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Bars and Clubs in Guangzhou
Latest Updated by 2004-07-13 11:50:22

23 Club
Metallic seating, leather sofas, laser lights and loud American country music make for a peculiar ambience, as businessmen chat with each other oblivious to their surroundings - at least until the nightly dance show kicks off at 10.30pm. Daily 8pm-3am.. No cards.. 1/F, Guangdong IEC Tower, 403 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8732 3487)

2nd Floor Club
One of the few clubs where cleverly conceptualised, individually unique KTV rooms actually justify the heady price. McCallan's RMB 980. Unfortunately nothing's happening in the adjacent bar, perhaps due to the so-so cocktails at RMB 45. Daily 8pm-2am.. Local cards.. 2/F Jian Li Bao Plaza, 410 Dongfeng Zhong Lu. (8348 6792, 8348 6592)

50 Cent
50 Cent would give this place no love for two reasons: It's lacking in young females and all the males are belting some of the worst mating calls-cum-karaoke north of the Garden Hotel. Buy one Kampai (RMB 45), get one free. Daily 8pm-6am.. No cards. 228 Hengfu Lu. (8358 3328)

88 Cafe and Club
Inspired by the Philippines, this classy bar includes a relaxing mock-European lodge upstairs with a more Eastern interpretation of Western luxury downstairs in the form of white russians laced with whipped cream (RMB 40). Daily 1-6pm, 7pm-2am.. Local cards.. Overseas Chinese Village, 5 Heping Lu. (8359 4437, 8359 8367)

Africa Bar
Each night, African DJs pirate Caribbean beats shadowed by fluorescent tribal paintings, black lighting and Bob Marley. A popular place to dance (or hide). Draught beer RMB 20. Daily 7pm-2am.. Local cards.. 2/F, Zi Dong Hua Bldg, 707 Dongfeng Dong Lu. (8762 3336, 8776 0543)

If tequila makes you happy go somewhere else. No points for Latino feel but a few for friendliness. Lively band plays music as patrons watch the riverside-girls (and guys) go by. Beers RMB 150/dozen, JD RMB 35. Daily 6pm-2am.. Local cards.. B03, Bai E Tan Lu, Fangcun District. (8155 8173)

B Boss
It's definitely not the 'French' dancers or the unremarkable decor that keep this cabaret-style bar bustling nightly. Must be the band. Daily 8pm till late.. No cards.. 5/F, Ocean Commercial Plaza, 414-416 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8769 5717)

Baby Face
Don't believe the hype. While this small, overcrowded disco is often full of fashionable debutantes, it's mostly flash with little substance. Forget weekend nights as its "members only" policy is strictly enforced. Beer RMB 40. Daily 8pm-2am.. No cards.. 83 Changdi Da Ma Lu. (8335 5771)

Blue Note
Louis Armstrong on jazz: "If you have to ask what it is, you'll never know." Of course he also said, "Bebop is Chinese music." A couple of things to ponder at arguably the best jazz bar in the city. Live music every Thu-Sat. Daily 7.30pm-2am.. No cards. G/F, 165 Taojin Lu, opposite 7-11. (8359 3384)

Cave Bar
From Mexican American to Jamaican to whatever, this bar is suffering from an identity crisis. Friendly enough service though, with foosball and billiards in the back. Pop dance music and live dancers every night at 10. Happy hour 6-9.30pm daily including buy-1-get-1-free draught beer at RMB 25. Sweet-toothed ladies should try the 'Rachel,' coined after the manager. Daily 7pm-2am.. No cards.. B/F, Zhujiang Bldg, 360 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8386 3660)

Cheers Pub
Probably not a place where everybody knows your name seeing as there's no pub here. Plenty of well-equipped KTV rooms though, at RMB 980/all inclusive. Daily 8pm-2am. Local cards.. 3/F, Xiang Long Garden, 175-181 Tianhe Bei Lu, behind Tianhe Sports Stadium. (8525 0582)
China Box
Black leather cushioned walls, TVs, pseudo-jail bars and house-pumping DJ next to a small dancefloor. The second level mellows out with sofas and live music. Regular prices. Buy 6 bottles get 3 free every night until 10pm. And don't worry, you can check yourself in and out at will. Daily 8pm-2am.. No cards.. Overseas Chinese Village, 3 Heping Lu. (8359 6868)

