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Records of Comrade Deng Xiaoping's Shenzhen Tour (II)
Latest Updated by 2004-02-20 15:37:29

Part III

After leaving the National Trade Plaza, Comrade Xiaoping went to the Shenzhen Shinco Laser Company on a visit.

Shinco Laser Company, a high-tech enterprise operating with advanced production technology imported from the Dutch Philips Company, is the only firm producing laser disc, video disc and light disc. Party, State and army leaders including Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Wang Zhen, Tian Jiyun and Liu Huaqing had come one after another to inspect the company.

When the car arrived at the company, Ye Huaming, board chairman of the company, and others rushed forward to have warm handshakes with Comrade Xiaoping.

Someone says Ye Huaming is a son of General Ye Ting.

Holding Ye's hands, Comrade Xiaoping asked cordially: "Are you the second son?"

"No, I'm the fourth", Ye Huaming answered with four of his fingers stretching out.

"Oh! We haven't seen each other for nearly 40 years," said Comrade Xiaoping feelingly.

"Yes, I was still a child at that time, now I'm over 50."

"Where is your younger brother Ye Zhengguang working?" Comrade Xiaoping showed great concern for the descendents of revolutionaries.

Ye Huaming said, "in Hainan Island."

It turned out that after General Ye Ting unfortunately died in an aviation accident in 1946, Ye Huaming left Yan'an in May that year untill 1953, between 1952 and 1960, Ye Zhengguang lived in the home of Marshal Nie Rongzhen. Comrade Xiaoping kept constant contacts with Nie, so he saw the two brothers at that time.

In the company's guesthouse, Comrade Xiaoping listened to the introduction about the company's situation. Shinco Laser Company was formally put into production on October 12 last year, making China the fourth country, after the Netherlands, Japan and the United States, that can produce laser video and gramophone discs. The company has an annual production capacity of 5 million laser gramophone and 1.5 million video discs and 50,000 laser video tape and gramophone record players each.

Then he watched the demonstration of the characteristics, sound effect, function and retrieval capability of laser video discs with great interest. When he watched the documentary film titled "Our Elder Sister Deng (Yingchao)", he said to Xie Fei, secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, "I'm 88 years old this year, Comrade Deng Yingchao and I were born in the same year of 1904. I was born in August, and she was half a year older than me."

Comrade Xiaoping was born on August 22, 1904 in Paifang Village, Xiexing Township, Guang'an County of Sichuan Province.

Comrade Xiaoping went on to say, "Comrade Deng Yingchao is a native of Henan Province." His daughter Deng Nan said, "No, she is a native of Guangxi". Comrade Xiaoping corrected her, saying, "her ancestral home was Henan. Guangxi was the place where she was born and grew up." Comrade Xiaoping was very familiar with Elder Sister Deng.

Amateur singer Zhao Min, a Sichuan native of the company, sang a Karaoke song, "In the Hopeful Field" for Comrade Xiaoping who spoke highly of the voice and sound effect of the singer.

When he walked through the 30-meter-long passage leading from the guesthouse to the video disks workshop, many workers and staff members standing by the passage accorded Comrade Xiaoping a warm welcome.

Comrade Xiaoping asked, "How old are these employees?"

Ye Huaming answered, "most of them are aged between 25 and 30, recruited from various parts of the country, most of them are scientific and technical personnel."

Hearing this, Comrade Xiaoping said happily, "Very good, high-tech projects should be entrusted to the young people, and our hope is pinned on them."

When Ye Huaming said his workshop had to produce some laser video disks for foreign films every year, Comrade Xiaoping asked, "How is the question of copyright solved?"

Ye Huaming answered, "We purchased the copyright from the foreign film company in accordance with international rules."

Comrade Xiaoping was satisfied with this, "It should be done so and related international rules on intellectual property rights should be abided by."

While walking alongside the company's responsible member, Comrade Xiaoping asked questions, such as whether the company had to import raw materials, whether China currently can produce such materials, and whether product quality can be guaranteed, the company official answered the questions one by one.

Before leaving the workshop, Comrade Xiaoping asked about the company's production targets for the year. Ye Huaming said, "This year we will produce 500,000 laser video discs, 250 laser video films, breaking down equally into Chinese and foreign films, these include science and education films and some Karaoke films, with gross output value exceeding 300 million yuan and 80 million yuan of profits". Comrade Xiaoping happily said, that's good, I hope you will strive to attain this goal.

