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Environmental Protection and Green Way of Life Hailed
Latest Updated by 2005-11-18 09:21:08
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How to promote the circular economy in Guangdong and enhance the public's awareness of conservation and of environmental protection? Leaders from twelve international business giants offer their valuable solutions today on the close-door conference of GDICC 2005 plenary.

Xu Deli, Vice Governor of Guangdong, firstly gave a brief introduction to the ecological environment condition of Guangdong. He said the province has paid great price in the ecological and environmental damage due to the extensive economic growth pattern, the backward method of waste disposal and treatment. The mechanism for environment protection and investment for ecological construction needs to be improved.

The provincial government of Guangdong has attached great importance to the ecological and environment problems and will take a series of strategic measures to build a green Guangdong including:

1. To promote conservation of resources and to utilize resources in a rational and efficient manners.

2. To vigorously draw up environmental protections plans and establish and perfect the legal systems concerning the development of circular economy.

3. To continue the enhancement of comprehensive administration over environmental and ecological construction.

4. To vigorously advocate a green way of life.

Agreeing with Guangdong's determination in developing the circular economy and environmental protection, the Governor's advisors shared their successful efforts in these fields in the following discussion.

DuPont hold the great value from the enterprises' development and management angle to view the sustainable development as the "core value" to the enterprises, which shows the maximum reduction of environmental damage and resource consumption, the social responsibility and morality in thought as the sole capacity to the development.

While Honda, BHP, Marubeni Corporation, Siemens emphasis government's role in environmental protection and put forward the following suggestions:

Government's role

Honda suggested that the province shall design a still-higher standard even the world top-level target for the environmental protection, make a correct guidance to the development for the social and enterprises' benefit.

Marubeni Corporation put forward an idea that the province shall design a blueprint for a balanced macro water pay-roll system and construct secondary water system to build up a cyclic economic growth pattern.

Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft suggest the Guangdong government to formulate legislative body and research target, including the criteria of the discharged wastes and the discharge pollutants shall abide by the nature's limit.

Newer and cleaner energy

According to BHP's report, Guangdong shall use the clean energy to better its environment and optimize the energy format to lower the price risk and strengthen international energy purchase, speed up the pace of the replacement of coal through the utilization of natural gas and nuclear power. To avoid the risk of coal supply, it is high time to enlarge the volume of coal import. And the province shall build up the world's first-rate facilities for a positive evaluation mechanism in the reform of power market.

Other details about the discussion of the three topics include:

>>>Sustainable development of industries: technological innovation and upgrading of Guangdong's industries

>>>Sustainable Development of Society: Education Development and Development of Human Resources

Related link >>> Governors, advisors brainstorm on Guangdong's sustainable development

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