City Bar
The scroll menu is just part of the quasi-medieval theme in this spacious mall venue. Garden seating if you're lucky. Beers reasonably priced at RMB 25 (0.5l) or try a pail at RMB 138 (2.5l). Not a bad place to watch a game. Daily 10.30am-2am.. Local cards. Wing C, Tianhe Grand City Plaza, behind Teem Plaza, Tianhe Lu. (8759 3177)

CK Bar
Although fragrances and famished models are not on the menu, the CK Bar does serve up pricey drinks with a fashionable dose of pretension. A small stage with a flat-screen TV provides a backdrop for some of the hottest dancing you'll see this side of the Sunset Strip. A special 'glass bar' takes up the back and seats 10 people for RMB 680, but book this spot in advance. Drinks are pricey with beer at RMB 480 a dozen. The bar plays an eclectic mix of pop, funk and hip hop and attracts a typical white-collar crowd. Daily 7.30pm-3.30am.. Local cards.. 3/F, Xinguang Hui Shang Wu Dasha, 3 Beijing Nan Lu. (8326 4673)

Club Martin
More Dean Martin than Ricky Martin. Black, sophisticated setting with illuminated red decor. JD RMB 380/bottle. Daily 8pm-2am.. No cards. 2/F, 183 Yanjiang Lu. (8333 5323)

Club Tang
Fancy rendezvous spot for a footloose crowd. Live band and DJ draw locals and foreigners alike. Beers from RMB 40/glass, JD RMB 48. Daily 9pm-late.. Local cards. 1 Jianshe Liu Ma Lu. (8384 1638)

Club Tokio
Modern Japanese decor is never complete without a touch of the bizarre. Here it's in the form of large plastic bubbles hanging from the ceiling. Good for a chat if you can shout above the DJ. Cocktails RMB 40, JD RMB 45. Daily 6pm-2am.. All cards.. No 8 Bldg, Hotel Canton, 374 Beijing Lu. (8333 3425)

Bustling neighbour Baby Face isn't too much of a threat to this bustling bar. Crowds lurch together with charm and smarm every night as local singers and dancers take the stage at 10.30pm. KTV rooms (RMB 480-1,300). Reservations are suggested. Daily 8.30pm-3.30am. Local cards.. 2/F, 83 Changdi Da Ma Lu. (8333 9876)

Deep Anger Music Power House
A large Gothic church setting complete with skeleton crucifixes, soft rock music and posters. If you're not such a bat out of hell, there's KTV too. Beers from RMB 35. Daily 8pm-2am.. All cards.. 183 Yanjiang Lu. (8317 7158)

DMS Club (Do Mi So)
DMS targets local artists and dancers with its mix of American pop and modern decor. Someone with a creative touch clearly had an influence on the design of this cool club. Beers are reasonably priced around RMB 30-40 per bottle. Other drinks run RMB 20-40. Don't miss the live dance shows on weekends at this hip new venue. Daily 8.30pm-2am.. Local cards. 34 Shuiyin Heng Lu, Tianhe. (8704 7289)

E.T. Space
Like a theme park ride, a waving ET welcomes you inside this huge replica of outer space with extravagant extraterrestrials, DJ and dancefloor. Beers around RMB 35/bottle. Daily 7.30pm-2am, showtime 10.15pm.. All cards. 3/F, 183 Yanjiang Lu, near the Pearl River. (8339 6088, 8339 7088)

Elephant & Castle
Iinteractive pool, darts and foosball, passive football and rugby. Pub-style seating in and out. You get what you expect, but check your change. Happy hour (half price) 5-8pm. Daily 5pm-2am. All cards. 363 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8359 3309)

F4 Bar
Funky, functional fun. Full to the brim with locals drinking, dice-playing and fruit-eating to the DJ's beats. Cocktails around RMB 30. Daily 8pm-5am.. No cards. 1/F, TP Plaza, 109 Liuhua Lu. (8666 8070)

Face Club
Down the game show-esque staircase, along the winding distorted-mirror walk, you arrive at a maze of not-so-interesting KTV rooms. Rooms start at RMB 380. Daily 8pm-2am (karaoke all night).. All cards. B/F, Int'l Bank Tower, 191 Dongfeng Xi Lu. (8135 1338)

