23
Koizumi's shrine visit opposed, war memory fading in Japan: survey 2005-08-23
Speaker urges Koizumi to shun shrine 2005-08-23
Beijing: Tokyo must back words with actions 2005-08-23
Most Japanese want alternative war memorial 2005-08-23
China condemns Japan's war crime whitewash 2005-08-23
Chinese FM comments on Japanese emperor's visit to war dead 2005-08-23
Japanese official's remarks on "comfort women" condemned 2005-08-23
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