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Boundless variety on offer at Japan Fusion
Latest Updated by 2004-09-07 09:04:02

Can you imagine a Japanese restaurant that offers fried pork with ginger rice starting at 10 yuan (about US$1) in a pleasant environment with an artificial waterfall and a tranquil view of bamboo?

With a great variety in its 10-yuan set menu, the newly opened Japan Fusion next to Diwang Mansion has already enticed young customers and white-collar workers.

"You can also try iced lemon juice with sparkling water and honey for just three yuan and grapefruit tea with lemon pulp ice cream for five yuan," said Liang Ligang, general manager of the restaurant.

Liang said providing a budget set meal and beverage is one of their strategies: "People's first impression of Japanese food is that it is expensive, but we want to change it to be more affordable."

Nevertheless, Japan Fusion's customers can still enjoy deluxe sashimi with selected raw tuna, salmon, prawn, shellfish, sea urchin and octopus for 2,000 yuan with luxury white wine imported from Bordeaux.

According to Liang, the restaurant tries to bring customers a feeling of a supermarket, where you can taste all different kinds of Japanese cuisine. "This place is different from other traditional Japanese restaurants which specialize in one or two types of food, such as sashimi, sushi, noodles, hot pot or teppanyaki steaks. We offer the whole range of Japanese cuisine," said Liang.

Covering 6,000 square meters, Japan Fusion is vast. In all, it has 2,500 seats and 130 dining rooms. Its 22-meter-long teppanyaki board enables customers to watch and appreciate chefs preparing steaks in front of them.

If you are a steak maniac, don't miss the restaurant's Kobe prime rib steak, which costs 1,380 yuan per serving. To keep the meat as fresh as possible, the restaurant has to import Kobe beef several times a week from Japan. Kobe is a city near Tokyo, but the term "Kobe beef" describes a manner of raising cattle rather than the origin of the cattle. To raise beef in the Kobe tradition involves pampering the cattle as much as possible. This means giving the cattle a special diet, which includes beer, as well as playing them music and giving them massages.

Fresh Kobe beef has natural cream-colored fat and bright red meat. Meat from the rib section tends to be tender and well marbled with fat, which bastes the meat as it is cooked and makes it juicy. Served with fried onions and a baked potato, a well-done Kobe prime rib steak is usually pink at the center and has a buttery texture. With a special Japanese-style brown sauce, the paper-thin steak is tender beneath its blackened coating. The meat's juices ooze with each cut of the knife.

If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you could try "basashi" for 188 yuan, which are raw slices of horsemeat and taste like raw tuna. Raw horsemeat usually turns into a vivid cherry color when cut and exposed to air. Compared with beef and pork, horsemeat generally contains less fat, and more protein, iron and glycogen, which is ideal for health-conscious people. With its soft and marble texture, horse sashimi is a special and notable dish in Japan.

If you are not going for a business banquet but for something to eat with family members, you can still find simple Japanese food like beef noodles, salmon sushi with crab roe topping, vegetable dumplings or roast oysters with white sauce.

During its trial operation period, the restaurant is offering a 20 percent discount to all customers.

Editor: Donald

By: Source:szdaily
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