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Guangzhou Baiyun to buy airport assets
Latest Updated by 2006-12-07 09:35:10

GUANGZHOU Baiyun International Airport Co. said yesterday (Dec 6) it would issue shares through private placement to buy 2.03 billion yuan (US$256 million) worth of assets from its parent company.


Under the agreement, Baiyun would acquire two runways, taxi strips and an aircraft parking area at the Baiyun airport in Guangzhou, from Guangdong Airport Management Corp., the company said in a statement.


Following the proposed acquisition, Baiyun International would own all of the core aviation-related assets at Baiyun airport, increasing the listed company's share of revenue from the airport, the statement said.


The Securities Times, citing unnamed company sources, said Guangzhou Baiyun planned to issue no more than 150 million A shares at a minimum of 7.09 yuan each, and the parent company would take up at least 90 percent of the share placement.


"The company's fundamentals are quite good, so now we see its shares catching up after the suspension,"said stock market analyst Zhou Lin at Huatai Securities.


The planned acquisition is aimed at improving Guangzhou Baiyun's  core business and reducing connected transactions with its parent, the paper said.


Shanghai International Airport Co. said last month that it was also considering a group listing, but has yet to decide the timetable and other details.


"If the local audience want it, we will perform longer hours," Guo said. In a recent show in Beijing to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Deyun Society, his show lasted until 3 a.m. as the audience repeatedly demanded encores.


Those who did not know him thought Guo had become famous overnight. In fact, the comedian had spent 10 years performing in Beijing, and was virtually unknown in other parts of the country.


"We've won the heart of the audience because we always have them in our hearts. Our audience included pregnant women, blind people, a fan who drove all the way from Zhuhai to Beijing, and a 96-year-old man who watched our show to celebrate his birthday,"Guo said.


"I am not a superman, it's the charm of traditional Chinese stand-up comedy that still has charm for the audience. What I do is to have the audience on my mind and perform in a way they want it. They pay for my show and I have due respect for them."


Some people have criticized Guo for a"lack of social concern and telling low jokes."


In response, the comedian said the basic function of comedy is to cheer up people.


"From the very beginning, stand-up comedy is not an art targeting an audience of elites. You don't expect to learn lessons from a comedy, do you? Comedy makes people laugh, and that's it. Some believe people can become good Samaritans after watching a comedy show, I doubt it. Why some comedians are not welcome among the audience? They are trying to teach lessons in their show, but forget the very basics: to make people laugh.


"It's like introducing a boyfriend to some girl. The basic criteria should be he is a man and he is healthy in body and psyche. It would be better if he can cook and is willing to do housework. But primarily, he needs to be a healthy man,"he said.


According to many people, Guo's arrival on the scene has revived the hitherto dying art of traditional stand-up comedy and has ensured that it will be around for at least 50 more years. The comedian said there is no clear division between traditional stand-up comedy and modern comedy.


"Unlike a dish, you can say it's old because it's cooked 10 years ago. I acknowledge that stand-up comedies are not very popular among the young audience. But I believe in its value. People will like it if we comedians work all the time with the audience on our minds. Who wouldn't want a laugh?"


Since last year, Deyun Society has been investing in a database of recordings of traditional Chinese comedy."We've found a dozen senior stand-up comedians, who each have their own expertise comedies unknown to the common audience, and are recording their shows. When they cannot do it themselves, members of Deyun Society will perform under their guidance for the recordings.


"It's a shame if we let the comedies die with their performers, in 15 years'time perhaps,"Guo said.


He also revealed that Deyun Society is shooting a 25-episode TV drama about comedians in the 1930s, which will also reflect the history of stand-up comedy in China.


Former CCTV sports commentator Huang Jianxiang recently performed with Deyun Society in Beijing. Guo, a close friend of Huang, said Huang has a comedic gift.


Guo's pupils withdrew from the third CCTV stand-up comedy competition recently, sparking a controversy."I think my pupils are far better than the other contestants and want to protect them from the possibility of being hurt by an unfair jury.


"But by saying this, I don't mean that this specific competition is unfair,"he said.


As to rumors that Guo will perform at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, he dismissed them as groundless."Let them find the suitable people,"he said,"I will not lower my standards to fit in their shoes."


Guo has five pupils, aged between 1 and 26. His criteria for taking them in, in his words, is a love for the art and less zeal for fame or wealth.


Editor: Wing

By: Source:Szdaily web edition
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