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--Zhuhai Hi-Tech Zones
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Zhuhai is a famous seaside city of gardens. It is connected directly with Macao via land, facing Hong Kong across a narrow strip of water. As one of the earliest five special economic zones of China, the People's Congress of China confers Zhuhai with special legislative autonomy.

Zhuhai has been working hard to improve its urban infrastructure and has already set up a working system of communications and transportation. Zhuhai has become one of the hot spots of foreign investment. Zhuhai port, one of the major ports in South China, has more than 100 berths with a capacity ranging from 10 000 tons to 250 000 tons.

Besides, there are altogether about 100 berths with a capacity of over 500 tons in Jiuzhou, Xiangzhou, Qianshan, Wanshan, Jing'an and Doumen ports. Zhuhai Airport covers an area of 4 million square meters and with a 4000-m-long runway. So far the runway is the longest in Guangdong Province. It offers over 30 domestic airlines and more than 130 scheduled flights each week. There are a dozen development zones in Zhuhai, with South Software Park as its best. With over 50 high-tech enterprises, it has been elected one of the 12 national software bases.

    1) Covering an area of 4.2 million sq m, Nanping Technological & Industrial Park is located just at the center of Zhuhai City and it takes about 10 minutes to drive down south to Macao.
Address: Administration Committee of Nanping Technological & Industrial Park 
Zhuhai Lu, Zhuhai City, 519060
    2) Sanzao Technological & Industrial Park is located along the west side of Jichang Lu in the western part of Zhuhai City. With convenient transportation, it is about 45 sea miles from Hong Kong and about 30 minutes' ride from Macao, 5 kilometers from Zhuhai Airport and 7 kilometers from Zhuhai Port. The park covers an area of 2.66 million sq m. Over 30 companies have settled down in the park.
Address: Administration Committee of Sanzao Technological & Industrial Park
West Jichang Lu, Zhuhai, 519040
    3) Xinqing Technological & Industrial Park is located on Zhufeng Lu in Doumen District. It is connected to Guangzhou-Zhuhai Highway and adjacent to Zhuhai Port, Doumen port and Jiuzhou Port. It is about 20 kilometers away from Zhuhai Airport, 25 kilometers from Zhuhai Port and 10 kilometers from both Doumen Port and Zhuhai Railway Station.
      Address:Administration Committee of Wingqing Industrial Park,
Zhufeng Lu, Doumen, Zhuhai, 519180
    4) Baijiao Technological & Industrial Park is situated on the Baiteng Lake in the western part of Zhuhai, connected to Guangzhou-Zhuhai Highway. It is about 20 kilometers from Zhuhai Airport, 30 kilometers from Zhuhai Port and 3 kilometers from Zhuhai Railway Station.
Address:Administration Committee of Baijiao Technological & Industrial Park 
Cuihu Hotel, Baiteng Lake, Zhuhai, Guangdong 519125
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    5) Demonstration Base for the Industrialization of Technological Achievement serves as an important arena for the hatching of high-tech projects, attracting talents and attracting high-tech enterprises. It focuses on the transformation of technological achievements and the implementation of modern management concepts for the purpose of promoting commercialization, industrialization and new technology.
    Address:8# Jintang Lu, Tangjia Zhuhai, Guangdong, 519080
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A university town was set up in Zhuhai in the year 2000, where Zhuhai Branch of Zhongshan University owns a large campus (9.2 sq km) and the largest classroom building in Asia, which is about 500 meters long with modern facilities. Zhuhai University, Zhuhai Educational College, Zhuhai Open University, Zhuhai Branch of Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Branch of Beijing Polytechnic Institution and Zhuhai Branch of Jinan University attract a lot of students. The University Town itself has become an attractive place for visitors so far.

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