Daojiao (in Chinese: 道滘), one of the 32 towns/districts of Dongguan city. Locating at the city’s “watery region,” it enjoys Guangdong water town’s typical landscapes, convenient transport, and rich custom. Every year since 2010, tens of thousands people drive to Daojiao for its Food & Culture Festival that gathers a bewildering array of delicacies and boisterous activities of traditional Chinese custom. Recent years, Daojiao actively promotes industrial upgrade and innovation-driven development. Its geographical and policy advantages, and business-friendly environment have attract entrepreneurs from home and abroad.


Lying in the middle of Guangzhou-Shenzhen Economic Corridor, Daojiao is about 36 km north of Guangzhou and 90 km south of Hong Kong, serving as an important converge of several important routes in "Guangzhou -Shenzhen one hour life circle." With its geographical advantages, Daojiao acts a significant joint of Guangzhou-Dongguan urban development, the core area of the watery region of Dongguan, and the intersection between Dongguan’s western coastal industrial belt and eastern manufacturing industrial belt. 

Population & Administrative divisions

By 2014, Daojiao has a resident population of 141,700, of which 57,100 are native. The town covers an area of 54 square kilometers and has 13 village committees and 1 neighborhood committee under its jurisdiction.


Daojiao has rich cultural resources. It owns many famous historic and cultural sites, such as Yuehui Garden, Weihuan Tower, and 611 Pavilion. It is also home to many delicacies like porridge, meatballs, rice dumplings and crab sauce. Many Guangdong custom sees good reservation in the town, which includes dragon boat race, floating paper lotus on the river,


In 2014, Daojiao’s GDP totaled about 7.5 billion RMB (among them, primary industry reached 0.1 billion, secondary industry 4 billion, and service sector 3.4 billion), with an increase of 6.4% over the previous year.

By the year, Daojiao’s fixed asset investment has reached about 1.8 billion yuan, increasing by 1.7% from 2013, and its overseas investment utilization seen 30 million dollars , up 17.4%. Its total export was 0.5 billion dollars, growing 2% while its tax revenue totaled 1.4 billion RMB, up 9.4%;

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