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KFC forced to re-shoot TV advertisement
Latest Updated by 2006-04-21 11:17:01
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KFC forced to re-shoot TV advertisement

The grab of KFC commercial shows three friends prepare for college entrance exams at a KFC restaurant after school. Xiao Dong (L), a diligent student focuses on his study while the two other students seem to enjoy their food.



The boy student in red is still playing and eating KFC food and does not worry about the coming exams.



In the original version, Xiao Dong throws a pillow in frustration after learning that he failed the college entrance exams. This part was cut in the new commercial.


In the new ending, Xiao Dong receives a call from the other two, telling him that "we too received acceptance letters." That implies Xiao Dong has already received an acceptance letter from a university.


KFC withdrew its TV advertisement of "KFC encouragement for students" on April 13 for its contents have angered and even been questioned by some viewers. The new advertisement will be aired on April 18.


The advertisement features a story between three high school students preparing for the National College Entrance Exam. In a KFC restaurant, Xiao Dong, a good student is helping a girl student and a boy student in red with their studies. The boy in red, concentrating on eating foods, is not in mood for study. However, out of everyone's expectation, diligent Xiao Dong fails the entrance exam and the boy in red and the girl are enrolled by universities in Beijing.


When Xiao Dong looks at the sky melancholy, the two friends of his come. The boy holds a Beijing chicken roll in hand, and Xiao Dong picks up a paper plane on the ground. The plane is folded by the chicken roll's packing paper with "come on Xiao Dong" written on it. The two friends encourage Xiao Dong by saying "we are waiting for you in Beijing". Xiao Dong smiles and throws the paper plane into the sky.


TV viewers have expressed their doubts over the TV ad. A netizen published his post titled "KFC TV ad for Beijing chicken roll goes too far" at famous online community Tianya on April 6. This netizen wrote in his post that the hard-working student who doesn't have KFC foods fails the exam while the other two students who are not that diligent have been enrolled by universities merely because they eat KFC foods!


The entry has become the most-clicked article after its appearance on the Internet.


"Isn't it a blow to those diligent students working hard for the National College Entrance Exam? " "Does the advertisement mean that studying hard is less effective than having KFC food for students? " Some shaken with anger left such messages online.


KFC withdrew the TV ad on April 13 after media reported the strong objections of netizens over its advertisement and did some revision to its ending. KFC said their action was simply out of respect for the viewers.


In the new version, the part depicting Xiao Dong's failure has been replaced by the scenes that someone calls Xiao Dong saying they have also been enrolled to universities. The light revision has given the ad a completely different ending: the three friends have all been enrolled by universities.


As of the original plot of the ad, KFC explained that was a sheer "accident".


KFC Shanghai commented on the ad revision that their original purpose is to convey such a theme: KFC is encouraging the youth to face reality positively. No matter success or failure, one cannot lose heart. Unfortunately, some viewers misunderstood the commercial.


Then why the ad is designed to have diligent Xiao Dong failed the exam? KFC explained that such unexpected ending could raise the "watchability", which is a crucial way for literary and artistic creation now, of course including TV advertisement production.


KFC also said that the heroes and heroine in the ad are all the supporters of KFC fast food. Therefore it is very farfetched for netizens to show doubt over the notion that students can go to college as long as they have KFC food. KFC hopes people can take it easy over the literary and artistic creation of various kinds.


Meanwhile, KFC has also extended invitation to netizens for more innovative notions for the advertisement and said some netizens have lent them their unique ideas


Editor: Yan

By: Source: People's Daily website
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