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Chinese, Japanese people should be brothers
Latest Updated by 2006-04-14 15:09:14
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Some Chinese and Japanese civil societies are just like bridges of the communication and exchanges between the people of the two countries. Non-governmental exchanges can also serve as a bridge of communication between the two governments. Given the current harsh political relations between China and Japan, some friendly civil societies set up their immediate goals as seeking for the improvement of the political relationship between the two countries. Their long-term target is to enhance mutual understanding, trust and friendship between the peoples of China and Japan and to devote every effort to fulfill a perpetual amity.

In regard to how to promote Sino-Japan friendship, here I suggest three guiding principles to the peoples of China and Japan and the civil societies of both countries.

The first is to promote mutual trust through cultural exchanges. China and Japan share the history of over 2,000 years for cultural exchanges. Both cultures belong to Oriental civilization system. Both sides have learnt the advanced experience from the Western civilization. There is a proverb in "The Analects of Confucius", "Within the four seas, all men are brothers". If this is an irrefutable truth, both Chinese and Japanese peoples should be close brothers of each other. China and Japan have a very large number of cultural similarities. In such a people-oriented century that stresses people's livelihood, emphasizes innovation and advocates harmony, both Chinese and Japanese people, in the light of the spirit of seeking for common ground while reserving differences, should focus more on the merits of each other so as to improve their own innovative vitality. The main focus of the cultural exchanges between the two countries should be strengthening mutual trust, which is beneficial to both.

The second is to improve political ties through economic cooperation. Economic prosperity is the common pursuit of the peoples of both countries. All the entrepreneurs want to be the winners when they jump into investment. But politicians and social activists take more seriously the balance of interests of two sides. It is quite possible for the two countries to achieve a win-win objective through mutually beneficial cooperation. The economic cooperation between China and Japan should maintain at a certain level. It should not fall down because of political troubles. On the contrary, it can even be used to influence the political dynamics and warm the political arena. We both agree that the increasingly close economic cooperation is the material basis for national relations. We should make joint efforts to safeguard this foundation and should not undermine it in any way.

The third is to strengthen official relations through non-governmental activities. The normalization of Sino-Japan relations has been a major achievement as an example of this. Now, there are some problems occurred in the political relations between the two countries. These problems should and can be resolved through strengthening non-governmental exchanges so as to improve the official relations. Chinese government has always been reasonable and morality-oriented when dealing with Sino-Japan political relationship issues. In April last year, Chinese President Hu Jintao put forward five proposals to improve Sino-Japan relations. Last September, China also reiterated that China's principle to develop Sino-Japan friendship remains unchanged. It was pointed out that emphasizing the history does not mean to continue hatred, but to learn from the history and face the future. Presently, certain Japanese leaders' visit to the Yasukuni Shrine has become a key issue and central problem which cause a serious detriment to the mutual political trust between the two countries. It deserves the priority for settlement. On this premise, in the light of a forward-looking spirit, the Chinese government is willing to, together with Japan, deal with the historical issues and the Taiwan issue, handle the differences and disputes that may arise, enhance and accumulate mutual trust, reduce disputes, and, ultimately resolve the problems. China's civil societies have been holding high this principle in their exchanges and communications with the Japanese societies. We have done a lot of work seeking for the understanding from the Japanese people as well as from more Chinese people so as to gain more support to our efforts in improving Sino-Japan relations.

Comparing with the tortuous road we traversed in past decades, the next 100 years of cooperation and exchange between China and Japan should be able to create a entirely new history that deserves our cherishing.

Editor: Yan

By: Source: People's Daily website
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