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Sino-Japan Relationship
Japanese PM's Shrine Visit "Stupid": European Scholars 2005-11-02
Koizumi reshuffles ruling party leadership 2005-11-02
China critic gets key cabinet post in Japan 2005-11-02
FM: Shrine visit a serious political issue 2005-11-02
China urges "political will" from Japan 2005-11-02
Koizumi still hopes for summit with China 2005-10-26
China puts off Japanese FM's visit 2005-10-19
China condemns Koizumi's war shrine visit 2005-10-18
China, Japan hold third round of talks 2005-10-14
China to continue friendly policy towards Japan: VP 2005-10-13
Japan to dispose of WWII chemical weapons in NE China 2005-10-08
Court: Koizumi shrine visits unconstitutional 2005-09-30
Japanese court rules PM's shrine visit unconstitutional 2005-09-30
Tokyo talks planned on disputed waters 2005-09-30
Japan wants China, Russia to boost UN dues 2005-09-30
China, Japan to meet over gas feud 2005-09-23
China urges Japan to fulfil commitment 2005-08-25
Poll: China-Japan ties need mending 2005-08-24
Chinese FM on China-US, China-Japan relations 2005-08-23
[Yasukuni Shrine] Koizumi apologizes for past aggression 2005-08-24
[Chemical Weapons] Japan says sorry for chemical arms injuries 2005-08-23
[Yasukuni Shrine] Yasukuni refuses to separate Class-A war criminals 2005-08-23
Japan approves oil drilling, China protests 2005-08-23
China condemns Japan's war crime whitewash 2005-08-24
51% Chinese youths wanna make friends with Japanese 2005-08-23
Japan's white paper adds chill to China ties 2005-08-23
[Diaoyu Islands] Japan-Taiwan fishing talks opposed 2005-08-23
[Forced Labor] Tokyo court denies compensation for forced laborer 2005-08-23
[Diaoyu Islands] Japan harassment on islands protested 2005-08-23
Japan needs new mindset to mend relations with China, Singaporean paper 2005-08-23
[Biological Weapons] Plaintiff group: Never give up germ war appeal 2005-08-24
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