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[Cyber life] A Black cab driver's blog heat in the hot seat
Latest Updated by 2006-09-26 09:12:25

A dialogue between two social classes nicknamed a "fresh sample of social rupture" has attracted attention online recently.


"If an individual's impoverished life has to be financed by others, such as society and government, he or she doesn't deserve to live in the world. There are so thousands of ways to make a living, why do you put other people's safety at risk for a quick buck?


"An individual's life is closely related to his or her country, area and economic standing. Though there are thousands ways of making a living, I have limited choices due to my abilities, but I don't think it's a despicable job to be a black cab driver."


This is the dialogue between a postgraduate of Renmin University and a moto driver, considered to be a "black cab" in China.


The blog of a 48 year-old black cab driver, Chen Hong, in Changsha, Hunan province, has no racy material, stripteases, or love story in its content. However, it has already welcomed 150,000 visits within two months, an average of 5,000 clicks every day. That high click figure is hard to reach even for some celebrities.


"The blog is just about the confession of a black cab driver with more than 30 years experience talking about housing prices, reforms and officials and ordinary people from the point of view of a laid-off worker," said Chen.


The post called "Confession of a Moto Driver" and a reply from a postgraduate of Renmin University brought Chen to the public's attention.


In the article, Chen wrote, "After ten years of hard work, some become the elite of society, but due to inferior education and age, we have become the fringes of society-the illegal operator or black cab driver. I don't want to work illegally, but I have no choice. Some say a harmonious society has to guarantee every one's right of living, but for someone like me, who has lost his livelihood, what can I do?"


A postgraduate of Renmin University, Guo Feng, who claims to be 52 and a former soldier and worker, entered Renmin university in 1978 through his own hard work. He now doesn't have to worry about losing his job. Guo replied to Chen's posting: "I don't agree with you. The country and government are not obliged to take care of our generation. We both stood at the same starting line, but the results turned out differently. I think you should find out the reasons yourself. Driving a black cab is dangerous for passengers and yourself. You have to adapt yourself to society changing."


The reply aroused fierce debate among Internet users, most of whom sided with Chen. Three days later, Chen struck back, pitting the two social classes against each other and quoting Arthur Lewis' view that "the more limitations there are on social jobs, the more pressure and instability society will have." He also said there is a huge gap between the elite and ordinary people, which is affecting society now.


An Internet user nicknamed Yi Shen also composed a post saying, "Even though Chen Hong is only a middle school graduate, he is teaching a Renmin University postgraduate a lesson. Chen should be a professor at Renmin University, while Guo should get some life experience as a black cab driver.


"Though some of what Guo said does make sense, through Chen, who came from the bottom of society, he condemned Chen's immorality simply because he is successful. We see a rupture in the growing gap between the elite and ordinary people, and how the elite are widening the gap."


Many Internet users have a high opinion of Chen, saying from the description, people see a portrait the sun couldn't reach.


Editor: Wing

By: Source:CRI web edition
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