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Deng Clan's Ancestor Worship in Meizhou
Latest Updated by 2005-04-05 18:36:23

Thousands of "Deng" Clan members from home and abroad gathered in Songkou Town, Meixian County of Meizhou City on Sunday (April 3) to worship their common ancestor Tai Yi Gong, the first man in their family who settled down in Guangdong hundreds of years ago.

The custom, which often takes place on 25th day of the second lunar month, has a history of over 800 years, source with South Metropolitan Daily.

According to the members of Deng clan, Tai Yi Gong, originally named ZhiZhai Deng, won the "Jinshi" (a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations) degree in the Southern Song Period of Ancient China and came with his clansmen to Guangdong from Henan Province to begin his career in Songkou Town.

The worship has been organized in turn by members of the clan in Meixian County, Dapu County, Xingning County, Wuhua County in Meizhou City and Zijin County in Heyuan City since 1991.

About the city:
Meizhou is the hometown for the 4.6 million Hakka living in Taiwan. With an ancient name of Jiaying, it has a history of one thousand years and been closely tied with Taiwan in the aspects of history and culture. There are many relics such as Renjinglu Cottage, One-Thousand-Year Pagoda and Lingguang Temple. Many famous historical figures such as outstanding educator Huang Zunxian in The Qing Dynasty, late patriotic poet and soldier Qiu Fengjia and promoter of western civilization Ding Richang were all from Meizhou. Meizhou is also a well-known overseas Chinese hometown with about 3 million overseas Chinese scattered in about 60 countries and regions.

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By:Wang Shujun
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