· Province Name: Guangdong Province
· Capital City: Guangzhou City
· Territory: 179,800 sq. km.
· Population: 104,303,132 (2011)
· Dialects: The main dialects are Guangzhou dialects, Hakka dialects and Chaozhou dialects
Geographic & Weather Conditions
· Location: Guangdong lies in the south of China. It is located at latitude between 20°13' and 25°31' N and longitude between 109°39' and 117°19' E.
· Weather: is warm and rainy all the year round, the average temperature ranges from 19 to 24 centigrade degree, the average annual rainfall is more than 1500 mm, and the rainy season is from April to September.

Yue Culture

Chao-shan Culture

Hakka Culture
· Cuisine: Guangdong cuisine is distinctive, featuring outstanding cooking skills, numerous varieties fine flavours, sights and aromas as well as great ambience and service. Guangdong cuisine has three branches: Guangzhou, Chaozhou and Dongjiang. Guangzhou style is the mainstay of the Guangdong-cuisine family.
· Embroidery: Guangdong embroidery is famous for its rich content, bright colors, vivid patterns, clear threads, and delicate stitches, and use on garments, articles for everyday use, ornaments, pictures, and costumes. Guangdong embroidery falls into four categories: floss embroidery, gold and silver thread embroidery (also known as Panjin embroidery and Dingjin), pearl embroidery, and machine embroidery.
Guangdong Through a Lens
Through a lens, we explore Guangdong, a region with scenic beauty, a place where people are diligent and creative, the south gate of China opening up to the outside world.
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