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Jiujiang Bridge collapses after hit by boat -- Rescue work goes on [latest update:9: 00]
Latest Updated by 2007-06-15 11:44:33

[9:00, June 29] A body was retrieved at 11:55 on June 28, when the Salvage workers pulled out the debris of vehicle "Yue B72420", which was found on June 24.

The newly found remains was confirmed to be Song Rui, 22, one of the nine people who went missing after the bridge collapsed. Song Rui was said to be together with his father Song Shulian inside a van when the accident took place. Song the senior remained missing.

So far, a total of eight bodies and all the four vehicles that plunged into Xijiang River have retrieved, Salvage operation is still going on, according to Mo Qi, the head of the rescue team.


[16: 30, June 25] Three bodies and two vehicles which plunged into the river have been pulled from water today (June 25).  At present, all of the four automobiles and seven bodies of the nine people missed in the accident have been founded.

The license numbers of the two trucks are: "Yue J 17175" and "Yue J Y2459", both registered in Jiangmen City. "Yue" is shorthand for Guangdong province.

(Photo: Nanfang Daily)

[9: 00 June 25] Another truck, "", was lifted up from the water at 9: 55 on June 24, no corpse was founded.

[10: 00, June 22] Two corpses are found in a blue container truck, which is falling into the river and lifted up from the water at 9:30 this morning, 20 meters from the collapsed part of the bridge.

[June 21] Tong Xing, vice governor of Guangdong province have inspected the collapsed Jiujiang Bridge and listened to the Jiangmen and Foshan government's report on salvage and bridge repairing on June 21. He urged the work team to provide proper comfort and help to casualties' families and speed up the salvage, bridge repair and their research for the course of the accident and the salvage.


[16: 50, June 20] An accident evaluation meeting is held today in Guangzhou, on which a team of experts agreed that the accident had nothing to do with the quality of the bridge.

They explain that, the design of a max resistance of a 40-ton impact is good enough for a pier not in navigable waterway.

The sand-laden boat sailed out of the routine waterway and hit the bridge with a power much more than 40 tons is the main reason for the bridge's collapse, said the experts.

The piers of the bridge in routine waterway are designed to resist a 1200-ton striking.

[8:50 June 20] None of the missing automobiles are founded in the second day's salvage. Officials from provincial maritime affairs department, engineers and experts are working for methods in next steps' salvage.


[9:00, June 19] Seven floating corpses are founded, including 5 male, 2 female, in which 3 have been confirmed not the missing people of the accident, according to the local public security department.


Zhang Dejiang, Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Committee, have inspected the collapsed bridge site in the early morning of June 17.

A seven-ton electromagnet is to be used to salvage the missing people and vehicles, local maritime affairs department said on Sunday.


[17:40, June 18] The seven-ton electromagnet is used to salvage the missing people and vehicles today. But the salvage is halted by the heavy rain, according to Zhou Wen, vice secretary-general of Foshan municipal Government, Guangdong Province.

[11:50, June 18] Four automobiles and nine people are confirmed missing after a sand-laden boat caused Jiujiang bridge collapse in Guangdong province, according to a press conference held by the Guangdong provincial government.

Zhang Dejiang, Secretary of the CPC Guangdong Committee, have inspected the collapsed bridge site in the early morning of June 17. He urged the related departments to further efforts in rescuing, investigating the cause of the accident, keeping the traffic safe and smooth and repairing the bridge as soon as possible.

Video surveillance cameras shows the four automobiles carrying seven passengers, were registered in Foshan, Guangzhou, Jiangmen and Shenzhen. It also shows there were two workers on the bridge at the time of the collapse, said Deng Genwei, vice mayor of Foshan city, Guangdong Province.

A seven-ton electromagnet is to be used to salvage the missing people and vehicles, local maritime affairs department said on Sunday.

The 9,000-watt magnet, which has an attraction force of 30 tons, arrived at the scene early Sunday evening. Initially it might be used to salvage an object located 900 meters downstream from the site of bridge collapse, reported

Six crew members, including their captain, were detained by maritime police on Sunday after their vessel hit the bridge according to the maritime affairs department


[16:00] Mr. Li Shenglin, Minister of Communications urged the local government to continue rescue effort. At noon, Mr. Huang Huahua, governor of Guangdong province have inspected the collapsed bridge site and gave direction to rescue work.

[14:50] According to Foshan Daily, among the vehicles passing the the bridge toll during 5:08-5:11 this morning, 6 can not be contacted so far. A source reveals two workers of the bridge extention project are missing.


At 5:15 this morning, a sand carrier clashed into a pier of Jiujiang Bridge, causing the middle part of the bridge collapsed and the local transportation departments immediately closed the bridge and started rescue. So far, no casualty or severe injury was reported, and ten men on the carrier were rescued.

The Jiujiang Bridge goes across Pearl River, connecting Foshan and Jiangmen. The collapsed part is about 200 meter. It is unknown that whether there are vehicles falling in the water during the collapse. As the river situation does not allow the divers to go into water for rescue, a rescue ship is now heading to the bridge. will continue to bring you the latest news about the accident.


Traffic Jam on the Jiangmen-Guangzhou highway next to the bridge

(by Wang Dingqiang)

Editor: Yan

By: Wing &
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