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Anniversary News
68th anniversary of massacre marked 2005-12-14
English website launched to reveal Japan's wartime crime 2005-12-14
Documentary reveals truth of Japan atrocity 2005-12-14
Sirens mark anniversary of Japan invasion 2005-09-19
Statue of "The Rape of Nanking" author unveiled 2005-09-14
[GD] First military trip to kick off 2005-09-13
[Shenzhen] City marks war victory 2005-09-05
Wreaths laid to mark victory anniversary 2005-09-03
War remembered for peace, future: Hu 2005-09-03
Japan urged to face up to war history 2005-09-05
President Hu hails CPC's leading role in Anti-Japanese War 2005-08-29
Grand reception held for WWII veterans 2005-09-02
"Anti-Japan War Online" game to hit the market 2005-09-01
President Hu: China remembering past not meant to continue hatred 2005-09-05
President Hu: China a main battleground of World Anti-Fascist War 2005-09-05
President Hu: China will never forget int'l support to its fight against Japanese aggressors 2005-09-05
President Hu: Victory a turning point in China's march toward rejuvenation 2005-09-05
Victory safeguards China's national sovereighty, territorial integrity 2005-09-05
Victory promotes unity of Chinese nation 2005-09-05
Victory has great impact on other countries 2005-09-05
Victory turning point of world development 2005-09-05
Establishment of new concept of security 2005-09-05
Support for UN reform 2005-09-05
China will focus on development 2005-09-05
China pursues peaceful development 2005-09-05
Nuremberg and Far East trials allows of no challenge 2005-09-05
China will never compromise in its opposition to secessionist activities 2005-09-05
Unity of Chinese nation 2005-09-05
Trials of history allows of no challenge 2005-09-05
Ceremony to be held to mark war anniversary 2005-08-31
President Hu calls for learning lessons from war 2005-08-29
Foreigners visit Nanjing Massacre exhibition 2005-08-23
China to explore ship wreckage torpedoed in WWII 2005-08-23
Koizumi apologizes for past aggression 2005-08-23
Fund established to back war compensation claims 2005-08-23
Japanese oppositions denounce war to mark WWII anniversary 2005-08-23
Art exhibition marks war anniversary 2005-08-23
Invasion remembered, regretful vets forgiven 2005-08-23
Auschwitz museum officials visit Japanese germ warfare site 2005-08-23
[WWII] Exhibiton on Nanjing Massacre opens 2005-08-23
Japan opens 1st archives on "comfort women" 2005-08-23
Koizumi urged to stop Yasukuni visit 2005-08-23
[GZ] Dance drama Nanjing 1937 on stage 2005-08-23
[GZ]"Voice of the Nation" symphony concert to be held 2005-08-23
Nation marks invasion day 2005-08-23
Memory of World War II refreshed in memorial hall 2005-08-23
[WWII] Tunnel Warfare museum attracts 8 mln visitors 2005-08-23
Largest museum to commemorate anti-Japanese invasion war 2005-08-23
Book series devoted to WWII 2005-08-23
Comfort women houses revealed 2005-08-23
New book on Japanese atrocities 2005-08-23
War crimes museum applies for World Heritage status 2005-08-23
Beijing dramas mark end of WWII 2005-08-23
Paintings of "Comfort Women" exhibited in Beijing 2005-08-23
Classic drama to mark anniversary of WWII 2005-08-23
Japanese cabinet members, lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine 2005-08-23
Notebooks of WWII Japan aggressor found in Tokyo 2005-08-23
Japan opens 1st archives on "comfort women" 2005-08-23
Japan commemorates WWII forced laborers 2005-08-23
Japan court rejects germ war compensation 2005-08-23
Koizumi's cabinet has lower support 2005-08-23
Japan's wartime gas plant found in N. China 2005-08-23
Koizumi rejects pressure over new war memorial 2005-08-23
Japan to consider building alternative to Yasukuni Shrine 2005-08-23
Japan invasion stays fresh in Chinese despite time 2005-08-23
Japanese mourners hold peace rally in Nanjing 2005-08-23
China marks Japanese surrender in bitter memory 2005-08-23
China marks victory over Anti-Japanese War 2005-08-23
[WWII] Massacre remembered 2005-08-23
Massacre museum adds 100 new memories 2005-08-23
China marks 60th war against Japanese aggression 2005-08-23
Lugouqiao War Memorial reopened 2005-08-23
Hundreds protest against Japan in HK 2005-08-23
Nanjing Massacre survivors found overseas 2005-08-23
Off-colour Japanese textbooks seized 2005-08-23
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