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Foods that cannot be taken on an empty stomach
Latest Updated by 2003-04-03 15:15:40

It is said that a hungry person is not picky. When one's hungry one eats what there is. However, some kinds of foods, if taken on an empty stomach, can be harmful to you health.

Bananas: Bananas contain lots of magnesium. Eating a banana on an empty stomach results in a sudden increase of magnesium in blood. This can harm the body by destroying the balance between the calcium and magnesium in the blood and interfering with the way the heart works.

Garlic: Garlic contains allicin, which, if taken on an empty stomach, will irritate the gastric mucous membrane and the intestine wall, causing stomach convulsions, gastralgia and indigestion.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are rich in pectin, persimmon acid and dissoluble astringent elements, which, if taken on an empty stomach, can easily cause a chemical reaction with gastric juices, and create indissoluble substances that cause stomachaches.

Oranges: Oranges contain plenty of organic acid. Eating oranges on an empty stomach may cause vomiting and gas.

Refrigerated foods: Some people take in a large volume of cold drinks on an empty stomach after sports. This may stimulate the intestines as well as the heart and cause sudden convulsions.

As time passes it can result in endocrinopathy and menstrual disturbance in women.

 Sugar: According to research by British scientists, sugar taken on an empty stomach will increase the blood sugar level and destroy the acid-base equilibrium of the organism and the balance of conducive microbes in our bodies.

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