Flash Bar
Flash, ah aah Yet this bog-standard bar is no saviour of the universe. Flash in an over-exuberant neon sense only. Beers from RMB 30, JD RMB 35. Daily 7pm-2am.. No cards.. Overseas Chinese Village, 2 Guangming Lu. (8732 6212)

As clubs go in Guangzhou, this is the Daddy. Big, brash, booming, it oozes confidence and attracts a mixed crowd. Beers go for RMB 150 for six. Daily 8pm-2am. All cards. 5/F, GITIC Riverside, 298 Yanjiang Zhong Lu. (8386 3333)

Gipsy King
RMB 30 (including a drink) to enter Guangzhou's favourite meat market. Int'l dancers, music and clientele attract lots of local ladies. Beers from RMB 30. Daily 8pm-2am.. No cards. B/F, West Tower, Zhujiang Bldg, 360 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8387 5177)

Gold Mango
Not as exotic as its name. Sports theme, drinking centres around the bar and TVs. Patio and BBQ food. Beers from RMB 18 (small). Happy hour 5-8pm. Daily 4:30pm-2am. No cards. 361 Huan Shi Dong Lu, across from The Garden Hotel. (8359 7564)

Golden Times
Golden revolving chandelier balls add sparkle to your golden times as you chant those KTV golden oldies in the refined lounge, or your own room from RMB 680. Daily 8pm-2am. All cards. Jin Yi Bldg, 248 Hengfu Lu. (8358 0600)

Golf Club
Elaborately decorated former mini-golf course with club in the middle. Go in to dance and stay out to chill (sometimes literally). Prices are suspiciously elusive. Daily 9pm-2am. Local cards and Visa.. North Gate of Yuexiu Park, Huanshi Zhong Lu. (8666 6708)

Hill Bar
Happy hour (2-for-1 drinks, noon-8pm) is cheap as chips, but chips aren't as cheap as happy hour. All American, foreigner-packed bar and diner. Beers from RMB 26. Daily 11am-2am. No cards. 367 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8359 0206)

Hollywood East
Recently redecorated along its original lines, which, if you could work them out, were made up of more themes than a Walt Disney medley. Yet still the place lacks magic. The RMB 10 entrance cover is not much but you will wonder why you paid it. At least the seats are comfy. Regular live band that is enthusiastic about its sets. Drink prices a bit high. Daily 8pm-2am. No cards. Inside Dong Jun Plaza, 836 Dongfeng Dong Lu. (8765 1867)

House Disco
Shake your booty on the laser-lively dancefloor. Beers RMB 200/dozen. Daily 8pm-2am.. All cards. 5/F, Liwan Plaza, Changshou Lu. (8139 1118)

Nothing special here - a pink and silver Chinese bar with fruit platters and all. Live singing and dancing weekends around 10pm. Buy 12 beers at RMB 150, get 6 free. Daily 2pm-2am.. No cards.. G/F, Ke Yi Ming Ting, 303 Baogang Da Dao. (8439 2301)

JJ's Bar
Jolly and jaunty bar with a small dancefloor for jiggles and jives and tables for jabbering. Popular with foreigners stumbling up from Sportsman's below. Beers around RMB 35. Daily 7pm-2am. No cards.. 28 Taojin Jie. (8357 7017)

Kama Club
Modern and quirky. Live shows and glass floors can provide hours of entertainment. Local and foreign crowd emit a friendly karma helped by good prices. Beers RMB 40 for four. Daily 9am-2am. All cards.. Jinyi Tower, 248 Hengfu Lu. (8358 5115)

King Bar
Spinning records and cocktails add to the laser frenzy surrounded by beaded booths. Small but popular with local youths. Daily 8pm-3am.. No cards.. Hua Shan Hotel, 420 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8776 3863 ext 6108, 6109)
Tiger-print fabric meets Sistine Chapel and, with a touch of tinsel, the amalgamation is a friendly one. The cosy lounge leads to a KTV room for around RMB 580. Beers from RMB 35. Daily 8pm-2am. Local cards.. 113 Changdi Da Ma Lu. (8186 6382, 8186 6316)

La Fite Bar
Dressed up to the cabaret camp nines but sadly gets less than 9/10 for popularity despite DJ, band, dancers and over-friendly bar staff. Beers from RMB 35. Daily 8pm-late. No cards. Unit 1, 1/F, Section B, 2 Bai E Tan Bar Street, Fangcun District. (8159 4570, 8831 1745)

