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What has Chen Shui-bian abolished?
Latest Updated by 2006-03-03 15:20:12
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What has Chen Shui-bian abolished?
Premier warns of dangerous move by Taiwan authorities
CPPCC supports govt stance on Taiwan issue: spokesman

Under the pressure from various sides Chen Shui-bian had to change the wording of "abolishing the National Unification Council (NUC) and National Unification Guidelines" into "ceasing the function of the 'National Unification Council' (NUC) and the application of the 'National Unification Guidelines'."

Despite such kind of word game, what remains unchanged is the essence of Chen Shui-bian's move to scrap the "Council" and the "Guidelines".

Chen Shui-bian's move met with strong opposition and unanimous condemnation, and aroused great dissatisfaction in the international community because what he has scrapped is not only the "Council" and the "Guidelines". The move completely destroyed his personal creditworthiness.

"Five no's" is a commitment of which Chen Shui-bian has repeatedly assured the public as he reiterated it in 2000, 2004 and 2005. Such an assurance and commitment has won him international acknowledgement.

In his fur-point opinion on developing the cross-Straits relations in the new period put forward on March 4, 2005, General Secretary Hu Jintao called on Chen Shui-bian to "show to the world, through his own concrete action, that this was not an empty word or mere lip service which can be forsaken at will."

But now Chen Shui-bian has completely scrapped his commitment for personal gains, treating his own words as rubbish. For this reason, scrapping the "Council" and the "Guidelines" is actually making it known to all that Chen Shui-bian has no trustworthiness and at the same time the creditworthiness of the Taiwan authorities has been destroyed.

What Chen Shui-bian scrapped is the foundation of the peaceful and stable development of the cross-Straits relations.

"Five no's" as a commitment is a whole that cannot be torn asunder. When the last "no's" is scrapped, the remaining "four no's" is virtually abolished in the meantime. As a matter of fact, Chen Shui-bian no longer repeats the "four no's". What the "five no's" promises is a most basic requirement for Chen Shui-bian not to change the cross-Straits status quo, is the basic requirement for Chen Shui-bian not to pursue "de jure Taiwan independence" as well as one of the most fundamental conditions for cross-Straits peaceful and stable development. Therefore, Chen Shui-bian's abolishing the "NUC" is at the same time revoking the basic condition for the peaceful and stable development of the cross-Straits relations.

What Chen Shui-bian has scrapped are the fundamental interests of the Taiwan compatriots.

For Taiwan compatriots, what is the most urgently needed now is how to advance Taiwan's economy as fast as possible for Taiwan people's living standard to be constantly improved. This requires stableness of politics in Taiwan, harmony of ethnic groups in the society, increasing the feelings and understanding across the Taiwan Straits and ensuring a peaceful development of the cross-Straits relations.

Nevertheless, Chen Shui-bian disregards the fundamental interests of the Taiwan compatriots for his own power and position. Abolishing the "NUC" is only a new start of Chen Shui-bian's walk toward "de jure Taiwan independence". His insane behavior will again ignite fights among political parties on the island, tearing asunder ethnic groups and creating confrontation between the blue and green camps.

Taiwan's political circles will once again focus their attention on political topics such as "constitutional reform" while Taiwan people's livelihood is being marginalized. As Chen Shui-bian keeps defying the one-China principle, the peaceful and stable development of the cross-Straits relations is bound to undergo grave test. While the cross-Straits trade and economic relations have become the chief driving force for the development of Taiwan's economy, unstable cross-Straits relations can only cast shadow over the economic prospects of Taiwan. Taiwan compatriots' confidence will also be severely affected. Ultimately it is the interest of the Taiwan people that will be hurt.

Editor: Yan

By: Source: People's Daily website
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