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Humen Township is an important part of Dongguan, located in the estuary of the Pearl River in the south of Dongguan City. It was once an ancient battlefield and a defense fort on the sea during the two opium wars with a lot of historic sites and relics, such as Weiyuan Cannon Terraces, Humen Fort, the Memorial Park of Lin Zexu (1785-1850), Humen Memorial Hall of Anti-British Invaders and Humen Pools for destroying confiscated British opium, which are especially memorable to the Chinese.

From 1830s on, Britain had been exporting opium to China, which made thousands of Chinese suffer physically as well as mentally. Thousands of families fell apart because of smoking opium. The Chinese were once called "the sick man of Asian" during that period. British opium seriously imperiled the Chinese society and livelihood.

 In December of 1838, Emperor Daoguang sent Lin Zexu (1785-1850) as his loyal envoy to Guangzhou to look into the opium trade. Lin Zexu was determined to ban the opium trade by confiscating all the opium and burned it publicly at Humen.

This event was very encouraging to the whole nation, but surely a heavy blow to the British invaders. Two opium wars broke out between China and Britain afterwards, finally causing the collapse of the Qing Dynasty and leading China justly on the way to a new republic.

Nowadays, Humen is a famous garment town with an annual garment exhibition. It provides one of the largest markets for clothing trade in China and leading the nation in setting up an e-market for clothing selling. There are 238 electronic companies in Humen and its total production reached 3.3 billion in 2000, occupying 45% of Humen's GDP. China Electronic Fair.Dongguan has been held here twice since 2000. Humen will be turned into a digital town and a place of modern fairs.

Shijie Township is the hometown of Yuan Chonghuan, a national celebrate in the late Ming Dynasty. Yuan was a capable prime minister as well as a military general of the last reign of Emperor Chongzeng, but he couldn't save the fading Ming Dynasty, left behind him a sad story.

Since China's reform and opening up, the town has been striding forward shifting from single agricultural economy to industrialization with a lot electronic enterprises mushrooming up recently. Locating on the bank of Dongjiang River, Shijie Township is in the favorable geographic conditions with convenient communications. It is linked to Shilong Township in the east, urban district of Dongguan City in the west, Shenzhen in the south with a distance of 78km and Guangzhou in the north with a distance of 62km.

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