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--Basic Info and Investment Environment
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General Conditions of Jieyang

Jieyang city is a middle-scale city founded in December 1991 with the approval of the State

Council. Areas under its jurisdiction are Jiedong County, Huilai county, Jiexi county,

Puning City and Rongcheng Area. It covers a land of 5240.5sq. KM and has a population of  5.08 million.

Countrymen living abroad are 3 million. It is not only a main trade port but also an important "Homeland for Overseas Chinese". At the same time, it is a middle-scale city whose area is the largest and whose population is the most in the east of Guangdong Province.

Locating in the south-east of Guangdong Province, Jieyang City is at 115'36 to116'37 E in longitude and 22'53 N to 23'46 N at latitude. It lies north backing Xinmei, south closing to the South Sea, east against Shantou and Chaozhou, west joining Shanwei.

Owning an unique geographical location, Jieyang is a communication hub for Yue-Min-Gang Road, Ronyjiang Channel running across the district is a famous golden channel in Guangdong Province. ships of 5000 tonnage can go directly to Guangzhou, Hongkong, Shanhai and Dalian etc. from Jieyang harbour. Guang-Mei-Shan railway is in service. Chaoshan Airport being built is in Paotai Town in our district. Having a temperate climate, favourable situation, active commerce trade and rich historical relics. Jieyang is a good place for modern agriculture and tourism to develop.

For six years since our city has been founded, we make great use of the advantage and go all to develop the productive forces and take measures of using foreign capital. Economy has developed rapidly and healthily. All sorts of social career have made distinct progress.

There are 60 thousand industry and enterprises of all kinds and 5000 foreign capital enterprises. A system of industry and enterprisesi ncluding machinery industry, medical apparatus and instrument, building, spinning and weaving, clothing etc. has initally formed.

All sorts of trade markets and special markets cover all parts of the city. In order to make Jieyang into a city with modern communication hub of water, land and air, in order to make the economy and society development reach the middle level in Guangdong Province in 2010, we are quickening the step of reforming, opening up the international markets of pluralism, strengthening our force to make good building of basic installations in towns and cities, developing energetically the scientific and educational career and improving the investing environment. A modern coast city with characteristics of "Home land for overseas Chinese" will present itself before people's eyes before long.


Water Transportation

Rongjiang Channel running around the district and going into the sea across Shantou is a famous deep channel in Guangdong Province. 5000 tonnage Ships can go right to Hongkong, Guangzhou and Shanhai etc. A plan of dreging Rongjiang and building Harbour is being carried out. We are also reporting it into a first-rate harbour.

State Road

The No324 State Road, the No.206 State Road and Shen-Shan expressway run across the district. No.324 State Road, No.206 State Road and Chi-Zhan Province Road have been widened and rebuilt in a high level.


Guang-Mei-Shan Railway is in service in the district. It will be extended to Shenquan Harbour in Huilai.

Air Transportation

Chaoshan International Airport on Paotai Town in the district is under preparation.

Water and Electricity Supply

Total capacity of water and heat power is more than 360 thousand KW. 3 220KV substations and 19 110KV substations have been completed. Report on building a big scale heat power factory 4.8 million KW in Jianhai Huilai has been approved. The first water factory in the district supply 120 thousand tons of water per day. The second water factory supplying 100 thousand tons of water is in service.


There are 500 thousand telephone covering all parts of the whole city, it have been programme-controlled and number-controlled. Capacity of switchboards on long distance telephones has reached 20000. There are 100000 channels of moving telephones. Customers of pagers reach 300000. A net of communication hub within the centre of the district has been initially formed. 

Organ Regarding Investment of Overseas Trades People

Jieyang City Commission of Foreign Economic Relations & Trade

Tel: 8768009

Add: Yanjian Road Jieyang City Urban District

Jieyang Import-Export Inspection Bureau of PRC

Tel: 8731261

Add: Maya, Dongshan Jieyang City Urban District

Jieyang Plants and Animals Quarantine Bureau of PRC

Tel: 8734651

Add: Maya, Dongshan Jieyang City Urban District

Administration of Foreign Exchange Control, Jieyang Branch

Tel: 8623314

Add: North Xinxing Road, Jieyang City Urban District

Jieyang Commission of Foreign Economic Relations & Trade

Add:1/F Municipal People's Grovenment Building, Yanjiang Road, Guangdong

Tel:86-0663-8768011 Fax:86-0663-8768016

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