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Zhuhai is a newly built city with a lot of modern attractions. Blessed by an abundance of blue water and a long shoreline with impressive sand beaches, it has become one of the best coastal cities in China. Thousands of visitors rush in every day and enjoy its impressive scenic spots.

There are 146 islands dotted in the sea around Zhuhai, such as Guishan, Dongao, Jiuzhou, Qi'ao, Hebao, Gaolan and outer Linding islands with a lot of sand beaches and waterfront areas, good for recreational activities all the year around. Blue water, islands, sand beaches, sunshine and seafood are appealing to everybody. Hengqin Island is the largest connected with Macao and Zhuhai via a long triangle bridge entitled Hengqin Bridge, where visitors can enjoy the sea with mountain views. Seafood is excellent on this island.

Modern Attractions  Ten top scenic spots in Zhuhai City were selected in 2001 and they are New Yuan Ming Yuan Palace, Dongao Island, Tangjia Gongleyuan Park, the Pearl Lady, Meixi Pailous (Chinese Gateways), Agricultural Center, Feishatan Beach, Zhuhai Memorial to Martyrs, Huangyangshan Scenic Spot and Qi'ao Island.

  1. Zhuhai New Yuan Ming Yuan Palace is located at the foot of Mt.Dashilin, not far from Jiuzhou Lu in Zhuhai City. Surrounded with green mountains on three sides and with the southern side left open, the palace occupies an area of 1.39 sq km, including 80 000-sq-meter lake area. It is a copy of the Winter Palace in Beijing, which was burned down by the eight allied forces of the West during the late Qing Dynasty. Near 2 000 skillful artisans and craftsmen, literature and history experts, artists and sculptors took part in the construction. The New Yuan Ming Yuan Palace is a rare imitation of Chinese traditional architecture of the long past, functioning as an important educational base for Chinese patriotism. (For details by visiting the website:
  2. The Lost City (Water City) is situated in the southwest of Yuan Ming Yuan Palace, occupying an area of 50 000 sq meters. It is a large-size water park, composing of ten parts: the waterfall, the man-made wave pool, the torrent river, the drifting river and the children's pool. It functions as a summer resort and an amusement park. Imitations of the wonders of the ancient civilizations are set up as the background of the park. Visitors will come across a magic, dream-like wonderland. "Returning to Nature" is the keynote of this fashionable water world. (For details by visiting the website:
  3. Imperial Hot Spring Resort is located near the Huangyang Dadao in Doumen Township. It is popular for its two hot springs at the temperature of 70°C and one is about 150 meters deep. The hot water contains rare minerals, beneficial to human health. The resort has built a few medicinal and fragrant pools as well as a variety of other hot pools. There are hotels with massage, sauna and various entertainments, where visitors can fully enjoy themselves and feel thoroughly relaxed. (For details by visiting the website:
  4. Gongbei Customs is the most bustling spot in Zhuhai, which is connected with Macao via Gongbei Bridge by which thousands of visitors come to visit Mainland China each day, where coaches from different places arrive and set off day and night, and where visitors can enjoy urban sightseeing by simply strolling along the main streets of the city, or by bus. Bus tours in Zhuhai are well organized, economical and convenient.
  5. Zhuhai Pearl Lady is a landmark of Zhuhai, which stands in Xiangluwang Bay. The 10-km-long Qinglu (Lover's) Lu snakes along the far stretching beaches with beautiful scenery overlooking the sea. It is one of the best scenic spots in Zhuhai. It is very convenient to go there by bus. You pay 2 yuan and get on the bus at Gongbei Customs. It takes half an hour to get there. If you like, you can go on to visit other scenic spots and come back to Gongbei Customs by taking the same bus.
  6. Zhuhai Campus of Zhongshan University is the most beautiful campus in Guangdong Province, with three sides surrounded with blue water and one side against the green hills. Covering an area of 9.3 sq km, it boasts the longest classroom building in Asia (500-meters long), well-facilitated student dorms, which can board 5 000 students. There are a lot of sports facilities including three large sports grounds in the east, west and north respectively. Since it was founded, Zhuhai Campus has already become a hot tourist spot.
  7. International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, Zhuhai.China (Airshow China in short) is held every two years. So far it has been held three times in Zhuhai successfully. Major countries of the world take part in the show, such as Russia, Great Britain, France, Germany, America, China, Israel, India, Canada and more. All sorts of aircrafts are on display during the show. Visitors get a chance to watch some most advanced vehicles and splendid air shows. (For details by visiting the website:
  8. Following Airshow China, China (Zhuhai) International Wine & Spirit Trade Fair is another famous international fair held in Zhuhai every December. They offer ample business opportunities and testimony to the growing importance of the convention and exhibition industry as a driving force in Zhuhai's economy.
  9. There are more as follows:
  • Crocodile Island, Hebao and Pearl islands, Golden Sand Beach and Baishawan Bay
  • Mt.Fenghuangshan (Phoenix)
  • Cable Cars on Mt.Shijingshan 
  • Zhuxiandong (Immortal of Bamboo) Cave
  • Zhuhai Holiday Village & Bailiandong Park


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