Comrade Xiaoping first went to Shinco Laser Company on a visit, which greatly inspired the company's employees. Ye Huaming, board chairman of the company, said to the reporter, "I've grown up under the care and support of veteran comrades inside the Party, I'm particularly happy when I see Comrade Xiaoping being in good health. I'm determined to do my work better during Shenzhen's second 10-year construction, so as to live up to the earnest expectations of Comrade Xiaoping."

Part IV

On January 22, there were beautiful spring days in Shenzhen and spring was very much in the air in Xianhu Botanical Garden. Today, Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang Shangkun brought along with them three generations of the two families to come to the botanical garden on sight-seeing, bringing infinite joy to the areas inside and outside the garden.

At 9:45 a.m., Comrade Xiaoping, accompanied by leading provincial and municipal cadres, came to Xianhu Botanical Garden.

President Yang Shangkun who had come here earlier, warmly shook hands with Comrade Xiaoping. Then they stepped into the exhibition hall to view the mold of the botanical garden. After hearing the introduction given on the situation of the garden, Comrade Xiaoping said happily, "The botanical garden has a bright future."

President Yang came to Shenzhen on an inspection tour on January 21. Meeting each other in Xianhu Botanical Garden, the two comrades-in-arms of Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang naturally were exceedingly happy.

At 10:10 a.m., Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang planted an evergreen tree-banyan

After President Yang and Comrade Xiaoping finished planting trees, they again led their families to plant another same tree in a nearby area.

The planting of evergreen trees here by Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang added boundless spring beauty to Shenzhen and would bring benefits to future generations. The Shenzhen people will definitely remember this day, the leaders' outstanding contributions to the founding of New China and to the reform and opening up drive, to their solicitude and support given to Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and their long-lasting and profound friendly sentiments.

Part V

At 3:10, January 22 p.m., Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang received and cordially shook hands with leading members of Shenzhen municipal Party committee, the city government, city people's congress, city people's political consultative conference and the city Party commission for discipline inspection.

Then, Comrade Xiaoping and President Yang had a group photo taken with leading members at the above-mentioned levels.

After the taking of group photo, people crowded around the leader, shook hands with Comrade Xiaopng who had cordial talks with them.

Zhou Nan, director of the branch of Xinhua News Agency in Hong Kong, held Comrade Xiaoping's hand, gave best regards to him and invited him to visit Hong Kong in 1997. Comrade Xiaoping said time and again: O.K. I'll.

Lieutenant General Zhu Dunfa, commander with the Guangzhou Military Area Command, gave a salute and regards to Comrade Xiaoping. General Liu Huaqing, vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission, said to Comrade Xiaoping, "Comrade Zhu Dunfa served as a company leader during the Huaihai Campaign." Comrade Xiaoping said with a smile, "He was still a little boy at that time". During the Huaihai Campaign, a grand, surging people's war, Comrade Xiaoping was the secretary of the general front committee in charge of all matters concerning the Huaihai frontline and in direct command of the Zhongyuan Field Army and Huadong Field Army.

Today, Comrade Xiaoping gave important talks to provincial and municipal officials.

Comrade Xiaoping said: You should be bolder in carrying out reform and opening up, dare to make experiments and should not act as women with bound feet. What you have been certain about a task, you should be bold to make experiments and breakthroughs. An important experience of Shenzhen is the courage to make breakthroughs. Without a path-breaking spirit, the "venturing" spirit, morale and energy, it is impossible to blaze a trail and to create a new undertaking. Who dare say he is completely sure of success, with no chance of an error in whatever he does and without taking any risk? It is a matter of impossibility for one to consider oneself being always in the right from the very outset, thinking he is one hundred percent correct. I've never thought that way.

Li Hao said: Shenzhen Special Economic Zone could have been built and developed only under your initiative, solicitude and support. We have been making breakthrough and exploration in accordance with your instructions.

Comrade Xiaoping said: Work has been done mainly through your own efforts. I just gave you help and support and contributed my bit in charting the orientation.

Comrade Xiaoping also pointed out: socialism essentially aims to release and develop productive forces, wipe out exploitation and eliminate polarization between poor and rich and finally achieve common prosperity. Are such things as securities and stocks good, do they cause danger, are they things unique to capitalism, can socialism make use of them? It is permissible to judge, but we must be resolute in having a try. If it proves right, then we put it into practice for one or two years, if again it proves right, then we should open it; if it proves wrong, we will correct it and close it. It can be closed either quickly or slowly, and may even leave behind a "tail". There is nothing to be afraid of, if we persistently take this attitude, it won't matter much, and we wouldn't commit major mistakes.

