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Leon Lai on himself and Infernal Affairs III
Latest Updated by 2003-12-10 11:01:33

Before Hong Kong film Infernal Affairs III is screened in Hong Kong and Shenzhen simultaneously beginning on Friday (Dec. 12), Leon Lai, 37, who starred in the film, talked to a reporter about the movie and himself.

Question: What prompted you to star in the movie?

Lai: I wanted to learn something that I have not learned in a big environment and in a big family. Working on the movie was a good opportunity to do so.

Q: What was your feeling after you read the script the first time?

L: I found something of a breakthrough in making a police-scoundrel film. There was something new in the script. It was not in the least old-fashioned.

Q: How do you look at the character of Yang (the role Lai plays)

L: He is actually a senior policeman. He will use whatever means he has to serve his end without going beyond the limit. To play this guy, I had to keep a good balance between too much exaggeration and too much reality. He is guy wavering between right and wrong.

Q: How do you face right and wrong?

L: These are two elements that can influence people. If "wrong" can move people, people will feel sympathic with it. On the other hand, if there is too much "right" in a film, it isn't very interesting.

Q: How do you look at the role of destiny in the film?

L: Destiny is unpredictable. No matter what your destiny will be, what you can do only is to face it. The problem is whether you can accept the fact. Some people may take a long time to accept it. Some people can never accept it. That's where the agony is.

Q: What do you think has made the Infernal Affairs series a success?

L: An expression of rich humanity, intricate and novel story lines, the courage of the investors, the beautiful work of the director, and the effort of all the performers produced a synergy that has made the series a success. The series has become a trendsetter.

Q: You have worked a long time as an international good-will ambassador. Do you like doing charity work

L: Ten years ago my father had carcinoma of the rectum at an advanced stage. The doctors said he was incurable. But when my father went through an operation, I prayed to the Buddha: "If my father's operation is successful, I will do a lot of good things to thank heaven to let my father continue living in this world." The result was that the operation was miraculously successful. So when the cancer foundation and the U.N. organization approached me for help, I started getting involved in charity work. I do not think much. I just do it. I cannot get back on my words. It is a simple deal I made with heaven.

Q: Nowadays many young singers and performers say they will retire after they make enough money before the age of 30. What is your comment on them?

L: They have freedom of speech. I don't know why they say that. Probably they are willful, confident, challenging and revolutionary. But things often do not develop as we expect.

Q: Do you think some young singers do not have respect for their predecessors? For instance, Eason Chan openly said he would not buy your CDs. And some singers are very arrogant to Wang Jie.

L: This is hard to say. Respect comes in two types. One is from heart, and the other is superficial. Some people may have respect for a person, and some other people may think there's no need to respect him or her. In a free society of today, respect only goes to power.

Q: Are you considering to get married?

L: Don't you know the word "marriage" has scared a lot of show biz people There is a lot of media frenzy when you get married, and there is more when you divorce. So, whether I marry or not has nothing to do with show business.

Brief facts

English name: Leon Lai

Chinese name: Lai Ming

Nicknames: Wah Wah, Fay Jai Ming, Lai Ming Jai

Birth date: December 11, 1966

Birthplace: Beijing, China

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

Chinese zodiac sign: horse

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 78 kg

Blood type: B

Education: Christ College, King's Way Princeton College (England)

First love: 18 years old

Favorite celebrities: Priscilla Chan, Jacky Cheung, Chow Yun-fat

Favorite foods: duck, watermelon, seafood, curry chicken, barbeque pork

Favorite colors: blue and purple

Favorite clothing: jeans and a T-shirt

Favorite designer: Gianni Versace

Favorite collections: sunglasses, eyeglasses, belts

Favorite flowers: roses, carnations, white lilies

Favorite places: Hong Kong, beaches, peaceful places, Beijing

Hobbies: swimming, singing, driving, mah-jongg
Editor: Catherine

By:Wu Yan Source:szdaily
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