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[Shenzhen] Eight blood donors aid man in his 80s
Latest Updated by 2007-04-06 11:02:36

WANG ZIFU, an 86-year-old man, lay quietly on a hospital bed as he received a blood transfusion at Bao'an People's Hospital, Shenzhen last week. Just a day before, Li Dacheng, a member of the Shenzhen Blood Center staff, had donated blood for Wang's treatment.

Wang has received nearly 30 blood transfusions since March 1 last year after he was diagnosed as suffering from a rare blood disease, which requires regular transfusions of red blood cells and blood platelets. Eight young people in Shenzhen, who barely know Wang at all, have since taken it in turn to donate blood.

Together with doctors and nurses in the hospital involved in Wang's treatment, as well as those who have contacted donors, taken blood, checked, analyzed and transported the donations, more than 60 people now make up a special group protecting Wang's life.

Back in April 2005, Wang was a healthy and happy farmer, tilling land and sometimes chopping trees on his own. But several months later, Wang began to suffer bleeding gums and other symptoms. His son brought him to Shenzhen for treatment and was told that he had contracted myeloproliferative disorder syndrome - a disease that makes the sufferer's bone marrow unable to produce platelets and red blood cells.

The only treatment is regular blood transfusions. However, normal transfusion methods turned out to be of no avail several months later when his immune system rejected the transfused platelets. The only way was to find platelets that were compatible with Wang's body.

When the family went to the Shenzhen Blood Center for help last February, the doctors there found 23 donors' platelet samples that matched his bone marrow and eight compatible blood donors.

The eight, including three staff members of the blood center, all expressed their wish to donate blood any time Wang needed. Wang received the first donation from a young man named Duan Shaoqui on March 1, 2006. From that day on, Wang's life took a turn for the better.

Blood donors and staff members in the blood center are on call at all times, weekends and holidays, whenever Wang needs transfusions. Among the eight donors, Zhou Jianhua, a staff member of the Shenzhen Blood Center in her 50s, has donated eight times. Qiu Feng, an employee at Shenzhen Yizhi Medicine, and Li Dacheng, staff member of the blood center, have each donated five times.

It is no coincidence that three of the eight donors are from the Shenzhen Blood Center. Of the center's 100-plus staff members, more than 90 have registered as donors.

Beside the voluntary donors and the blood center, the family is also deeply indebted towards the hospital. Wang has been hospitalized more than 30 times in the past 18 months, the most frequent patient Bao'an People's Hospital has ever admitted. Wang has received the most satisfactory nursing and care in the hospital, said Wang's family. To their relief, they say the doctors have never prescribed any unnecessary medicine or health products that would only increase the family's financial burden.

Editor: Wing

By:Sally Wang Source:Szdaily web edition
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