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Huizhou Municipality
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Huizhou is one of the major cities to the east of Guangzhou with a long history. It has been called Huizhou since the Ming Dynasty (960-1279 AD) and recognized as a city in 1958.

As a Chinese saying goes: "Fertile land fosters talents". Huizhou is the hometown of dozens of national celebrities, such as Liao Zhongkai, Deng Zhongyuan, Deng Yanda, Ye Ting and Ye Yalai. Left behind them are about 100 historic relics and over 2 000 valuable historic and cultural items. Huizhou is popular for its historic figures as well as its landforms, which include green mountains, lakes, rivers, springs, falls and islands. 

Under its administration there are Huicheng District, Boluo County, Huidong County, Longmen County and Huiyang City. Covering an area of 10 793 sq km and with a population of 3.216 million, Huizhou is located in the eastern part of the Pearl River Delta, where the Xizhi River joins in the Dongjiang River.

Huizhou is an enter port as well as an industrial center in the Dongjiang Valley, with the focus on electronics and light industry, such as electronics, textile, medicine, sugar refining, food processing, beverage, plastics and precision machinery. In the past decades, local industries have been developing amazingly fast.

Local communications and transportation are very convenient, with Guangzhou-Meizhou-Shantou Railway and two national highways connected with cities around: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shaoguan, Heyuan, Shenzhen and Shanwei. The Dongjiang River is good for navigation connecting with Heyuan, Dongguan and Guangzhou.  Located in the southeastern corner of the Pearl River Delta, Huizhou City is only a 40-minute bus journey to Hong Kong.

In its process of attracting overseas investment, Huizhou has absorbed, digested and renovated advanced technologies and management from abroad to nurture and build its own industries and brand names, such as TCL, Desai, Maikete, Huayang and Bailubao. People first coming to Huizhou are immediately aware of the presence of TCL, which ranks third among China's top 100 electronic enterprises, and whose emblem, signs and sales outlets can be found everywhere in the city. The company mainly manufactures telephones, color TV sets, computers and mobile phones. Its successful operations have energized the whole city.
Adjacent to Shenzhen and Hong Kong, Huiyang was first founded as a county in the early years of the Republic of China (1921-1949) and became a city at county level in 1994 with a population of 150 000. It municipal government sits in Danshui Township. Facing Daya Bay and embracing Aotou Port, it has been endowed a favorable location to develop its industries and tourism.

 Huiyang is popular for Daya Bay Entertainment Beaches, Former Residence of General Ye Ting and the Tablets Garden of Liao Zhongkai. Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station is one of the two earliest in its kind in China, releasing much the shortage of electricity in Hong Kong and Guangdong.

It is decided by the provincial government that a second nuclear power station is to be built in near future. Thus Daya Bay will become an important energy base in South China. A harbor city is under construction in Daya Bay to the south of Huizhou, which will surely play a big role in the economic development of Huizhou and its overseas trade.

Because of its excellent geographic location, Huizhou is ideal for agriculture as well. There are many specialties, such as meicai vegetable, Dongjiang glutinous rice wine, salt-baked chicken, Yangcun pomelos and oranges, Huiyang sanhuang chicken and Sanmen abalones. Huizhou is one of the ancient cities in South China with a lot of historic and cultural relics, natural attractions as well. Visitors can enjoy themselves here for a few days.

  • West Lake is an outstanding scenic spot in Huizhou, which is larger than the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is not so well known as the one in Hangzhou, but is beautiful in its own way with a lot of attractions around.
  • Mt.Luofushan & Mt.Nankunshan Comparing with Mt.Xiqiaoshan, Mt.Luofushan is also called Mt.Dongqiaoshan, situated east of Guangzhou and north of Changning Township. As a famous Taoist mountain, Mt.Luohushan ranks first among the most Famous Four in Guangdong Province. Its main attractions include Lion Peak, Nanhai Guanyin (Bodhisattva, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy), Zhuming Cave, Shuilian Cave and Liandan (Alchemy) Stove. While Mt.Nankunshan is a national nature reserve, located in Longmen County with many natural scenic spots, such as waterfalls, springs, mountain streams and caves. It has already been opened up to the public as a summer resort. Covering a land area of 180 000 hectares, it is a green paradise for wild animals and rare plants.
  • Daya Bay is down in the south with 52-kilometer-long coastline and a dozen sand beaches as swimming sites. With over 100 islands dotted around in the bay visitors can enjoy aquatic sports of all sorts. And with a lot of hotels and restaurants around, holidays are easy and fun. Dajia Island is the most attractive of all located in the middle of Daya Bay down in the south.
  • Boluo Eco-Tourism is a new attraction. Shangtoushan is 18 km north of Huizhou and on the Xianjinhe River. Visitors can have an easy stroll along the paths crisscrossed in the fields, enjoying the country view of the vegetables and flowers all around. Urbanites would like to experience a different life here.
  • Jiabao Country Club is located on the mountainside of Mt.Luofushan invested by a Hong Kong company. It is a holiday resort with modern facilities of entertainment, villas, BBQ sites, campsites, golf courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, fishponds and playgrounds.
  • Life & Cultural Resort in Jinguowan Valley is 20 kilometers south of Huizhou. It is a place offering you a green paradise of life. Here fresh air, green food and exercises make visitors healthier and robustly younger. Life should be as easy as the breezes here.

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