La Wate Bar
Red diner-like booths provide seating in this non-spectacular bar set apart only by the enticing view over the river. Beers RMB 35, JD RMB 40. Daily 7pm-2am.. Local cards.. 2/F, 183 Yanjiang Lu. (8339 5961)

Lotus Pond Bar
Top dollar in more ways than one with clientele, atmosphere and prices all fitting the bill. Light, airy and filled with sofas. Cappuccino RMB 43, beers RMB 49. Daily 9am-1am. All cards. 1/F, Garden Hotel, 368 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8333 8989 ext 3191)

Magic Colours
Earthy, comfy, moody. Well-ventilated to the point that your cocoa forms a skin. Cappuccino RMB 35, spirits from RMB 30. Fear not, cake only RMB 20. Daily 8pm-3am. No cards. 3/F West Tower, Zhujiang Bldg, 358 Huanshi Dong. (8385 6230)

Music Bar
This bar, in The Foreign Businessmen's Club, generously admits women and locals too, although the clientele in its Arabic-themed piano lounge reinforces the name of its host. British high tea RMB 48, beers from RMB 42/bottle. Daily 9am-1am.. All cards.. 1/F, Foreign Businessmen's Club, 293 Guangzhou Da Dao Zhong. (8737 1288 ext 3820)

New Era
Like a multicoloured lollipop, this bar boasts five storeys offering an assortment of flavours. The basement plays modern dance beats with hip hop on the first floor. Chill in the second-floor pink lounge or follow the staircase up to the karaoke levels. Cocktails RMB 40, beer is an expensive RMB 45. Daily 8pm-late.. No cards.. 2 Zhongshan San Lu. (8381 3327)

No 1. Quay Club
Fairly large first-floor club with tasteful interior and lighting. The seating is ample around the bar and in the darker recesses. Music ranges from soft rock to hard house, depending on the time. Drinks available from around RMB 30 for a local beer and a dozen for RMB 260. Daily 7.30pm-3am.. Local cards.. 61 Yanjiang Xi Lu.. (8101 3989)
Otto Club
What seems like a classy club on the outside, complete with stone fountain and Victorian park benches, disappoints on the inside. The bar area feels more like a surgery and it might as well be because business is usually dead. Karaoke rooms run from RMB 480-1,680. Tsing Tao, Bud and Heineken at RMB 45 a pop or RMB 300 a dozen. Daily 8.30pm-2am.. Local cards.. 1/F, Building A, Taojin Garden, 98 Hengfu Lu. (8349 2503)

Party World
With more than 100 rooms equipped with top of the line video and audio equipment, Party World is a KTV mecca. Escalators in the hotel-like lobby whisk patrons up to the second and third floors which each have an open buffet. Service is impeccable. Peak Fri and Sat night prices run at a hefty RMB 175/hour for a small room and RMB 245/hour for large parties. Be sure to book in advance. Daily 7am-2am.. Local cards. 1/F, Huihua Commercial Plaza, 80 Xianlie Zhong Lu. (3761 9333)
Peace Road Music Bar and Restaurant

Something for everyone. Fake grass illuminated by copious lanterns surrounds a typically loud, black-clad bar surrounded by a European wicker cafe-esque seating area. Happy hour 9pm-12.30am. Daily 6pm-2am. No cards. Overseas Chinese Village, 2 Heping Lu, beside the Holiday Inn. (8358 1720)
Pure Drop
Pure drops of colour splash the dancefloor in an otherwise dark dance bar. They entice alcohol fans with a larger-than-life inflatable JD bottle and regular special offers. JD RMB 400/bottle including coke. Daily 8pm-3am.. No cards.. 338 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8385 5762)
Q-Club Cafe Lounge

A heartfelt "Welcome to Q-Club!" is waiting for you. The hostess dramatically pulls back the curtain to reveal a stylish and intriguing little club. The ground-floor bar holds talented bottle-twirling cocktail makers. VIP rooms and 'Japanese-style' drinking areas on the second floor. Even the bathroom is stylish and well worth a visit. Bottled Corona and other beers from RMB 20. Daily 9pm-2am. Show begins 9.30pm.. No cards. Unit F88A, 183 Yanjiang Xi Lu. (8339 2119)