During the talk, Comrade Xiaoping also touched upon these points: As we build socialism with Chinese characteristics, our experience has been enriched day by day; In rural and urban reforms, we don't hold debate, instead we make bold experiments and breakthroughs; our policy is to allow one to judge, and this is much better than the use of compulson, and so on and so forth.

Part VI

On January 23, Comrade Xiaoping, accompanied by Xie Fei, secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, went to Zhuhai Special Economic Zone.

At 8:30 a.m., Shenzhen city responsible members, guards and service workers, warmly saw off Comrade Xiaoping at the guesthouse.

Comrade Xiaoping shook hands with the city officials in farewell.

Those who went to Shekou to see Comrade Xiaoping off included Li Hao, Zheng Liangyu and Li Youwei.

Li Hao briefed Comrade Xiaoping on the several measures for Shenzhen's reform and opening up efforts: adjust the industrial structure, decontrol the forefront and properly manage the second line, build Shenzhen special zone into the second tariff area; strengthen the legal system, administer the city according to law, strengthen legislative and law enforcement work; change Baoan County into three efficiency districts of Shenzhen city.

After hearing, Comrade Xiaoping said I'm in favor of all those measures, be bold to carry out your work. The leading levels should review their experiences each year, they should uphold what is right, immediately correct what is incorrect, and they should step up their efforts to solve new problems cropped up. Constantly summarizing experiences at least can avoid committing major errors.

Li Hao said, "What you said is very important. We'll strive to make less mistakes, and avoid committing major errors."

Comrade Xiaoping remarked, "In what I've just said, the first point is don't be afraid of making mistakes, the second point is quickly rectifying problems when they are found."

While talking, their car arrived at Shekou. Li Hao said Nanshan District is in jurisdiction over the area of Shekou, the development in Nanshan District is gaining momentum, Litchi there enjoys a high reputation. China has the best litchi in the world, while Guangdong's litchi is the best in China, the localities of Dongguan, Zengcheng and Shenzhen produce the best litchi in Guangdong.

Then the car slowly steered into the Chiwan Harbor. Comrade Xiaoping inspected it while sitting inside the car.

Li Hao saidChiwan Harbor sits inside Shekou, which can anchor 35,000-ton ships, we prepare to build a wharf for 50,000-ton ships. Mawan Harbor is located outside Shekou capable of anchoring 50,000-ton ships. There are ports in the east and west of Shenzhen, with handling capacity reaching 14 million tons last year, which is expected to reach 100 million tons in the future.

The car reached the harbor of Shekou Port. Before alighting from the car, Li Hao told Comrade Xiaoping, "Shenzhen people are joy over your arrival this time. We hope you will come again before long, please come here to spend the Spring Festival next winter."

Comrade Xiaoping got down from the car, and shook hands with Liang Guangda, secretary of Zhuhai Special Economic Zone's Party committee and mayor.

Then, he shook hands with Shenzhen city officials Li Hao, Zheng Liangyu and Li Youwei one after another in farewell.

Comrade Xiaoping walked several steps forward along the wharf, then he suddenly turned back and said to Li Hao, "You should carry out construction at a faster speed!"

Grasping the opportunity to push up economic construction faster is Comrade Xiaoping's expectation of Shenzhen, as well as a major matter lingering in Comrade Xiaoping's heart all the time.

Li Hao said, "What you've just said is very important, we'll definitely push up construction faster."

At 9:40 a.m., the ship, on which Comrade Xiaoping boarded, steered off Shekou Harbor.

The January 19-23, 1992 period during Comrade Xiaoping's stay in Shenzhen was extremely unusual, which will go down in the history of Shenzhen's construction and will remain forever in the memory of the Shenzhen people

"The Vigor of Spring Greets the Eyes as the East Wind Comes". Comrade Xiaoping's visit to Shenzhen has entailed the further surge of spring tide in Shenzhen's reform and opening up drive. The many important speeches Comrade Xiaoping made in Shenzhen were of important and far-reaching significance to Shenzhen's reform, opening up and construction drive and to the socialist modernization drive as a whole.

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