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[Group Photos] Shenzhen names top 10 landmarks
Latest Updated by 2005-10-31 14:54:05

SHENZHEN unveiled Saturday (Oct 29th) its top 10 architectural sites, which have great historic significance to the city's development. The result was based on a four-month-long poll, with 200,000 local residents choosing from a total of 138 landmark spots.

The top 10 include Deng Xiaoping's sculpture at the Lotus Hill Park, Diwang Mansion, the bull sculpture, World Trade Tower, Electronics Building, Shanghai Hotel, World Square at Window of the World, Luohu Checkpoint Building, Shenzhen Museum and Shenzhen University.

Initiated by the city's culture bureau, planning bureau, tourism bureau and press group, the activity was meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Economic Zone and is an important part of the campaign to protect local historical and cultural relic. Ever since the establishment of the Shenzhen Economic Zone in 1980, the city has been developing by leaps and bounds. Thousands of high-rises sprung up as a testimony of the city's growth and prosperity, reminding the public what a city has achieved and how many difficulties have been overcome, according to the organizer.

Liang Hongwen, 70, a former professor of Shenzhen University who was involved in the university's start-up project, recalled the years when the campus was being established.

"My husband and I came from Qinghua University to help launch the project in 1983, when I was 45. Many graduates of Qinghua and other famous universities get together to contribute their talents and passion. The average age of the faculty was 37 years old. All of us worked enthusiastically to teach in the daytime while do all the construction designs in the evening. I am really excited that the city has recognized our efforts." Liang said.

The city has also recognized the pioneering endeavors made by builders of other architectures selected. For example, the World Trade Tower, its "building a floor in three days" was defined as the "Shenzhen speed."

Yi Nengquan, deputy chief of the local tourism bureau, said: "These architectures are meaningful to upgrade a city's cultural and historical values. The tourism bureau will promote them as tourist spots."

Organizer said financial subsidies will be allocated to preserve the 10 sites.

Deng Xiaoping's statue at the Lotus Hill Park

The 6-meter-high bronze statue, unveiled Nov. 14, 2000, was the first statue in China to honor the late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, recognized as the chief architect of the opening up of China along with reforms.

Diwang Mansion

Located at No. 5002, Shennan Road East, the 81-floor, 420-meter-high Diwang Mansion is the highest building in Shenzhen and among the top 10 highest buildings in the world.

The building marked many firsts when it was finished in 1996. It was the highest building in Asia and the first all-steel structure in China.


The former municipal government office compound and the pioneering bull sculpture

The former Shenzhen Municipal Government office compound, located at No. 1018 on Shennan Road Central, used to be the commanding center of Shenzhen. The pioneering bull sculpture, placed at the compound entrance in 1984, has long been considered the symbol of Shenzhen's spirit, a city of innovation and reform.

World Trade Tower

When it was finished in December 1985, the World Trade Tower immediately became a symbol of Shenzhen for its amazing construction speed. The 53-floor building was completed in just 14 months, or three days for each floor, a record in the Chinese building history.

The building is also the place where Deng Xiaoping delivered his famous 1992 "South China tour speech" on special economic zones.

Electronics Tower

The Electronics Tower, which was built in August 1982, was the first electronics building in the present Huangqiangbei business area. It boosted the development of Shenzhen's electronics industry, now one of the city's major industries.

Shanghai Hotel

Located on Shennan Road Central, the Shanghai Hotel officially opened in 1985. It was a landmark building during the early period of the development of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, with the area to its east recognized as the urban area and the area to its west the suburb.

World Square at Window of the World

Located in the Overseas Chinese Town, Window of the World is one of the first theme parks in China. The panoramic stage in World Square was finished in 2001, the first such stage in China and the largest in Asia.

To enhance world culture, it integrates world wonders, historical relics, places of interest, and folk dance performances into the garden. The slogan of Window of the world is "give me a day and we will show you a splendid world". Scenic spots in Window of the World are divided in accordance with the Five Continents, forming a magnificent world together with World Square, World Sculptures Garden, International Street, and Jurassic Park. 118 scenic spots are imitated according to different scales.

Luohu Checkpoint Building

Luohu Checkpoint was the first Customs and immigration checkpoint in Shenzhen. Located on the northern bank of Shenzhen River in Huohu District, the new Luohu Checkpoint Building was completed in April 1985. Luohu Checkpoint boasts the heaviest entry and exit traffic of all the overland checkpoints in China, serving as an important gateway connecting the Chinese mainland with Hong Kong.

Shenzhen Museum

Located at No. 1008 on Shennan Road Central, Shenzhen Museum is one of the eight "cultural establishments" in the early 1980s in Shenzhen. Construction started in February 1984 and the museum opened to the public in November 1988. The museum features both traditional and modern architectural styles and was awarded second prize in the design contest for the best public cultural facilities in China. The museum houses local historical and cultural relics and was visited by former Chinese President Jiang Zemin and other Party and State leaders and heads of state from 81 countries.

The main building of Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University was established on May 10, 1983, with the approval of the State Council. It moved from its temporary campus on Jiefang Road to No. 2336, Nanhai Road in September 1984. On the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen University, former Chinese President Jiang Zemin wrote the university's name for inscription.

"My husband and I came from Qinghua University to help launch the new university in 1983. Many graduates of Qinghua and other famous universities got together to contribute their talents and passion. The average age of the faculty was 37.

All of us worked

The city has also recognized the pioneering endeavors by builders. For example, the construction of the World Trade Tower, building a floor on the average of every three days, was defined as "Shenzhen speed."

Yi Nengquan, deputy chief of the local tourism bureau, said: "These architectual examples are important in upgrading a city's cultural and historical values. The tourism bureau will promote them as tourist spots."

Financial subsidies will be allocated to preserve the 10 sites, government officials say.

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