Rich's club
Nothing distinct as far as performances or decor, yet it retains a smoky club vibe that keeps regulars coming. Beers and cocktails start at RMB 38. Daily 7.30pm-2am.. No cards. 3/F, Xin Zhong Yuan Bldg, 313 Yanjiang Zhong Lu. (8365 3156, 8365 3155)

Sands Bar
A dark proletarian bar with touches of pop art. Forget liquor and the uncomfortable wooden chairs on the first floor. Drink beer and grab a wicker seat upstairs to enjoy live music nightly from 10pm-midnight. A dozen Tsing Tao beers at RMB 100. Daily 7.30pm-2am.. No cards.. 78 Tiyu Dong Lu. (139 2607 9199)

Shui Bian Bar
A traditional Chinese buoy in a city drowning in neon-soaked faux-Western bars. Natural woods festooned with unique art. Jimmied chicken eggs? Outstanding! Try the yellow rice wine too. Occasional performances. Minimum RMB 75 per table on weekends. Daily 6pm-2am. No cards. Rm 102, Blk 15, Ji Nan Hua Yuan, Shipai Dong Lu. (3889 9695)

Solo Bar
By no means luxurious, but one of the best bets for local music. It is dominated by heavy metal, but other genres infiltrate sporadically. Bottled beers from RMB 20. Daily 8pm-3am. No cards.. 420 Huanshi Dong Lu.. (8769 5229)

The Mansion
Someone with some serious cash created this classy club. The Mansion is appropriately named - a private residence-like space that can be rented out for private parties. The three floors have distinctive characters, each level with a different theme. The first floor is a mini club with a patio that leads out to the garden. The second floor boudoir with VIP room (RMB 1,800) contains a bed and personalised dancing spot, for more intimate encounters. The third floor is an art gallery that also features a very inartistic projection TV. Come to the mansion to escape the confines of your dingy apartment. Extensive wine list, beer RMB 48, cocktails RMB 68-80. Daily 3pm-2am.. Local cards. 11 Xinqing Lu, near Ba Yi Middle School. (8761 9950)

The Place
Long-standing member of the Heping Lu crowd and is still going strong. The club is dimly lit with stylish touches. Bassy dance tunes fill the ground floor while upstairs is a more ambient affair. Live band performing nightly from 10.30pm. Drinks start from around RMB 30, with a wide variety available. Daily 7.30pm-2am. No cards. Overseas Chinese Village, 4 Heping Lu. (8357 5833, 8357 8406)

Wave Bar
Consistent pop dance hits and great service make this a popular place to dance and drink. Live singers take your requests upstairs. Cocktails RMB 35. Beer RMB 30. Daily 7pm-2am.. No cards.. 6 Heping Lu, Overseas Chinese Village, Huanshi Dong Lu, near Holiday Inn. (8349 4568)

Xi Gong
Take a step back (upstairs) from the heat of Baby Face and chill out to funkier beats. Prices as per Baby Face. Daily 8pm-2am. 147 Yanjiang Xi Lu. (8335 5771)

Ye Ying
Huge, circus-like seating encourages interactive song and dance led by a different drummer from the rest of Yanjiang Lu. A place to see and not be seen. Beer RMB 35. Daily 7.30pm-3am. 153 Yanjiang Xi Lu. (8319 0567)

Yes Disco
Beam into this slick starship and be impressed by out-of-this-world size and cleanliness, not to mention prices. Beer RMB 40. Daily 8.30pm-2am.. All cards. 2/F, Liuhua Square, 132 Dongfeng Xi Lu. (8136 8688, Chinese; 8136 6154, English)

York Kii Men Dao
With fish swimming on the ceiling, and within the tables, the chic decor at this place makes for a crazy cup of coffee. The place is quiet, but that might have something to do with its location in abandoned Times Square. A good place to take a break from buying stuff, this coffee shop serves up a mean cup o' joe and some tasty cookies. The menu is simple, with coffee from RMB 22, and decaf for those with shopping buzz is RMB 28. Herbal, milk and health teas priced from RMB 18 to 28. Soft drink RMB15. Daily 9am to 9pm.. No cards. 4/F, C section, Times Square, Tianhe Bei Lu. (3882 1032)


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